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The Magus Era - Chapter 454


Chapter 454: Bash the Monkey

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

When the sword tip touched Wuzhi Qi's fur, Ji Hao had already sensed a significant resistance.

Wuzhi Qi was a gigantic, spirit creature born in the water area named 'Huai.'No one knew his date of birth. He had lived a free and unfettered life in the water of Huai, and was brought under control by the old Water God, Gong Gong during the period when the world was still ruled by the first three gods, and became one of the eight senior ministers of the Water God's government.

When he was living freely as a spirit creature in the water of Huai, every day and night, Wuzhi Qi cultivated himself and strengthened his body with the inexhaustible water power there, attaining an iron-tough body that was hard to be harmed by any kind of weapon.

After he had paid his allegiance to Gong Gong, the Water God helped him to further strengthen his body with the immense natural water power of the Northern Dark Ocean and cultivated him with the roaring giant waves of the Northern Dark Ocean day and night. Thus, Wuzhi Qi's body grew tougher and tougher, while he himself became a well-known powerful being among all kinds.

Wuzhi Qi once became an enemy of the dragon-kind a thousand years ago. The leader of the dragon-kind bashed him with 'The Great Ocean Water Spirit Tower,'which was a primordial natural treasure. Wuzhi Qi withstood a bash launched with the tower and fled away unharmed except for a small piece of damaged fur and skin. No serious harm was done to his body that time, which clearly showed how tough his body actually was.

Ji Hao pierced Wuzhi Qi's fur with the sword, only feeling that a strong vibration had attacked his palm. Hut no matter how hard he tried to put forth his strength, he couldn't pierce that sword into Wuzhi Qi's body, not even by a single inch.

He instantly changed his mind. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and suddenly began calling Yu Yu's name silently in his head. Meanwhile, he created a figure of Yu Yu in his spiritual space and ejected the pure power he gained through the secret method Yu Yu taught him into the Flame Dragon Sword. He growled out silently in his head from the effort, putting forth his power into the attack.

'Help me, Shifu!'

The glow of Flame Dragon Sword instantly grew stronger as the fiery red sword transformed into a fierce beam of light as if the sword suddenly lost its sustainability.

The fiery light lit the entire Town Hall. Within the flowing stream of fiery light, a faint lotus silhouette swiftly flashed across and disappeared immediately. Two streams of sword power coiled around each other like the two parts of the pattern of Taiji, swishing up while spinning from the hilt to the tip of the sword.

'Puff!' The Flame Dragon Sword easily penetrated Wuzhi Qi's fur skin, as if it was a weapon belonging to a God. The sword pierced into Wuzhi Qi's muscle, into his lower abdomen and cut his spine open, which was many times tougher than diamonds, and then came out from his back.

Blood gushed out along the blood reservoir on the surface of the Flame Dragon Sword. Wuzhi Qi's blood stream was extraordinarily forceful, such that the fresh blood spurted out like a fountain. The blood fountain swooshed across the air and even let out a resonant noise that sounded like dragon roars. Tens of elders and ministers who stood behind Wuzhi Qi didn't have enough time to react. They were all sent up into the air by the huge and fierce blood stream ejected out from Wuzhi Qi's body, some of them even had their bones and tendons shattered directly.

A raging fire rose into the air. Great essence fire power contained in the Flame Dragon Sword surged into Wuzhi Qi's body, filling up his internal organs within a moment like a tiny fire setting the prairie ablaze.

Wuzhi Qi was one of the water power based creatures. His body fully contained natural essence water power. As the fire power contained in Flame Dragon Sword surged rampantly into his body and started a shrill conflict against his water power, violent thunderbolts and earth fire were instantly generated. Countless bolts of lightning blasted out inside Wuzhi Qi's abdomen, vibrated his internal organs intensively and made him vomit blood in huge streams. From his ears, mouth, eyes and nostrils, sticky blood streams had also begun gushing out.

As he had already started this, he would have to finish it as well. After wounding Wuzhi Qi with the first sword move, the fierceness that belonged to the wild Southern Wasteland and had been existing deeply in Ji Hao's heart surged right up to his head. He roared out harshly, ’’Wuzhi Qi, are you trying to take advantages of your power and loot my slaves? Where can you do such a thing without being accused?! Die!’’

The mountain and river stamper flew out from Ji Hao's hand. Ji Hao dropped the Flame Dragon Sword which was still stuck in Wuzhi Qi's lower abdomen, carried the mountain and river stamper with both of his hands, then heavily bashed down towards Wuzhi Qi's face, who now seemed totally stunned.

