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The Magus Era - Chapter 456


Chapter 456: Acknowledge His Guilt

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

A strong gale blew across the Town Hall, instantly taking away all of the remaining scent of booze and grilled meat. Piles of ambergris were contained in a few enormous stone incense burners and had been burning slowly. A dense fragrance spread out towards every corner of the Town Hall and filled the entire Town Hall up in no time. The last little bit of scent of booze and meat was now dispelled completely.

Emperor Shun sat in the middle while his ministers stood in straight lines on both sides according to their positions and experiences. Tens of thousands of people remained absolutely silent, looking at Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi who were standing in the middle of the hall.

Except for Gong Gong Wuyou and his people, judging from the looks showed by the others when looking at Wuzhi Qi, they were all gloating over his misfortune.

This old monkey was born as a wild and fierce one. He had always been brutal and violent all these years. Relying on the power of Gong Gong family, he tyrannized in Pu Ban and almost dominated the city. No one could tell exactly how many tyrannical things he had done. Because of the protection given by Gong Gong family, ever since the era of the first three emperors, not a single human emperor could manage to do anything to him.

Many times, Wuzhi Qi had offended quite a few powerful large clans. Those clans gathered powerful Magi and launched moves on him in the dark. They launched numerous sneak attacks and direct attacks for tens of times. Yet, every single time, Wuzhi Qi managed to escape unscathed. On the contrary, those people who were sent to assassinate him were basically all wiped out.

As such things happened too many times, Wuzhi Qi became the most famous troublemaker among the alliance of human clans, and except the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind, Zhu Rong family and the other few extra powerful clans and families with long histories, no one ever dared to provoke him.

But today, under the witness of all these people, and right in the banquet set for celebrating the victory attained by the humankind, Wuzhi Qi's lower abdomen was pierced through by a little kid with a sword. Then his head was smashed by the same kid with a stamper, all in front of all the senior ministers of Emperor Shun's government.

The dreadful reputation he accumulated for tens of thousands of years suddenly became nothing because of what happened today. Wuzhi Qi's old face was thrown down to the ground and stepped upon entirely. How beautiful was this?!

Many people on the scene looked at Wuzhi Qi in this embarrassed shape, looked at the dried blood on his fur and large areas of bruises on his skin. They only felt that the breeze blowing into the hall was so gentle and sweet, and the air today was so fresh and nice;today was such a nice day. It all made them feel so good, even wanting to sing at the top of their voices.

If Emperor Shun weren't sitting in there, some people would definitely be singing a folk song loudly.

Meanwhile, the gazes cast on Ji Hao by everyone except Wuzhi Qi were incomparably passionate. He was at such a young age. Despite the fact that Wuzhi Qi was badly drunk and knocked to the ground by Ji Hao with zero preparation, Ji Hao had indeed harmed Wuzhi Qi severely after all.

With the power of a Senior Magus and the age less than twenty, Ji Hao had knocked Wuzhi Qi to the ground, the famous Wuzhi Qi!

What was this? This was a genius! An absolute genius! According to the habits of those leaders and elders of all clans, they now literally had been wanting eagerly to put thousands of their clan-girls onto Ji Hao's bed and let his bloodline spread out in their clans as fast as possible.

Not to mention that just now, Ji Hao had sent quite a few Magus Kings flying away by simply shaking his body!

Although no one had figured out why the hell did Ji Hao have such a strong power, it was a solid fact that he was indeed that powerful.

No matter if he was born with that great power or he gained that power through some other methods, Ji Hao now possessed the power that allowed him to rival Magus Kings frontally merely with the cultivation of a Senior Magus. His great future was easily predictable. For such a young hero, if those elders and clan leaders didn't want to win him over, they would be blind.

The atmosphere in the Town Hall was weird as everyone had been remaining silent.

Even Emperor Shun was silently organizing his language, pondering about how to start the conversation.

Wuzhi Qi was a rather well-known being, yet he was beaten up by a little kid in the celebration banquet of the humankind. If all those Emperor Shun's ministers hadn't rushed up and tried to stop Ji Hao, Wuzhi Qi would probably have been beaten straight to death.

Emperor Shun's face twitched abruptly, and subconsciously, he glanced at Wuzhi Qi.

For many, many times, when Wuzhi Qi caused troubles, Emperor Shun wanted to beat Wuzhi Qi to death himself. But because of his position, Emperor Shun couldn't do that. This time, Wuzhi Qi was nearly beaten to death by someone else. This even made Emperor Shun vent out that accumulated anger he had against Wuzhi Qi to a certain extent.

