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The Magus Era - Chapter 467


Chapter 467: Making a Painstaking Investigation (3)

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Over ten thousand miles away from Pu Ban city, a nipping wind was blowing while a chilly rain poured down in a valley.

Priest Corpse sat in a large nest built with yellow-colored straw, expressionlessly flicking his finger. Following his move, a hazy phoenix silhouette ejected out from his finger. That was Feng Qi's soul, transforming into beams of coiling fiery light and floating in front of him, constantly letting out clear and silvery songs.

Priest Corpse gave a faint and cold smile, then turned his left palm around and took out a jade bottle that was inlaid with seven different kinds of gemstones. Afterward, he conveniently poured out a stream of splendid glowing spring water that had been shining with eight different colored lights. Feng Qi's soul let out a happy song and swiftly merged with that spring water. One could clearly see that within the spring water, a hazy phoenix silhouette was gradually becoming clearer and clearer, more and more real.

’’Our sect is inclusive, we will save anyone that is fated to become one of us from their previous bitterness. Feng Qi, from now on, you are named as Miao Feng, and you are going to be a guard under my command.’’ Priest Corpse gave a grin;the dazzling golden teeth of his reflected the daylight and released a cold beam of light. He then pointed his finger out. Following his move, an eight colored lotus seed surrounded by tens of lotus petals flew out of his sleeve while emitting a strong warm light.

The Phoenix silhouette condensed from Feng Qi's soul swished into the colorful lotus seed while laughing happily, after which, the tens of lotus petals folded inwards and wrapped the seed up. Streams of multi-colored divine fire then ejected out from those lotus petals, even causing the air in front of Priest Corpse to warp.

In a quarter of an hour, a slight Phoenix song rose into the sky, and the lotus petals withered and splintered at the same time, transforming into light spots and dissipating. The multicolored lotus seed had disappeared already, and instead, Feng Qi, who was completely nude, flew up from those petals. Slightly shaking her body, those light spots gathered and transformed into a multi-colored, splendid luxurious long dress on her body.

’’A bit too luxurious!’’ Priest Corpse shook his head and pointed his finger at Feng Qi. Next, the luxurious long dress on her body shattered. Priest Corpse then pointed at a large tree next to him. Instantly, all fibers contained in the tree flew out and began weaving along with a rustling noise. Within the blink of an eye, a simple and gray long dress was woven, gently putting itself on Feng Qi's body.

’’Shifu!’’ Feng Qi tremblingly knelt on the ground, putting her forehead on the ground and kowtowing to Priest Corpse.

’’As you are now one of us, you shall cultivate yourself with our supreme magics. I have three volumes of Theories of Quietus, which are just suitable for the nature of Nirvana of your phoenix-kind. You shall put some efforts on this, and never embarrass me, your Shifu.’’ Priest Corpse pointed his finger again at Feng Qi, following which, a stream shadow merged into Feng Qi's forehead. He then continued, ’’From now on, you are Miao Feng, under my guidance as a guard. As for all that happened in the past, you shall forget!

Miao Feng's body slightly shook when she heard him. That bright multicolored glow filled in her eyes, which particularly belonged to the phoenix-kind, quickly dissipated, and instead, a dim stream of cyan and white colored light slowly emerged deeply from her pupils that looked neither alive nor dead.

The sense of power released from Miao Feng's body became extremely weird as well. She was a proud and elegant elder of the phoenix-kind, standing high above the masses. But now, she started giving out a feeling that made her seem like a tombstone, which had been standing in front of an ancient tomb and suffering the heavy rains and gales for tens of thousands of years. Even though she had now been standing under the sunshine, it still made people feel strangely cold, as if no one could ever come close to her.

Priest Corpse then wielded his sleeve and next, a purely white long sword landed in Miao Feng's hands. After that, a fist-sized, purely white pearl floated in front of Miao Feng, releasing thousands of beams of fierce cold light.

’’The sword is named 'spirit-slaughter,'and can help you cultivate your soul and protect you from dangers. The pearl is named 'Yin Chi,'and can protect your primordial spirit and help you to create spirit duplications of yours.’’ Priest Corpse looked at Miao Feng and said in a cold voice, ’’These are powerful treasures gifted by your Shifu. You can feel free to use them and try your best to improve yourself.’’