Poor Wuzhi Qi, a magical spirit creature who had lived for tens of thousands of years, was now actually stunned by Ji Hao's killing move that had burst out suddenly and weirdly. He now looked as tardy as a wooden stake.

This was the Town Hall of the human emperor in Pu Ban city, and Wuzhi Qi himself was a senior minister of Gong Gong's government. By now, Ji Hao was also an official of the government of the human emperor. At the moment, everyone was drinking the booze and tasting delicious dishes, enjoying this nice great banquet and celebrating the victory of the Chi Ban Mountain war.

This was a beautiful scene on a good day, and everybody in here was at a high position and possessed high status among the society. Wuzhi Qi's mind, which was nearly burned by alcohol, was still stuck in the fact that Ji Hao had actually launched a move and tried to kill him. He didn't even realize that his body had already been punctured by Ji Hao!

The mountain and river stamper quickly gathered the earth power and caused waves of vibration on the ground. The patterns of mountains and rivers embossed on the stamper began moving and rotating. Next, a terrifyingly great stream of power surged out of the mountain and river stamper, making even the entire Town Hall quiver intensely. On the floor, walls, pillars and ceiling, countless large and ancient style spell symbols swiftly flashed across.

The mountain and river stamper was a nature-crafted magic treasure, the greatest one among all the top-grade ones. After all, among things that were carried around by powerful beings like Priest Hua, even a wooden stick could be an extremely precious piece, not to mention a nature-crafted magic treasure.

It was not difficult to imagine how much power was actually contained in the mountain and river stamper.

Although Ji Hao wasn't powerful enough, he had activated his spiritual power and with a secret method, made a connection with a powerful talisman that was left in his spiritual space by Yu Yu himself when Yu Yu processed Flame Dragon sword for Ji Hao. Immediately after that, Ji Hao attained a slight trace of Yu Yu's original Dao Power.

The mountain and river stamper brought up a fierce gale while smashing on Wuzhi Qi's face.

Wuzhi Qi was an ape after all, and his face was not so flat, with his forehead and mouth part raised. On the contrary, the bottom of the mountain and river stamper was perfectly flat and smooth. As it smashed on Wuzhi Qi's face, a wave of bone cracking noise was caused right away. Wuzhi Qi's forehead and mouthpart were completely mashed, and his entire face was suddenly flattened like a chopping block.

Blood spurted and mashed muscle tissue flew out. Wuzhi Qi gave a shrill howl in pain, fell to the ground while his whole body twitched intensely. For a while, he was actually disabled from standing back up.

Once, he withstood a heavy bash launched with a primordial natural treasure, and only a small piece of his skin and fur were damaged, but today, he was truly harmed by Ji Hao. He lied on the ground and howled loudly. Fiery light shone from every pore of his body, and his face was mashed thoroughly, making him look so hideous.

’’You little bastard, I will skin you, pull out your tendons... I will, surely...’’

Wuzhi Qi lied on the ground and howled himself hoarse. Ji Hao was also attacked by his own ferociousness. After all, alcohol was never a good thing. Wuzhi Qi threatened him with the safety of his parents, which had touched Ji Hao's bottom line. In his previous life, he was already known as one who would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. Once his ferociousness started to show, not even the God of the whole world could stop him from wanting to kill.

’’Die!’’ Ji Hao roared out towards the sky. This 'die' let out from his mouth sounded as shrill as the salvo let out by a hundred old apes together. In this Town Hall, everyone except Emperor Shun couldn't help but quiver instantly because of that fierce roar given by Ji Hao, that contained an endless intention of killing.

No one could react timely as Ji Hao grabbed the mountain and river stamper and bashed heavily towards Wuzhi Qi's head.

A ground-shaking boom was generated, and the entire Town Hall vibrated tempestuously. Countless servants and maids and musicians failed to stand still, all falling on the ground while screaming.

The skin on Wuzhi Qi's head blasted out entirely, showing his black and crystalline bone. A large stream of blood surged out from his head. His pair of eyes was nearly smashed by this heavy bash launched by Ji Hao.

Before the others arrived to stop him, Ji Hao gave another heavy bash on Wuzhi Qi's head.

This bash was even stronger, as Ji Hao's tens of thousands of Magus Acupoints lit up together, each releasing a scorching hot fiery light that even twisted the air. The mountain and river stamper absorbed Ji Hao's full strength and swooshed straight down. Followed by a clear bone cracking noise, numerous thin cracks appeared on Wuzhi Qi's skull.

’’Stop him! Stop this crazy boy!’’ Emperor Shun dropped a glass of wine and leaped up with a bounce, giving a loud shout.

Tens of senior ministers rushed up and put their arms around Ji Hao.


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