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The Magus Era - Chapter 470


Chapter 470: Bear the Blame

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The rain poured down violently. A mile-wide river lost its usual gentleness and now had been crazily clapping the river banks like a mad wild buffalo. The grey-brown river water roared over rampantly, bringing up countless swirls and raising great clouds of watery mist.

By the river, a small village was already inundated by the river water by a small half, and over a hundred-thousand residents tremblingly stood on a flat area with their children, in the ice-cold river water. They were all in a daze, none of them daring to make any moves.

On the fence wall around the village, which was designed to resist beast attacks, over a hundred warriors in leather armors carried long spears and blades, watching those residents of the village while complaining.

Outside the village and in the wilderness, three small-scale armies had been facing each other from a distance.

Among the three armies, the one in the north had the biggest number of warriors, roughly around three-thousand. In the front of this army, over two-hundred heavily armored Senior Magi, who had been releasing strong power vibrations, were mounted on horned rhinos, letting out provoking growls from time to time.

In the southeast and southwest, each of the other two armies only had around two thousand warriors, with around a hundred heavily armored Senior Magi mounted on battle beasts in the front. If fighting alone, neither of these two armies could rival the army in the north. Yet, if they joined hands, they could certainly swallow that army.

But obviously, these two smaller armies had been keeping full vigilance against each other as well. They were around three miles away from each other, withstanding the pressure given off by the army in the north, but these two armies were clearly separated, showing absolutely no sign of collaboration.

In front of each army, a totem flag had been fluttering in the air. The totem painted on each flag was exactly the same, a three-eyed cyan wolf standing on top of a towering mountain, roaring towards the sky.

Ji Hao trod on the watery cloud and dashed over. Behind him, Feng Xing and over a hundred light cavalry warriors were following closely.

Zhamu gathered quite a few patrolling squads up, made up of three-thousand elite slave warriors and rushed over in a killing battle formation. Even at a great distance away, they had already raised their spears, seeming ready to launch deadly attacks.

Nevertheless, Man Man was much faster than all of them. Seeing the three armies facing each other, Man Man happily laughed. She suffered this endless rain for big half of a month and had been feeling oppressed since long ago. Now, she leaped directly up into the air thousands of meters high, tailed by a dazzling fiery light.

The two lotus buds shaped hammers suddenly expanded to meters long. Man Man floated in the air for a short while, and after that, the two enormous hammers roared down from the air along with a muffled swishing noise at lightning speed.

A thunderous bang was generated, as the ground shook violently. Houses of the village that were soaked in river water for quite a long time instantly collapsed and those over a hundred warriors standing on the fence wall fell to the ground like drowned mice. All this made those more than a hundred thousand residents of the village, who had been standing in the water, scream in fear.

Raging fire swooshed up to the sky. A piece of land, which was a mile in radius, was sent flying by the fire. The intensive quake disabled those Junior-level warriors in the three armies from standing stably, and made them stagger and fall on the ground in disorder.

Man Man landed heavily on the ground. She stood by the big hole that was nearly a hundred-meter in diameter and was caused by herself, waved her arms and took the pair of hammers back, then yelled loudly, ’’Are you all Earl Ji's people? Why did you block our way? Look at your aggressive faces, are you trying to rob our Earl Yao's migratory troop?’’

The leaders of the three armies were all young men who seemed to be at the same age. They were all startled quite badly by Man Man's violent move, that their faces were constantly changing colors.

Hearing Man Man's abrupt yell, the leader of the army in the north mounted on his mount and rushed over, and shouted, ’’Earl Yao's troop? Which Earl Yao? I've never heard about this Earl Yao!’’

Man Man knitted her eyebrows and yelled angrily, ’’How can you have never heard about Earl Yao? Ji Hao's title of Earl Yao was given by the old man Emperor Shun himself! You despised Ji Hao, which means you despised me, Man Man!’’

Body flashing across the heavy rain, Man Man tore the curtain of raindrops open and dashed up to the young man in only two steps. She then wielded the hammer held in her right hand straight down towards the young man's head.