Miao Feng excitedly grabbed the long sword and pearl. Faint cyan and white light streams surged out around her body as she abruptly wielded her arm. Following her move, a cyan and white stream of light transformed into a five meter squared large hand, silently pressing on a towering tree hundreds of meters away.

That great tree, which required a couple of people to put their arms around it, suddenly turned into a puff of ash. After this, a tender shoot quietly grew out from the ground in the old location of the tree, slightly swaying in the wind and rain.

All life-force of that towering tree were gathered in this tender shoot, which made it seem especially green and lively, just like an artwork carved from emerald. That green, thriving life-force seemed to drip out from those tender leaves.

Miao Feng grinned and flicked her finger. The tiny tender shoot flew up from the ground and landed in her hand. The cyan and white stream of light slightly coiled around it, after which, the tender shoot melted into a green drop of liquid that contained a great amount of life-force, quietly merging into her palm.

The sense of power released from Miao Feng's body grew a bit stronger, and her skin also seemed less pale than before.

Priest Corpse gave a faint smile and said blandly, ’’The divine Quietus light can do a lot more than this. You just study hard, my Theories of Quietus is nothing simple at all.’’

Feng Qi smilingly nodded. When she looked at Priest Corpse, her eyes were filled with admiration, just like the way newborn babies looking at their mothers, all happy and delighted.

A slight cold sigh came from afar. Hundreds of meters away, a black ray suddenly emerged from the air. That thin black ray spread out and showed a black metal gate. The gate opened, and Netherworld Priest walked out of it.

Priest Corpse paused for a second, then smiled coldly. He stood up, slightly bowed and saluted to Netherworld Priest and said, ’’My friend!’’

Netherworld Priest looked at Priest Corpse with a darkened face as dense black mist rose from his body ceaselessly. That black mist was so dense that even seemed touchable. It then transformed into tens of enormous tentacles, brandishing behind his body. The temperature dropped swiftly, and soon, the entire area with a radius of over ten miles was covered with a thin black layer of ice.

After quite a while, Netherworld Priest said in a cold voice, ’’What do you come for?’’

Priest Corpse narrowed his eyes and spread his hands, grinned and said, ’’We...’’

Netherworld Priest raised both of his hands and next, a long black sword, and a long white sword suddenly appeared in his hands. Holding the pair of swords, he looked at Priest Corpse coldly while saying, ’’Take this first!’’

The pair of swords were wielded in different directions, and at the same time, Netherworld Priest unexpectedly showed up behind Priest Corpse. Two fierce sword lights in the colors of black and white descended and rotated, sending Priest Corpse's head flying high into the sky. He was beheaded already by Netherworld Priest's sword. Meanwhile, his body was chopped into two from the waist. Netherworld Priest chopped his head off with one sword while cutting his whole body into two with the other sword.

Priest Corpse's body was split into three parts, lying on the ground. Miao Feng popped out her eyes in shock and subconsciously screamed.

Netherworld Priest's body flashed across the air as he stepped back to the black gate and coldly looked at Priest Corpse, who was now lying on the ground in three pieces.

Slightly grinning, Priest Corpse's three body parts rose into the air, suddenly transformed into countless golden light spots, hovering in the air and merging back together. Priest Corpse stood in front of Netherworld Priest again, as if no harm had been ever done to him at all.

Priest Corpse locked his finger together into a certain motion, held in front of his chest, sneered and said, ’’Am I qualified to come to Pu Ban city?’’

Netherworld Priest remained silent for a while, then said blandly, ’’We all have our own Dao to pursue. I will not stand in your way as long as you do not disturb me.’’

Priest Corpse narrowed his eyes, took a step forward with a slightly rude look and said, ’’Netherworld Priest, even if I do disturb you pursuing your Dao, what could you possibly do to me? I respect you, so I see you as a senior being and call you 'my friend.'But if I don't respect you, as a coward who has always been hiding, how dare you to share the same fame with us?’’

Netherworld Priest gave a cold laugh, cast a complicated glance at Priest Corpse then quickly stepped back into the black gate.

The black light folded inwards. Netherworld Priest and the metallic black gate had disappeared simultaneously.

Priest Corpse raised both of his arms high and said in a frosty tone, ’’Be brave and dare to improve! Miao Feng, do you know what does that mean? I, your Shifu, am just like that!’’


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