Nevertheless, the one who nearly beat Wuzhi Qi to death wasn't an old monster like Dragon Candle Gui, who had experienced a few generations of human emperors. Instead, it was Ji Hao, a young man. Emperor Shun quietly looked at Ji Hao, then abruptly laughed out.

In front of all those senior ministers, who all had their faces tightened badly, Emperor Shun laughed out in a rather relaxed and delightful manner.

He pointed his finger at Ji Hao, then said with a grin on his face, ’’Earl Yao, Earl Yao... back in Chi Ban Mountain, when our ministers and I were running the discussion about giving you the title of Earl Yao, someone said that you're too young and not powerful enough to hold the position of Earl Yao steadily, and to guard the properties belonging to Earl Yao.’’

Emperor Shun then clapped his hand loudly and continued, ’’You are so young, but you have harmed Wuzhi Qi seriously. Earl Yao, our dear Earl Yao, who dares to accuse you of your young age now, or say that you're not powerful enough?’’

Hearing this, all ministers and clan leaders in the Two Hall laughed loudly out. As these waves of laughter went on, it gradually became slightly out of control. Many people who had issues against Wuzhi Qi began laughing crazily loud;that intensive laughter even caused stomachaches that they held their stomachs with their hands one after another. Meanwhile, all kinds of teasing and taunts targeted at Wuzhi Qi surged up like.

Wuzhi Qi's pair of eyes turned glowing red while his body started shaking intensely in anger.

His reputation was ruined for good. His dreadful reputation had now become Ji Hao's stepping-stone that Ji Hao had stepped on and made himself famous in just one night!

From now on, when people would speak of Wuzhi Qi, it would go in this way 'Oh, Wuzhi Qi, is he the one who was nearly beaten to death by a little kid?'

And then people would talk about Ji Hao, which should be something like 'Oh, Ji Hao? He's Earl Yao now, and he's the one who almost beat Wuzhi Qi, that old monkey, to death!'

Wuzhi Qi gasped quickly and loudly while trying his best to restrain the strong killing intent in his heart. He slowly turned around and carefully looked at Ji Hao from up to down.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and also began carefully looking at Wuzhi Qi, who was right in front of him. The distance between them was short. Therefore, Wuzhi Qi was able to clearly see every single fine hair on Ji Hao's face, including the pores.

This was the very first time for Wuzhi Qi to observe a person so closely and carefully.

Ji Hao was strong and handsome, his face looked clean and fresh. From the appearance, he seemed to be gentle and quiet, like a smooth piece of jade. But when looking through this thin layer of disguise worn by him, Wuzhi Qi discovered the natural quality of Ji Hao that existed deeply his heart fierceness and violence. Just like Wuzhi Qi himself, Ji Hao also had a prehistorical beast hiding deep in his heart!

Even Wuzhi Qi dared not to release his power and hurt somebody in the celebrating banquet of the humankind. But Ji Hao did dare, and he had actually done it!

Slowly nodding his head, Wuzhi Qi turned back around and bowed deeply to Emperor Shun, then said,

’’The Majesty, it was my, Wuzhi Qi's fault. Earl Yao is not the one to blame this time. It's all because that one of my kids had done something wrong, which means that I, Wuzhi Qi, am wrong too.’’

He gasped deeply then straightened his body and continued in a cold voice, ’’For all of those slave warriors Earl Yao put on the market for sale, I will take them over at fifty-percent of the market price. Thus, we can call an end to this.’’

Pausing for a second, Wuzhi Qi maintained that cold voice and went on, ’’As for that kid, Dark Cloud who broke into Earl Yao's residence for no reason and offended Earl Yao with inappropriate language, he had taken the punishment he deserved. Even if Earl Yao beat him to death, that wouldn't be wrong at all. However, he is one of my kids after all. I am willing to redeem him with the price of a million jade coins. My dear emperor of the humankind, please give your notarization for this.’’

The laughter lingering in the Town Hall stopped suddenly. Many people couldn't help but breathe deeply in shock.

Did Wuzhi Qi acknowledge his own guilt?

Gosh, this was as shocking as the sun rising in the west. This fierce old monkey, would he ever admit his own fault?

Not to mention the others, even Zhu Rong and Gong Gong Wuyou, who sat next to Emperor Shun, had popped out their eyes in astonishment.


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