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The Magus Era - Chapter 462


Chapter 462: Agreement

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Simply, he pressed his finger towards Ji Hao, without any sound or light or any abnormal phenomenon. Yet, his move made Ji Hao felt it to be irresistible, and that this finger would eventually press on Ji Hao's body and crush him directly, even if he fled to the ends of the earth. That was how horrible it felt like.

A mountain-heavy pressure swooshed over while Ji Hao wildly opened his eyes and his whole body trembled slightly. Priest Corpse, who was around five-meter tall now looked even many times taller than a Longbo Country giant. His finger pressed down towards Ji Hao just like a sturdy man pressing a finger of his towards an ant. Before that finger touched Ji Hao's body, it already seemed to have left a print on Ji Hao's primordial spirit, which could disable Ji Hao from resistance forever and make Ji Hao kneel and kowtow to Priest Corpse himself every time Ji Hao saw him.


Ji Hao's entire body was now covered in flowing streams of cold sweat. But facing this sudden move launched by Priest Corpse, he wasn't even able to generate a thought of dodging in his mind.

His primordial spirit, his body, and his will were all frozen because of Priest Corpse's move. He stood still without moving even a little bit while watching that finger, which was powerful enough to perish his soul and crush his body, approach him at lightning speed.

The whole world seemed to have frozen. The sunshine and the gale had disappeared completely, and the time had lost its meaning as well. Every living being seemed to be wiped out already, and by now, the only two things left in this world were Ji Hao and this golden finger.

In this deathly quiet world that was filled with the boundless feeling of death, a strong and resonant growl shattered the lifelessness which had Ji Hao sealed, and allowed this gray world in Ji Hao's eyes to become alive again. All kinds of living creatures reappeared, the soaring mountain with plenty of thriving plants, that blue sky and white clouds, and that splendid sunshine pouring down right onto his body.

Po cast a strong roar and shattered that creepy atmosphere created by Priest Corpse with a finger move. After that, he raised a finger and pressed back towards Priest Corpse as well.

Po's finger had a smooth shape and the luster of healthy skin. There was nothing strange with his finger. Instead, it looked exactly like an ordinary finger of an ordinary young man. Every single detail of his finger was natural, as human fingers were meant to be.

Po simply pressed his finger directly towards Priest Corpse. Ji Hao detected a magical life-force from Po's finger that was a magical power which could make all living creatures in this world even livelier than before. As Po reached his finger out, the colors of the whole world seemed to become extra vivid while the shapes of everything in this world looked much clearer. As the world seemed more real, some of those profound, imperceptible tracks of the great Dao, had also become breezy.

The two fingers slightly bumped into each other.

All of a sudden, a gray and empty, completely lifeless sense of power emerged around the body of Priest Corpse.

Around Po's body, a black airstream and a white airstream swooshed up to the ground, transforming into a Taiji pattern that seemed to be extremely inclusive, slowly rotating upon Po's head.

Followed by a clear cracking noise, Ji Hao saw a hair-thin crack appear on Po's fingernail. Meanwhile, Priest Corpse's finger bones were immediately shattered. Ji Hao could clearly see that his golden finger bones shattered like a piece of tofu. Countless bone fragments darted out through his skin, eventually transforming into golden light spots, landing on the ground and merging with the rocks.

Wherever Priest Corpse's bone fragments landed and the golden light merged with, the rocks all turned purely golden. Instantly, those ordinary rocks were added with a great sense of solemnness.

’’For that finger move, I used ninety-percent of my power.’’ Priest Corpse took his finger back, stared at Po and asked, ’’Priest Po, what about you?’’

’’I'm not telling you!’’ Po looked at Priest Corpse honestly and said, ’’You wanted to know how much have I improved during these years. I never lie, but neither do I want you to know exactly how powerful I am. Therefore, I'm not telling you!’’

Priest Corpse's scrawny, zombie-like face instantly twisted. He glared at Po and yelled, ’’Priest Po!’’

Po swung his finger and looked at Priest Corpse with a very simple and honest grin, and said, ’’You can't rival me anyway. Just now, I broke the bones of one of your fingers, and by doing that, I destroyed at least three-hundred years of your hard work, didn't I? Therefore, do not try to hurt my little brother ever again with that kind of small dirty tricks...He might not be the one who suffers in the end.’’

Ji Hao wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, looked at Priest Corpse coldly with his teeth gnashed and said, ’’Priest Corpse? I've learned something from that finger you pressed towards me earlier. Next time when we meet, I will certainly pay you back.’’ Priest Corpse threw a sideway glance with the corners of his eyes, not even wanting to respond. He then stared at Po and said in a deep voice, ’’In this case, we shall both mind our own businesses from now on. No one should stand in the other's way.’’

Po shrugged, spread his hands and gave a frank smile, then said, ’’I have no intention of standing in anyone's way. Our working style is different from yours. As long as you don't cause troubles for us, we will never stir up any trouble for you!’’

Priest Corpse raised his right palm and heavily slapped down towards Po while saying, ’’So it's a deal!’’

Po raised his right palm as a clear beam of light flashed across his palm. He reached his palm against Priest Corpse's palm while he responded, ’’Deal!’’

Boom! Followed by this muffled noise, the thousands of meters tall soaring mountain that the three of them had been standing on was silently turned into a stream of smoke. Po's body swayed slightly, and quite a few tears appeared on his board sleeve, while the face of Priest Corpse suddenly turned extremely dark and his entire right hand was shattered into bits. Bone fragments zipped out, transforming into golden light spots, drifting down.

’’You!’’ Priest Corpse gritted his teeth and glared at Po.

’’You take care of yourself, my friend.’’ Po cupped his hands and again bowed towards Priest Corpse, dragged Ji Hao and intended to leave. Meanwhile, he said, ’’Principles of our sect told us to stay natural and peaceful, but if anyone provoked us, he or she would learn that we never lacked powerful methods that allow us to do things like defeating dragons and suppressing devils.’’

’’Just now, you attempted to frame Ji Hao with your secret spell...Such things can never happen again!’’ Po warned loudly, then took Ji Hao and flashed across the air for a few times, disappearing right away without leaving any trace.

Priest Corpse floated in the air, silently looking at the east for a while. Abruptly, he sneered and slightly swung his right hand. As a golden stream of light rose from his broken hand, all those shattered bones of his hand grew back out one after another, and within the blink of an eye, his injuries were completely healed. Not even a single scar had been left.

Miao Yin, Miao Lian, Ku Quan and other over twenty people dashed out of surrounding woods one after another, trod on drifting clouds and reached near Priest Corpse.

Priest Corpse stared at his perfectly recovered right palm, slightly smiled and said, ’’Nothing more than this...Priest Po is nothing more than this...’’

Holding his hands behind his body, Priest Corpse then said blandly, ’’I was planning to teach that kid a lesson. I never thought that Priest Po was with him and was able to discover the secret spell cast by me. What's more, he broke my magic with his own secret devil-suppressing spell.’’

While sneering, Priest Corpse continued, ’’However, how can our supreme magics be that simple? Ying Yunpeng and those elders died indeed, but among the rest of their clans, some people must be so angry by now. Anyone who has new emotions growing in their minds and are not able to free themselves from desires, foolishness, and anger, will become one of us!’’

Turning around, Priest Corpse looked at Miao Yin and the others, and said coldly, ’’This world is vast and full of potential. Our sect will dominate it eventually. You people should work harder and improve yourselves!’’

Miao Yin, Miao Lian, and the others knelt together, kowtowing to Priest Corpse and responded loudly with 'yes.'


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