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The Magus Era - Chapter 449


Chapter 449: Convene

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Under the honorific arch, those Ink Ape Clan warriors showed stunned looks.

Who stood right in front of them were warriors of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan, the elites of the suzerain clan of the Ink Ape Clan. The Ink Ape Clan was an inconspicuous one among many dependent clans of Great Strength Water Ape Clan. Therefore, when facing warriors of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan, these Ink Ape Clan warriors had naturally fallen into a mental disadvantage.

The morale was gone immediately. The weapons held in the hands of these over a hundred Ink Ape Clan warriors' hands were lowered while they took a few small and quiet steps back.

’’Whoever steps back will be killed! All your families will be executed as well!’’ Zhamu raised the longsword held in his hand and growled in a hoarse voice, ’’You are no longer warriors of the Ink Ape Clan! You are slaves of our respectful master! You are only slaves! You have to obey the will of our master!’’

Those Ink Ape Clan warriors quivered instantly, then they subconsciously raised their weapons.

However, Great Strength Water Ape Clan standing in front of them let out resonant roars and each took a big step forwards. Instantly after this, the wrists of those Ink Ape Clan warriors went soft. Tens of weapons clanged against the ground as their morale had gone for good. The instinctive fear occupied their bodies and minds such that they could never bring out any courage to fight against Great Strength Water Ape Clan warriors who were now standing right in front of them.

’’A bunch of useless things!’’ Zhamu roared in rage while fiercely glaring at these Ink Ape Clan warriors whose legs were all softened.

’’Make a battle formation! Make a battle formation!’’ Zhamu raised the long sword and gave a long shout. Following his order, from the thriving florescent woods on each side of the road behind the honorific arch, large groups of dark-kind warriors in heavy armors rushed out. These warriors, who were holding long and thick spears and strong bows, quickly formed a solid battle formation behind the honorific arch.

The road behind the arch was no more than a hundred meter wide. Over ten-thousand dark-kind warriors had formed a battle formation on this road and completely blocked it.

Those long and thick spears held in their hands had been emitting a faint cold light, and so did the heads of arrows on the strings of those longbows. The troop led by Zhamu was an elite one;they had absolutely no fear of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan. The battle intent of these warriors was strong and fierce as they held their breaths and glared at the enemies in front of them with pairs of purely red eyes.

To dark-kind warriors, fighting and killing had already become their instincts.

Not matter who the enemies were that they were facing, as long as they could kill the enemies, they would be rewarded, and their families would have better food, clothes, and residences. Generation after generation, dark-kind warriors never separated justice and evilness, never concerned about the identities of their enemies. No matter who those enemies were standing in front of them, chopping off their heads would always be the best choice.

If Zhamu hadn't given the order, these dark-kind warriors who had nearly been driven crazy by their strong will of fighting would have launched the attacks with their own initiative. They just couldn't hold themselves back anymore!

Among the group of Southern Wasteland warriors standing afar, an elderly one with red beard suddenly yelled aloud, ’’Monkeys of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan, attack! Ha, I chip in with one jade coin, I bet you dare not to move!’’

Another elderly man laughed out loud with a pair of eyes which were glowing with a faint fiery light, ’’Attack! Monkeys! Don't mind the rules of Pu Ban city, such as people who violently break into properties of others shall be put to dead...Hm, that's nothing but beheading, why should you be afraid of that?’’

The Great Strength Water Ape Clan warrior who had dashed to the front and raised his long blade high instantly paused. With hesitation, his blade remained raised yet he dared not to launch the attack no matter what.

The dark-kind army in front of them seemed to be an elite one. Besides, the armors worn by those warriors were clearly of much higher quality than their own leather armors. Once the battle started, at least a half of these tens of thousands of warriors on their side would fall.

Not to mention that in Pu Ban city, this rule was indeed effective. Pu Ban city was the capital city of the alliance of human clans and had governors came from all clans living here. Rules in this city were extremely strict. Therefore, if this warrior truly dared to lead tens of thousands of warriors and break into the Fine Jade Snow Palace and kill these slave warriors that belonged to Ji Hao, these warriors of Great Strength Water Ape Clan would undoubtedly be put to death.