That young man screamed out. He didn't think that Man Man would launch the move because of one wrongly spoken word. Before the long spear held in his hands was risen, Man Man's hammer had nearly reached to his head. Fortunately, two senior level guards standing behind him on both sides growled out simultaneously while lunging the pair of black stone spears out, fiercely and accurately fending against Man Man's hammerhead.

Two lines of cyan-colored spell symbols sparkled on the pair of black stone spears. Meanwhile, fierce gale swooshed out from the spears and transformed into a fist-thick, highly condensed airstream, hacking on the hammer.

Fiery light flashed across Man Man's hammerhead, along with which, spheres of raging fires roared out. That dense and violent fire instantly crushed the cyan airstream, after which, the hammerhead smashed right on the pair of stone spears. A loud bang was caused, and at the same time, the pair of stone spears were shattered completely into thousands of thumb-sized fragments, zipping all over the space.

The two Senior Magi and the young man under their protection howled out together. Stone pieces darted like bullets into their skins and muscles, quickly making their faces covered in blood. Moreover, blood streams gushed out of their bodies ceaselessly.

The three of them stepped swiftly back. A Senior Magi seemed to suffer a heartache, the muscle of his face twitching intensely, while he said, ’’Little girl, how dare you destroy our inherited magic treasure?! Heaven, my ancestors' souls! That was my inherited magic treasure, passed down through a hundred and twenty-eight generations!’’

’’Eh? Eh? But that your magic treasure's fault, it wasn't tough enough, shattered by a slight touch. Can you blame me for that? You can't!’’ Man Man carried her pair of hammers, shaking her head quickly and said, ’’It's all your fault. You and your armies blocked our way. Feng Xing said that you wanted to rob us. In that case, I will have to teach you a lesson!’’

Ji Hao trod on the watery cloud and dashed over. Those warriors of the three armies saw him flying in the sky, which brought up a disturbance among those warriors.

According to the common sense of the humankind, only Magus Kings and Magi levels above Magus Kings could fly in the sky. Ji Hao was treading on a watery cloud and flying in the sky, which made him a powerful Magus King in the eyes of these warriors. The three armies began moving simultaneously. Many warriors began shouting loudly because they had fallen into panic and didn't know what to do.

Ji Hao heard Man Man's yell, turned around and glanced at Man Man. Just now, Man Man was running in front of Ji Hao, and he only saw Feng Xing yell a few words at Man Man.

Judging from the current situation, Feng Xing said no good things to Man Man, and clearly, Man Man was starting the trouble.

Floating in the air, Ji Hao frowningly measured the three armies with exactly same totem flags, with his eyes. From the village afar, a wave of cries and wails came, as a disturbance was started among those residents with someone trying to stride through the collapsed fence and flee into the open field outside the damaged village.

’’Zhamu, stop them!’’ Ji Hao pointed his finger at the village and gave the order.

Zhamu responded with a resonant growl, following which, a thousand warrior troop mounted on battle beasts rushed wildly towards the village. While moving, these slave warriors released their power vibrations and instantly, streams of steam rose from their heads. The rainwater was evaporated into white watery mist by the strong power vibration released from their bodies, floating upon their heads.

The strong sense of power condensed into waves of strong gales and blew across the space. The three young army leaders shouted out in shock altogether, ’’Senior Magi? Non-humankind monsters!’’

The three slightly disordered armies instantly fell into chaos, and the three young men's faces twisted immediately.

Over a thousand non-humankind warriors? All at the Senior-level?

Ji Hao stood on the watery cloud, crossed his arms in front of his chest and said in a cold voice, ’’The three of you, why did you block my way with your armies? You're not planning to rob my migratory troop, are you? I am Ji Hao, titled as Earl Yao by Emperor Shun himself. You offended me as one of your superiors, are you betraying the humankind?’’

Coordinating with what Man Man said just now, Ji Hao threw out such a heavy blame for them to bear.


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