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The Magus Era - Chapter 471


Chapter 471: The Discord Between Brothers

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’’Retreat, retreat!’’

’’We didn't mean to offend Earl Yao, we are retreating right now!’’

’’Our Abba is Earl Ji, how could we possibly betray the humankind?’’

The three young men shouted out together and following their orders, warriors behind them drove their mounts and quickly drew back towards the north.

However, when they were still in a couple of miles away from the flooding river in the north, a surging wave rose hundreds of meters high. From within the river, a large pot floated up with Yu Mu standing inside it. No matter how strong the gale blew and how violent the wave surged, that huge pot floated on the surface of the river and remained perfectly still.

Yu Mu raised his pair of hand high. Grey-brown river water kept rising along with a rumbling noise, and soon, the river turned into a five-hundred-meter tall water wall, blocking the way back of the three armies. Yu Mu then slightly flicked his finger, and after that, the grey-brown river water suddenly turned into a dark-green color, emitting a strong and weird smell.

A few heavily armored Senior Magi wielded their weapons, attempting to forcibly break Yu Mu's water wall.

Yu Mu waved his hand and a few dark-green streams of river water roared out, striking on the bodies of the few Senior Magi. Poisonous water seeped into their armors through the gaps between armor pieces. Instantly, the few Senior Magi let out hoarse howls while hurriedly leaping down from their mounts, crazily ripping their own armors off.

Everyone saw that their bodies had already been badly mutilated by the poison, large poisonous blisters popping up from their skins one after another and blasting away. Streams of poisonous pus flowed down along their bodies, burning them and causing loud sizzling noises along with puffs of white smoke.

Fortunately, the heavy rain had constantly been flushing their bodies and added with the strong life-force of Senior Magi, their damaged bodies were able to ceaselessly heal themselves. In around ten minutes, the poisonous water on these few Senior Magi' bodies was finally flushed clean, and the wounds on their bodies recovered slowly,

By now, the nearly ten thousand warriors of the three armies dared not to make even half a step forwards. They despairingly looked at the water wall in front of them. No one noticed who did this first, but along with a series of metal clangs, a big half of those warriors dropped the weapons held in their hands and leaped down from the backs of their mounts, quietly squatting down with their heads buried in their arms.

After a quarter of an hour, the largest hall in the village was lit brightly. Zhamu and thousands of slave warriors circled the hall securely.

Outside the hall, nearly a thousand warriors were tied up, lying on the muddy ground like drowned mice, while large drops of rain clapped on their faces. If any of them ever dared to make any movements, those dark-kind warriors under Zhamu's command would instantly turn their spears around and violently whip down without any mercy, until the warrior howled and cried and begged.

In the hall, Ji Hao sat on a large chair, looking at the three young men kneeling on the ground with a darkened face.

The three young men seemed all tired, their faces covered in bruises, which were clearly caused by violent hits that happened just now. Yu Mu sealed their powers with drugs. Therefore, the three of them couldn't heal their own bodies with their powers at the moment. This made them look quite embarrassed.

They were Earl Ji's sons. The oldest one was named Luo Feng, the second oldest one was named Luo Meng while the third one was named Luo Shi. Once they heard that their youngest brother had fallen in battle, all three of them hurriedly took their warriors and pounced over, intending to swallow all clansmen and properties that belonged to their youngest brother.

Over ten elderly men with simple outfits stood in the hall, faces all filled with rage and sadness while they glared at the three young men. Just now, it was them who beat the three young men up. If Ji Hao hadn't given out the order and stopped these elderly men, the three young men would have been beaten to death long ago

Lying in front of Ji Hao was a seven to eight years old boy. His clothes were taken off, exposing a fist-sized wound right on his chest.

An arrow pierced into the body of this child from his back and came out from his chest, fiercely puncturing his heart and taking his life away.

