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The Magus Era - Chapter 473


Chapter 473: Build the Body

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Lou Shan, the dead child, floated in the air, about five-meter away from the ground. Below his body, three large and seven small oil lamps were placed in a straight line. Light green flame emitted a bright green light, even turned all falling raindrops within the air five-hundred meter in radius green.

Taisi was holding a bone wand, moving around Luo Shan while incanting a weird spell. At the same time, he was dancing in a strange, twitching-style. Following his moves, gusts of chilly wind came from unknown sources and swished up to the sky in swirls. Being stirred by those swirls, the raindrops falling from the sky instantly turned into a mess, bumping into each other and being blasted away. Thus, the air was quickly filled up with a dense and thick layer of watery mist.

On Luo Shan's scrawny, bony body, that fist-thick wound penetrated his chest. Through the hole in his chest, one could see his heart, which was blown into pieces. Even the other internal organs around it were pretty much completely damaged as well.

He was killed directly by this shot of an arrow. Whoever did this had shown no mercy at all. Luo Shan had a good uncle, and his father had a good brother.

’’Brother, if we want to redeem his soul, not even a tiny wound should be allowed to exist on his body.’’ Ji Hao looked at Po and said helplessly, ’’We don't have the ability to heal this wound of his. This child has died for whole twenty-four hours already. There's not even a single trace of life-force left in him.’’

Po nodded and responded in a deep voice, ’’Reviving the dead is a magic that is against the rule of nature, and also against the peaceful and natural way of cultivation of our sect. Therefore, our brothers and sisters never dug too deep in this area. However, this 'fleshy-bone' is a magic of creation... it's an ability to save people. Our uncle, the elder brother of our Shifu, has achieved great attainment in this.’’

Ji Hao was confused by Po's words.

'Reviving the dead? Which is bring dead back to life? Never dug too deep in this area? Does this mean that it's not Po wasn't able to cast this magic, instead, he just didn't dig too deep in this because this magic was against the law of nature?' thought Ji Hao

In other words, with Po's current power, if he did pay attention to magic in this area, would he be able to bring the dead child, Luo Shan, back to life by simply pointing his finger?

As for the 'fleshy-bone,'it probably referred to the ability to cure wounds and illnesses and saving people's lives. Ji Hao heard that the eldest uncle of Po and himself was a master of magic-pill-concocting. He should be extremely well versed in this area!

Po walked up to Luo Shan with big steps, looked at this punctured wound in his body with a slight trace of sorrow on his face, then took out a round-shaped, purely golden magic pill from his sleeve. Po took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes, silently incanting a spell followed by biting his own tongue. He then spat out a drop of purple-golden spirit blood and sprayed it on the round magic pill.

While watching this, Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. It seemed that Po truly had his eyes on this kid named Luo Shan.

The round pill quickly vaporized, transforming into a dense, thick and heavy stream of purple-golden mist. Po locked his fingers together into a certain motion then gently pushed this stream of mist towards Luo Shan's wound. Following a series of rustling noise that could be heard without an end, the skin, bones, muscles and organs near Luo Shan's wound began moving. The smashed heart, broken blood vessels and bones speedily regrew, and the wound had disappeared without leaving even a mark almost in a single blink of an eye.

This magic pill taken out by Po was extremely powerful. Lou Shan was still at a basic stage of cultivation, only a Novice Magus around the third or fourth level. Therefore, his vulnerable body was healed completely by consuming a part equivalent to less than a drop in the ocean of the tremendous power contained in that magic pill.

The great power of the magic pill transformed into streams of purple-golden light, swiftly surging around inside Luo Shan's body. Puffs of purple smoke rose from Luo Shan's pores, being ceaselessly pushed back into his body by Po with the hand motion he had been maintaining. A faint herbal scent could be sensed in the air. Meanwhile, the sound of blood flow could be heard from inside Luo Shan's body.

Watching this, all elders of Luo Shan's clan shouted out in shock and jumped up in joy one after another.

Lou Shan's muscles began squirming. With the help of the secret magic cast by Po, the spare power of the magic pill had been swiftly improving his body condition.

