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The Magus Era - Chapter 455


Chapter 455: Earth-Splitting

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh


Ji Hao growled word by word. Every single word sounded as cold and heavy as a mountain as it was slowly squeezed out from between Ji Hao's teeth. Being grabbed by all these people and disabled from attacking Wuzhi Qi continuously had driven Ji Hao into fury. Now, he only wanted to get rid of all these people.

At that moment, Ji Hao combined the nine secret words into one and tens of thousands of Magus Acupoints of his began spinning swiftly and simultaneously. All power came from those Magus Acupoints, from his muscles and tendons and internal organs, including the power bursting out from his primordial spirit, and merged into a condensed stream.

Followed by a serious of muffled booms, all of Ji Hao's tendons vibrated like strong bowstrings and ceaselessly let out loud and clear booms. Natural powers surged into his body like tidewater, continuously scouring across every single one of his meridians and Magus Acupoints.

At this moment, because of the fierce rage, Ji Hao had boosted his body condition up to an unprecedented limit. All his power had combined into one and transformed into an overwhelmingly great strand of power that even he himself couldn't easily control.

Suddenly, Ji Hao somehow felt like time itself had stopped, and the entire space had frozen as well.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man, who hadn't come out for quite a long time, showed his figure. He stood up from the misty round-shaped flat platform, wielded his pair of fists and made an extremely steady gesture. After he made his gesture, Ji Hao felt that he had now been facing the starry sky of the prehistorical era, and an indescribable, immense power surged down into this body through his head, then merged with his body.

’’I have made some new achievements lately...merging those things your Shifu taught you with your [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], I...will make the long story short... This move is called 'Earth-Splitting'!’’ The mysterious man maintained that gesture and continued in a deep and strong voice, ’’Sky-Opening allows you to discover the weakest spot of your enemy and to launch the attack, while Earth-Splitting is powerful and violent, destroying everything with pure strength.’’

In the next moment, the mysterious man's body slightly moved.

Ji Hao felt that he had clearly seen everything yet, he also felt that he had actually seen nothing.

He only had the sense that when the mysterious man moved, countless suns seemed to explode right in front of his face, and the entire universe seemed to shatter. It was a dreadful power, which was great enough to destroy and perish the whole world;the power was violent and straightforward, nearly unreasonable, yet it was indeed capable of smashing all principles.

’’Indeed, unreasonably destroy everything with pure violence!’’ The mysterious man laughed wildly out and said, ’’Put forth all of your power and try this move!’’

’’!’’ As these few words burst from Ji Hao's mouth, the power vibration released from his body suddenly became as fierce and furious as a prehistorical beast, and in the following moment, his body vibrated suddenly and intensively in a weird way.

The condensed stream of power of Ji Hao suddenly compressed into a spot, into an extremely subtle form, that had zero weight and no size. Even somehow it didn't exist in substance;yet, it was indeed there. Next, this highly compressed power exploded, releasing all the power contained in it in a blustering way.

A wave of roaring-dragon-like streams of power surged out along Ji Hao's meridians;every single strand of power was as powerful as a great and rampant flooding river. However, the moving track of each of these power streams inside Ji Hao's body perfectly fit the graceful arc created by the move of Sky-Opening.

All the others only saw Ji Hao roar out in fury and then shake his body. After that, three to four Magus Kings, seven to eight Senior Magi, who had their arms put tightly around Ji Hao's body were sent flying backward while yelling and cursing loudly, along with over twenty ministers who had been standing aside in fear that Ji Hao might launch the final deadly move against Wu Zhi Qi,. They were sent away by that irresistibly great, dreadful power released by Ji Hao just like drifting leaves in a hurricane.

That scene looked just like a bomb explosion, and those people were like stones tied on the bomb, thrown out and flying away along with waves of swishing noises by Ji Hao merely with a shake of his body.

The Town Hall fell into a deathly stillness once again. Everybody stared at Ji Hao with an extremely shocked look.