’’Earl Yao, our young leader is only seven, seven!’’ An elderly man stood in front of Ji Hao crying bitterly as he said, ’’Our clan leader took all warriors in the clan and went to Chi Ban Mountain to join the war. They encountered an elite force of those non-humankind monsters, all falling in battle. According to the order given by our clan leader before he left for the war, we had been carefully and devotedly assisting our young leader, expecting him to grow up and inherit the clan properties and his father's noble title.’’

The group of elderly men all cried out, looking at the dead child lying on the ground, unable to stop wailing.

’’But yesterday, our young leader went hunting outside the village... he was, he was shot in the back and killed by someone!’’ An elderly man cried and said. His eye corners were burst, such that his tears flowed ceaselessly down, mixed with blood. ’’The only son of our clan leader died just like this!’’

Another elderly man stepped up, pointed at the three young men kneeling on the ground and growled, ’’Once after our clan leader fell, his three good brothers, the three good uncles of our young leader, arrived with their armies!’’

’’They dared not to go to Chi Ban Mountain and fight for our humankind. They taunted our clan leader and said that he was seeking death by heading to Chi Ban Mountain! These lowly cowards! But when bullying their own clansmen, they turned to be so brave and fearless;when riding roughshod over women and children, who had their husbands and fathers fallen in battles, they turned to be so cruel and merciless!’’

Another elderly man suddenly darted over and threw a fierce kick on Luo Feng's eye socket, directly blowing one of his eyeballs up.

Lou Feng howled out hoarsely, covered the damaged eye with his hand and lied on the ground, crying and screeching. The elderly man who kicked him then screamed hysterically, ’’Where is our madame? Our young leader's mother! Last night you forced her to go to your campsite, where is she now?!’’

Ji Hao stood up with a badly darkened face, looked at the three young men and growled angrily, ’’Where is she?’’

Lou Feng, who had one eye damaged, abruptly began screaming crazily. He raised his head, looked at Ji Hao and barfed furiously, ’’Our Abba is Earl Ji! Among all his four sons, now only the three of us can inherit the enfeoffment of Earl Ji! Earl Yao, you're also an official under the human Emperor's lead, what can you do to us?’’

Ji Hao remained silent but pulled the Flame Dragon Sword out and wielded fiercely. Next, Luo Feng howled out once again as one of his arms was chopped entirely off.

The Flame Dragon Sword released a raging fire, which burned the skin and flesh around Luo Feng's wound. A stream of fire lingered on Luo Feng's wound, and soon, a dense scent of grilled meat quickly spread out. Ji Hao looked at Luo Feng and his two brothers and said in a cold voice, ’’My patience is limited, where is she?’’

’’Dead!’’ Lou Meng and Luo Shi yelled out simultaneously, ’’Big brother did it! He had been wanting our little brother's wife for many years! Last night, he tried to rape her, but the woman was crazy. Because her son was killed by our big brother's people, she jumped into the river and attempted suicide. Our big brother shot her dead with a bow!’’

Ji Hao maintained the dark face and didn't say a word for quite a long while. Man Man, who stood aside, glanced at Ji Hao's gravely darkened face, then carefully asked those elderly men, ’’Their Abba, that Earl Ji, didn't he say anything? I mean, they're bullying their own little brother!’’

Hearing her, those elderly men's faces were covered in bitter tears once again.

Earl Ji's territory wasn't too huge. His entire clan had a population of no more than a hundred thousand. Each of his four sons was ruling a branch part of the clan while Earl Ji was ruling the main part by himself, and maintaining the relationships between his four sons in the meanwhile.

However, in Chi Ban Mountain war, Earl Ji and his youngest son fell together, without leaving even any last words.

When Earl Ji was still alive, he intended to let his youngest son inherit his noble title, but this had started an intensive argument between Earl Ji and his other three sons. This time, Earl Ji fell in battle, and no one could restrain Luo Feng and the other two anymore. Therefore, they launched their moves on the territory and clansmen left by their brother.

’’Earl Ji had fallen... and so did his preferred inheritor.’’

Ji Hao looked at Luo Feng and his two brothers in a complicated way


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