Po changed his hand motions quickly and released numerous spell symbols from his hands one after another. Seeing this, Ji Hao couldn't help but click his tongue. Many of those hand motions and spell symbols had been taught to Ji Hao by Po during the journey, same as those spell symbols of [Mantra Dan and Nine Secret Words] that Ji Hao and been studying. Each of Po's spell symbols had different, unmeasurably great powers.

Po's spell symbols were far less flexible and changeable than Ji Hao's spell symbols of [Mantra Dan and Nine Secret Words], but in terms of power, Po's were way more powerful than Ji Hao's. Every single spell symbol released by Po pointed straight to the great Dao of nature. Therefore, the power possessed by each of Po's spell symbols was great enough to split the sky and shatter the ground.

Po used a drop of his own spirit blood as the trigger, a magic pill concocted by his eldest uncle as the motivation. He then cast the magic and drew the immensely great natural powers over, quickly strengthening Luo Shan's body.

Ji Hao spread his spiritual power on Luo Shan's body and found that the body condition of this little one was improving dramatically. Within the span of a few breaths, his body condition reached the junior-level from novice-level, then stepped into the senior-level!

After the time span of around ten breaths, Po stopped casting magic and stepped back to stand beside Ji Hao. Luo Shan's body condition could already be mentioned in the same breath with Senior Magi who had over a thousand awakened Magus Acupoints. Nevertheless, by now, Luo Shan didn't have even a single stream of power inside his body, nor had a single awakened meridian, which meant Po had forcibly improved his body condition to such a degree purely with external forces.

Ji Hao felt incomparably great envy watching this. He hurriedly grabbed Po's sleeve, grinned and said, ’’Big brother!’’

Po spread his hands, looked at Ji Hao, sighed and conveniently took out a jade tablet from his sleeve. He threw to Ji Hao and said, ’’Our Shifu said that we can't depend too much on external forces. This is the essentials of our eldest uncle's study of magic pill concoction. If you want magic pills, you shall make them yourself. For cultivators like us, magic pill concoction is also a required course!’’

Ji Hao took the jade tablet a bit disappointedly. Yu Yu's Study of Magic Formations already had his head full. Now the essentials of the eldest uncle's study of magic-pill-concocting were also waiting for him to work on. How many years of hard work would that take?

Po clicked his lips, looked at Ji Hao, sighed and said, ’’However, you are living a worldly life now. Battles are hard to avoid for you, and you don't know much about magic pill concoction skills yet...Well, I can just give you some of those pills. But, you must keep this in your mind, do not depend too much on external forces... This is a true principle of the great Dao!’’

Po reached his hand into his sleeve, rummaged for a while then took out a fist-sized bottle, thrusting it in Ji Hao's hand.

Ji Hao instantly gave an ear-to-ear grin. He scanned the bottle with his spirit power and found around thirty faintly golden magic pills rolling inside the bottle like living beings.

A fierce gale abruptly rose from the ground. A dense stream of black smoke swooshed up from Taisi's head, making his entire body look like a hazy ghost silhouette. Not a single trace of a living human being's aura could be detected from his body by now. The ten oil lamps under Luo Shan's body began shaking intensively, lamplights expanding and shrinking constantly. Meanwhile, the faint green color of those lamplights had turned deadly pale.

From Luo Shan's scrawny body, a faint and hazy silhouette spread out, along with an absolutely emotionless sense of power.

Taisi dropped the bone wand, knelt on the ground and kowtowed to that hazy, mist-like silhouette, then incanted a long and strange spell that Ji Hao didn't understand at all.

Following a loud swooshing noise, the ten lamplights below Luo Shan's body started surging, combined into one and transformed into a gray sphere of flame, wrapping Luo Shan's body entirely up.

The chilly wind blowing over from all directions grew fiercer and fiercer. Taisi abruptly raised his head, turned around and said to Ji Hao in a spooky voice, ’’Offerings for redeeming the soul, present now.’’

Ji Hao nodded and wielded his hand. Zhamu and a group of ferocious warriors under his command pushed Luo Feng, his two brothers and a large number of their people near Luo Shan's body. Next, those warriors raised the blades held in their hands high and chopped down, cutting off the heads of those captives.


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