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The Magus Era - Chapter 472


Chapter 472: Redeem the Soul

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Ji Hao's sharp gaze was filled with fierceness as a strong aura of killing even made the air temperature in the hall drop by a few degrees.

’’You better not dare to kill me!’’ Lou Feng shouted himself hoarse while staring at Ji Hao, ’’Our Abba is Earl Ji, Luo Lin! He was an official of the human government! Our clan is the Soul Wolf Clan, a member of the 'Wolf Alliance'!’’

’’Our Abba had fallen in battle, but he left tens of thousands of elite warriors!’’ Lou Shi yelled out as well, ’’As long as I inherit the noble title of Earl Ji, all those warriors will listen to my orders! How dare you do anything to me?!’’

As for Luo Meng, he had been screaming incoherently, vaguely claiming that none of these had anything to do with him and all bad ideas came from Luo Feng and Luo Shi. He told all details of their plan, that was nothing else but to swallow the territory and clansmen that belonged to their little brother and determine a winner among the three of them. The one who attained the final victory would inherit the noble title of Earl Ji.

The gate of the hall suddenly opened, a gale roared in with raindrops mixed in it. A bolt of lightning tore the dark cloud open and lit the ground.

Po walked into the hall with big steps along with the thunder. He glanced in disgust at the three young men who had been kneeling on the ground, crying and begging, then said, ’’People like you exist among the humankind...think of those great decent men of your kind back in ancient times! Your existence has truly stained their bloodline!’’

Ji Hao curved his lip corners downwards, gave a bitter smile and asked Po, ’’Brother, rotten apples always exist. But, brother, are you interested in these things too?’’

All the way, Po had been sitting in the large carriage and remaining absolutely still. Each day, Po would either explain those terms of the study of Magic Formation taught by Yu Yu, or chat with Ji Hao about all kinds of stories and people they knew or experiences they had. Occasionally, he would teach Ji Hao some skills of using magic that he gained through his own experiences.

For all kinds of affairs regarding the migratory troop, those small things that happened during the journey, Po never took even a glance at them or say a word about them. Once, the migratory troop encountered some bodacious migratory clans who attempted to bar the road and rob Ji Hao's troop, and Ji Hao ordered his warriors to kill those robbers mercilessly. After that, human heads rolled all over the ground;but even to all this, Po had said nothing as if he didn't even see it.

Therefore, Ji Hao was surprised, wondering why Po suddenly walked in. Ji Hao felt that it was hard to imagine. How could this kind of discords between brothers, things like brothers fighting for benefits, interest Po, who had been paying no attention to worldly affairs and only concerned about his own cultivation?

’’What a good boy!’’ Po walked up to the dead child with a darkened face, got down on one knee and quickly checked the dead child's body with his ten fingers, then continued, ’’Even death cannot atone for your crimes...What a good boy, he was born with a perfect body with the nature of fire power, even as talented as those of Zhu Rong family, who possessed the bodies of the kind of Fire God. This child had pure humankind bloodline, if he could cultivate himself with my Dao, he would be a great talent to inherit my, your brother's, study of tool-crafting!’’

A dreadful sense of power spread out from inside Po's body. Po put down the dead child, turned around, roaring towards Luo Feng and the other two of his brothers, ’’Do you still have the last bit of humanity left in you?! He was your nephew, he was only an underage child!’’

Lou Feng was nearly scared to death by that bloodcurdling sense of power released from Po's body. He screamed subconsciously, ’’He was an ungrateful wolf pup. I had to kill him to spare all later troubles! Even though he was my nephew, I was going to take his family properties and clansmen. Should I raise him up even after that and wait for him to take revenge?’’

The loose robe worn by Po suddenly swelled along with a loud rustling noise. His robe fluttered in the air and let out an earth-rumbling noise. He then raised his right hand, seeming to slap Luo Feng directly to death. However, Po remained silent for a while, as a fresh airstream coiled around his body, gradually suppressing the raging fire in his heart.

Lowering his head, Po said with flagging interest, ’’Brother, just bury this child well.’’

Pausing briefly, Po murmured to himself a bit confusedly, ’’Back in the ancient times, human beings wouldn't do such a thing. Back then, when people saw a young human being, even if they didn't know each other, those older and stronger ones would try their best to protect the child, even by risking their own lives. They would look after the child until the child grew up and became powerful enough to protect him or herself.’’

’’What happened to human beings nowadays? To the son of their own brothers, an innocent child who had the same bloodline as they did, they have actually killed him in such an unbridled way? The humankind, such a humankind! To such a humankind, will this world still protect them? Will nature keep sheltering them?’’

Ji Hao opened his mouth but couldn't say anything.

He could sense the confusion Po was having right now, and he could feel the pain and struggle in Po's heart.

Po took two steps forward, stood in front of the hall, raised his head and looked at the sky, which was filled with dark clouds. Abruptly, he roared out ragingly towards the sky, ’’What is the Dao of nature? Where is the Dao of nature? If it is the fact that even lowly beings like these can be protected and sheltered by the fortune of nature, where is the fairness of the great Dao of nature?! Why should I remain earnestly pursuing this damned so-called great Dao of nature?!’’

A sky-shaking boom came, following which, a purple sphere of lightning bolt exploded in the sky. Accumulated rain clouds in the whole area with a radius of a thousand miles were blasted into pieces. Through crevices between these cloud pieces, multicolored starlight poured down, lighting up the entire area.

Po raised his pair if hands and crooked his fingers into the shape of hook, reaching to the cloud pieces in the sky which had been added with multicolored glowing edges. Po's face had twisted, making him seem like he had lost his mind.

Ji Hao raised his head, looking at the sky that had changed suddenly, only feeling a strong sadness fiercely attacking his heart. He sensed waves of piercing pain from his heart. He couldn't even help but let his tears gush out of his eyes and flow down.

A strong power vibration spread out from Po's body and instantly, the light in the hall grew much brighter than before.

Po's honest face now was twisting from time to time, as streams of fiery light rose from the top of his head. From inside his body, shrill roars that sounded like ghosts and Gods could be faintly heard, along with a weirdly stinky smell coming out from his body.

Ji Hao was startled. He dashed up to Po and shouted out in shock, ’’Po, what is happening to you?! Are you going mad? It cannot go so far, can it?’’

Was this a sign of going mad? With Po's cultivation and experiences, how could he possibly go mad?

However, right in front of Ji Hao, Po's face turned more and more twisted, becoming as hideous as the faces of devils. A terrifyingly fierce sense of power was released from his body, which was obviously the sign of him going mad. Because of the dreadful and crazy aura released by Po, everyone in the hall was now coiled around with an intense intent of killing. Gradually, everybody's eyeballs began turning blood-red.

As the situation was going out of control, Taisi slowly and swayingly walked in. He curiously glanced at Po, who was now with a twisted, scary face, then walked up to that dead child.

’’Ah, this little kid is dead! But it hasn't been seven days after he died, has it? If someone can heal the wound in his heart, he can still come back alive with the use of the soul-redeeming magic! Oi, who is able to cure the wound on his heart for me? I haven't gotten the chance to try the soul-redeeming magic that my Shifu taught me.’’

Ji Hao was ravished with joy after hearing Taisi.

Po suddenly quivered, and soon, all abnormal phenomenon started by him disappeared instantly.

Po's eyes shone with a bright glow as his body flashed across the air and reached beside Taisi. He then grabbed Taisi's shoulder and asked, ’’Taisi? Can you cast the soul-redeeming magic?’’

Taisi confusingly looked at Po and responded while slowly shaking his head, ’’Just learned that from my Shifu. Shall we give a try?’’


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