This was a bottom-line that no one could violate.

’’Elder!’’ This poor warrior who was now in a serious dilemma didn't know what to do anymore. With a bitter face, he looked at Dark Cloud, who still had stains of blood at the corners of his mouth.

Dark Cloud did not know either what to do. Although he was enraged to an extreme degree, in front of all these people who came to watch this great show, he dared not give the order to allow his warriors to break into the Fine Jade Snow Palace, not even if he would die for this. If he truly dared to do so, even Wuzhi Qi wouldn't be able to save him!

’’Ji Hao, that little bastard!’’ Dark Cloud cursed Ji Hao in his head over and over again. This bloody little Southern Wasteland barbarian, how dared he do this?!

How dared he?!

How dared he offend the Great Strength Water Ape Clan? How dared he not take great master Wuzhi Qi seriously?

How dared he hang Dark Cloud under this honorific arch?! Where did he get the guts to do so? He came from Gold Crow Clan;Dark Cloud had done the research and found out that Gold Crow Clan was named Fire Crow Clan once, and was a declining small clan. It never had a single Magus King emerge during the past thousand years. Great Strength Water Ape Clan could just randomly send a few Magus Kings, and that would be more than enough to wipe the entire Fire Crow Clan out! It was such a small clan!

How dared Ji Hao offend him to such a severe degree?

He wanted nothing, nothing but saving those over a hundred thousand warriors from the few dependent clans of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan who were degraded to slaves, in a slightly different way, and with a small trick. Wasn't that true? How dared Ji Hao push this so far, even to an impasse? Wasn't he afraid of Wuzhi Qi? Not even a little bit? Wasn't he afraid of Great Strength Water Ape Clan? Not even a slight little bit? Wasn't he afraid of the great celestially powerful being who had been supporting them?


Waves of yells were let out by those people who had been watching this show. The audiences would never worry about the show getting too big. They earnestly wished for that Dark Cloud to give the order and let his warriors break into the Fine Jade Snow Palace. Some old ones who had personal issues with Dark Cloud even began yelling and shouting ceaselessly, with language which was not so pleasant to hear.

’’You! Ball-less Dark Cloud, just give the order!’’

’’Coward! You're hanging up there! Still dare not to put up a desperate fight?’’

’’Dark Cloud, what are you so afraid of? Attack! Don't you want your old face anymore?’’

’’Oi! Start the battle! Attack! Monkeys, have you all gone soft down there?’’

Dark Cloud's face was as lifeless as a thick layer of dust. He didn't know how to deal with the current situation. Even though he had been holding a high position for many years and had seen plenty of weird things, he never thought that he would actually encounter such a tough trouble.

He never thought that one day, he would be hanging up under an arch in full public display, with tens of thousands of his warriors standing right in front of him yet, him unable to dare to order them to save himself!

This was way too humiliating! This was so wrong!

Thinking of the wrongness of this situation, another stream of blood ejected out from Dark Cloud's mouth.

The morale of Great Strength Water Ape Clan warriors plummeted. They lowered their heads and shrunk their necks, while taunts coming from all directions struck right on their faces like silent slaps, making their faces turn red completely.

From high up in the air, a winged golden dragon dove down swiftly. A middle-aged man standing on the dragon's back shouted out in a resonant voice:

’’Where is Ji Hao? Here comes the order of Emperor Shun... You shall take Taisi, Shaosi, Man Man, Yu Mu, Feng Xing and all who have made outstanding services, to the great sky-offering altar and take part in the sky offering ceremony. Also, Emperor Shun will confer titles of nobility on you as rewards for your contribution!’’

Hearing this, all those people standing around and watching this show gasped in shock simultaneously!

Ji Hao, a teenage kid, was actually called to join the sky offering celebration ceremony by a messenger who was sent over by Emperor Shun himself?

Many people burst into another wave of laughter while looking at Dark Cloud, who was with an extremely darkened face. This old guy had literally bumped into an iron board this time.


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