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The Magus Era - Chapter 45



The jungle of the South Wastelands was vast and boundless;the abundant life force of this jungle generated and nourished powerful creatures like Heng Luo, Stone and Treeman;inevitability, there must be other more powerful and mysterious beings living in this jungle.

Ji Xiao was pressed hard on the ground by the skinny arm, which nearly broke his neck. He struggled with all of his strength, even made the ground vibrate. However, the skinny arm holded his neck tight and didn't move even a bit.

A wisp of black smoke rose from the ground into the air, a scary figure slowly emerged from the smoke. It was black and skinny, looked like a human at the first glance, but the six crooked horns on its head clearly showed that it was nothing else than a monster.

The whole body of this creepy monster was shining with a metallic lustre;its black skin was tightly attached to its bones and its stomach was hollowed. A head-size ball of green light was shining and floating in his stomach. Within the light, a looming face was visible.

Black Water Jiao was standing aside, looking stunned at this powerful monster, that had emerged from the black smoke. Although Ji Xiao was a bit weaker than Black Water Jiao, he still was a powerful Senior Magus. The fact that the skinny monster caught Ji Xiao so easily, made it obvious that this monster was a lot more stronger than him, thought Black Water Jiao.

’’Creature of the jungle, why are you fighting against me? Don't you know about the powerful Black Water Serpent Clan?’’ Said Black Water Jiao loudly. In the meanwhile, he bit his own tongue, spat some blood towards the skinny monster, and mumbled a spell.

’’Offerings!’’ A hoarse voice came from the air. Two green flames were blazing in the eye sockets of the skinny monster, it stared at Black Water Jiao in the eyes, but didn't make any sound.

While Black Water Jiao was perplexed. Another monster came out of the smoke;this one was huge white skeleton and a lot bigger than the skinny monster.

This skeleton monster was hundreds of feet broad and nearly a hundred feet tall;except white bones, nothing could be seen on its body. Every time it moved, an ear-pearling metal friction sound came from its body. The body shape of this skeleton monster was similar to a tiger or lion, but it had a human-skull-like head, only a lot bigger.

’’Human...... We are following our agreement...... Whoever offer us blood and lives, we fight for them!’’ said the skeleton, while two wisps of smoke were rotating in its eye sockets.

While the skeleton was talking, a colourful mist-like phantom lizard quickly crawled out of the skeleton's body and stood on its head, hissing to the Horned Serpent which was coiled next to Black Water Jiao's feet.

The horned serpent raised its head and hissed back at the phantom lizard, with its ten feet long black fork-shaped tongue darted out from time to time.

’’Warriors of the Black Water Serpent Clan! Kill Ji Xia! Kill our enemy!’’ shouted Black Water Jiao. He was focused on Ji Xia all the time, so had no idea about what had happened in the jungle. He suddenly seemed to have realised something when he saw the two monsters and the phantom lizard, instantly shouted out and gave the attack order.

Di Luo, Toba and Toao, who were stunned and stood on the metal centipede's head, suddenly were hit by Black Water Jiao's voice and realised that they were still on a mission. Di Luo let out a ear-piercing shout, while pointing his finger at Ji Xia.

Followed by Di Luo's shout, Toba and Toao raised their weapons in the air, and rushed towards Ji Xia in a lightning speed. They moved so fast that their bodies sliced the air and left a row of after-images behind them. There were only tens of remaining Blood Fang warriors running behind them. However, when facing them, Ji Hao felt like a large troop was coming towards Ji Xia and himself.

Ji Hao clenched his spear, while he looked at Toba and Toao nervously. Ji Xia pressed his hand on Ji Hao's shoulder and said smilingly: ’’Hold! Trust your Amma. Hao, your Amma is quite a nice lady, but, once she gets really angry, even I am scared of her!’’

A cloud of grey mist gushed out of the jungle, as if to prove what Ji Xia had just said, and enveloped the jungle within the radius of ten miles. Toba and Toao's movement became muddles as if they were drunk.

They were only hundreds of feet away from Ji Xia and Ji Hao, they could have rushed up to Ji Xia and Ji Hao within the span of a few breaths. But, after the grey mist appeared, they started to feel like they were running on an endless road. Toba and Toao ran at their highest speed for quite a while, but still were hundreds of feet away from Ji Xia and Ji Hao, who didn't seem to have moved at all.

At this moment, countless vague and twisted figures started to emerge from the mist. Every single one of them was giving an incomparably evil vibe. Their faces were blurred;no one could clearly see what they looked like;but all of those warriors in the mist had a strange feeling. These scary beings with huge widened eyes, stared at them in similar matter as wolves stared at their preys.

A few whirlwinds formed in the mist, pulling all tens of Blood Fang warriors inside. A short while later, the whirlwinds subsided and tens of armours and weapons were left lying on the ground. Those warriors were all gone, without leaving even a single hair.

Di Luo was dumbfounded by what had happened to his warriors. He cast a few gusts of wind-knifes from his erect eye;the wind-knifes circling around his body and firmly shielded him in the core. However, facing the grey mist and those unbelievably mysterious scary beings, he was at a loss what to do.

’’Maguspriest's magic? Is this what those Maguspriest's do?’’ murmured Di Luo with his teeth gnashing;his eyes showed fury and confusion.

’’Granddaddy, where are you? These monsters and ghosts of the jungle... I can't deal with them... Where are you? Only you can disperse them, then we can kill Ji Xia!’’ Black Water Jiao looked up at the sky, murmured unsettlingly.

In another deep valley, which was three hundred miles away from the Cold Stream Valley, a Fire Crow with the wingspan of over five hundred feet was quietly floating in the air.

The Fire Crow was shrouded by a faint fiery light;under its belly, three sharp claws were sparkling brightly. An elderly man wearing leather cloak and a bone helmet was silently standing on the head of the Fire Crow, looking down coldly.

Different from other scrawny Magusreists in the Fire Crow Clan, this elderly man was strong and sturdy, even a bit taller than Ji Xia;his height reached over four meters, and he seemed like a giant. Holding in his hand, was a twenty feet long bone cane;the thinnest part of this bone cane had human-leg-size thickness;it didn't really look like a cane, instead, it was more like a mace, powerful enough to break a city wall.

A thousand-feet-long horned serpent was coiled and floating in the air, spurting poisonous gas towards the Fire Crow. Another elderly man, who attacked Jiang Xue together with Black Water Jiao months ago, was standing on the horned serpent's head. He stared at the other elderly man standing on the Fire Crow's head, while his eyes showed a slight trace of fear.

’’Ji Zhuo, never thought you'd come here. What are your Fire Crow Clan doing? Even you showed up in person, protecting Ji Xia. Then why did you let Ji Shu get the position of Holy Land warrior's leader?’’

’’That is our clan affair;it has nothing to do with you vile bugs!’’ Ji Zhuo sniffed and growled.

’’Go away, or die here. Though it's not easy to kill you, I'm always willing to try!’’ continued Ji Zhuo.

While speaking, Ji Zhuo stamped his foot on the Fire Crow's head. The Fire Crow opened its beak, spew out a thick, lava-like stream of gold flame from its beak, that set even the sky ablaze.


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