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The Magus Era - Chapter 46



Inside the jungle, the Black Water Serpent Clan's three Senior Magi and their horned serpents were beaten badly by Ape, Treeman, and Stone. Although they were with only three of them, Ape, Treeman, and Stone, have easily gained the upper hand in this fight.

Ji Xiao was already badly frightened and couldn't make his mind up, added with being sneak attacked by the skinny monster, he had now completely lost his bearing. He was madly swinging his arms and legs, struggling with all his strength;by doing so, he even dug a deep huge hole on the ground. However, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't stand up and break away from the skinny monster's control, which stayed as still as a rock, grabbing his neck tight.

Di Luo, Toba and Toao had currently become extremely careful, and wouldn't dare to rashly launch an attack. This was the first time that they had encountered such a large scale Maguspriest's magic, which was cast by a real, powerful, South Wasteland Maguspriest.

Hundreds of Black Water Serpent Clan warriors rushed out of the jungle. They were waving their swords and making hissing-like sounds to contact each other.

The jungle was currently filled with a dense fog, which created an incomparably weird atmosphere. Those Black Water Serpent Clan warriors ran into the fog unpreparedly. Their speed was slowed down, as soon they got into the fog. Their pace became disoriented and their feet heavy;every step was so hard, it seemed as if their feet was glued down.

The laughter of Qing Yin came from every corner of the jungle. Along with his voice, arrows swished towards those warriors from every direction. Every single arrow hit right on the face of one of those Black Water Serpent Clan warriors;none of the arrows missing the target. The poison attached on the arrowheads made those elite warriors melt into liquids within the span of few breaths.

The current situation was extremely unfavourable for the enemies of the Black Water Serpent Clan. The way this was going, it wouldn't take too long for them to be completely annihilated.

’’Ji Xia!’’ A mad shout came from the jungle. Ji Mu, who was sent flying by Stone earlier, now walked out of the jungle in big steps, waving his axe. With his body wrapped by a ablaze gold-red flame, he looked as if he was on fire.

The grey fog around Ji Mu's body quickly disappeared. The mysterious powers hiding in the fog kept themselves away from Ji Mu in fear. The Fire Crow bloodline, passed through the ancient Golden Fire Crow, was highly harmful to those mysterious beings of the jungle. Therefore, though, they possessed great strength, those mysterious beings wouldn't dare to attack Ji Mu head on.

’’Mu! What is all this?’’ Ji Xia clenched his spear so tight that the spear even started making a creaking sound. ’’You ganged up with those monsters;even the archenemy of our Fire Crow Clan! Only for killing me?’’

’’Have you forgotten? In the South Wasteland, how many clans disappeared in this vast jungle only because they spent too much power to fight against their own people? I don't need to name a lot, just the Yan Jiao Clan, which was extremely powerful at that time, they...,’’ Ji Xia's gentle voice was now filled with confusion and sadness.

Ji waved his axe in the air and sent a great wave of fire, which sent fire sparks everywhere and split the ground, causing a thousand-feet long crack on the ground, and set the soil and rock inside the crack on fire.

Tens of arrows darted toward Ji Mu from every direction, however, all of the arrows were burned into wisps of smoke, once they touched the blazing fire wrapped around Ji Mu's body.

’’Save your talk!’’ Ji Mu growled. ’’The Fire Crow Clan will only become stronger under the lead of brother Ji Shu! Yan Jiao Clan? I know about them. They died only because they didn't have the power great enough to support them!’’

’’Is Bi Fang Clan the power you're talking about?’’ Ji Xia growled harshly. ’’We are the offsprings of the Gold Fire Crow, the people of the Fire Crow Clan! Why do we have to give the reign to unreliable outsiders and let them decide our fate?’’

Ji Mu stayed silent, approaching Ji Xia step by step. His skin slowly turned transparent, under which, there seemed lava to be flowing. The ground he trod through quickly turned into lava, dispersing the dense grey fog for miles round.

Ji Mu walked nearly a mile forward, got close to Ji Xia, then shouted out: ’’Di Luo, my old friend! Come, let's finish him together! Brother Ji Shu hurt him badly months ago;he hasn't fully recovered yet. Let's kill him together, now!’’

Pausing a second, Ji Mu's face twisted, and said with a hideous grin: ’’I assume that you haven't met Ji Xia's woman yet. Kill him, his woman won't let you down;she must be worth a fortune!’’

Ji Xia roared in rage, large fire fragments spurted out from his body and tens of awakened 'magus caves' started emitting an eye-piercing light. ’’Mu, I have nothing else to say to you! I will kill you! Now! Here!’’ Ji Xia growled.

While Ji Xia was growling, Ji Hao dashed out, with his spear held in his hands. At every step forward, blooming-lotus-like flames burst out from the air under his feet. Ji Hao's speed was many times faster than usual.

’’Kill!’’ Ji Hao let out a great shout. Small fiery light spots were ejected from Ji Hao's spearhead, hitting on the throats of tens of peak level Novice Magi, and sent them flying one after another. Blood splashed everywhere.

’’Abba! We have nothing to say to these heartless bastards! Since they've already come, they should leave their lives here!’’ Ji Hao slaughtered tens of enemies, then shouted to Ji Xia.

Intentionally, Ji Hao flew closely past Ji Mu's body.

Ji Mu's pupils rapidly shrunk. He raised the axe and hacked towards Ji Hao subconsciously, while yelled: ’’Ji Hao! You're pretty hard to kill!’’

The flame spurting out from the axe was about to swallow Ji Hao's body. However, the next moment, a sharp caw came from Ji Hao's shoulder. Mr.Crow, who was firmly standing on Ji Hao's shoulder, expanded its body suddenly, and smashed his tens-of-feet long claw hard on the ax.


Followed by a huge bang, Ji Mu screamed out and staggered backwards. He couldn't stand the tremendous power of Mr.Crow.

At the same moment, the skeleton monster, who was quietly waiting at the side for an opportunity, rushed over. He pressed its huge bone paw on Ji Mu's body. Ji Mu instantly cried out, and soon, blood mixed with pieces of internal organs, gushed out of his mouth. Although it looked as if the skeleton had only pushed him gently, Ji Mu felt like he was being smashed by tens of huge mountains.

’’Ji... Xia!’’ Ji Mu let out a wail, grabbed a piece of dark-red jade from the bag, wrapped around his waist, and crumbed it. A sharp bird call then came from the jade piece, along with which, Ji Mu's body transformed into a stream of fiery light and rushed high into the air, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

’’Such a shame!’’ Ji Hao looked at the sky and said, ’’As a person of the Fire Crow Clan, he used the treasure of the Bi Fang Clan to save his own life! What can be more shameless than this?’’

Mr.Crow fluffed his feathers and glared at the faint fiery light, which was fleeting across the sky. As Ji Hao said, a Fire Crow Clan member used the life-saving tool made by Bi Fang Clan Maguspriest, nothing could be more shameless, and could make him more furious than this.

Black Water Jiao was standing on the horned Serpent's head and worryingly looked around. ’’Why hasn't granddaddy come yet? What had happened to him?’’

Di Luo, who stood near Black Water Jiao also looked around in distressed. Suddenly, he let out a scream and threw out a sharp gust of cyan wind from his erect eye, rushing towards Ji Xia, along with Toba and Toao.

’’You, the snake-riding barbarian! Let's kill this guy!’’ While rushing, Di Luo laughed hideously and yelled, ’’I want to see what does his woman look like!’’

Ji Hao raised his spear, pierced another tens of Black Water Serpent Clan warriors to death, then swung the spear towards Di Luo's heart with his hand behind his back.


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