Just now when Ji Hao released the power, everyone had clearly sensed that the power contained in Ji Hao's body was exceptionally strong and violent. Ji Hao released the power contained in tens of thousands of his Magus Acupoints together. But for Senior Magi who came from small to mid-scale clans in Pu Ban city, they could awaken nearly ten-thousand Magus Acupoints tops even after they reached the upper limit of the level of Senior Magus.

Ji Hao had wakened tens of thousands of Magus Acupoints at such a young age. On the one hand, he must have attained the secret meridian-expanding skill possessed only by the Inner Palace of the Magi Palace, on the other hand What the hell had this kid been feeding on? How could he possibly improve so fast in his cultivation of powers?

Nevertheless, even though that power was indeed released from tens of thousands of Magus Acupoints all at once, reasonably, he should only be capable of shaking the few Senior Magi who had their arms around him away. But among those people who had rushed up and held Ji Hao tightly as Emperor Shun had ordered, three to four of them were Magus Kings!

Senior Magi could never rival Magus Kings! In the past countless years, this was one of the solid truth of the power cultivating system of the humankind.

Even a Senior Magus who had awakened tens of thousands of meridians and hundreds of Magus Acupoints could never rival the weakest Magus King frontally. This was a limitation at the level of forms of life, just like a tiny mouse living on the ground could never compete against a giant eagle in terms of flying;that would be a competition between the powers of two far different levels.

However, Ji Hao had truly shaken the few Magus Kings away. One of them was a leader of a large clan and was a rather experienced Magus King who had stepped into the level for over a thousand years and could be counted as a powerful one even among the countless Magus Kings in Pu Ban city.

Such a powerful Magus King was actually sent flying away by Ji Hao, falling into a vat of booze with his head upside down!

’’Hehe, hehe, ah, hehe!’’ This old clan leader struggled back out from the booze vat in an incomparably embarrassed manner, slowly wiped the booze off his face with his hand then laughed awkwardly, ’’I...I am drunk...haha, ah, haha,...Just now, just now I didn't put forth my strength! Haha, ahah, this kid... how could he possibly hurt me?’’

’’Eh, your hand...’’ Si Wen Ming stood beside him, coughed loudly and said.

The look of this old clan leader suddenly changed as he raised his left hand and found that his left hand was now feebly hanging on his wrist, getting struck by a soul-level shock. Just now, Ji Hao fiercely shook his body, and as a consequence, it caused a dislocation on the left wrist of his!

This couldn't be explained by the claimed fact that he didn't put forth his strength just now. This had clearly proven that the power released by Ji Hao was great enough to reach the level of Magus Kings. Literally, he had sent all those people, who were holding him tightly, flying away with pure strength.

’’Oh, my dear Amma!’’ This old clan leader instantly screamed out. He twisted his right wrist with the other hand and put it back in location, then barfed at Ji Hao, ’’Kid, you haven't married, have you?! I have thirty-nine daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters...thirty-nine of them in total, who haven't married either. They can all marry you, what do you think?!’’

All elderly people who still had daughters, granddaughters or great-granddaughters of even younger generations of female descendants that had yet to marry all went crazy now. They rushed towards Ji Hao as fast as they could and reached their arms out towards Ji Hao, trying to grab him.

Ji Hao's entire body was now powerless. The move of Earth-Splitting had drained all power contained in his body. By now, he could only remain standing still, but not even a little finger of his was able to move.

Sky-Opening was extraordinarily ingenious, and the price it would cost was a rapid consumption of spirit power and soul power. It required a great sum of spirit power to locate the weakest spot of the enemy which would lead to the gleam of hope of survival in a seemingly hopeless situation. As for the move of Earth-Splitting, it was violent and straightforward. What it required was all the strength in Ji Hao's body;this move was the purest explosion of strength.

If Sky-Opening could be perfectly merged with Earth-Splitting...

Ji Hao had no spare attention to pay to those arms that had been crazily reaching towards him at the moment. Instead, he silently stared at the ceiling while countless thoughts overwhelmingly popped up in his mind and bumped into each other. How could he merge Sky-Opening with Earth-Splitting in a perfect way?

The Town Hall fell into chaos. Wuzhi Qi lied on the ground, screaming out in an extreme anger,

’’You bastards! Don't step on my face!’’


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