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The Magus Era - Chapter 448


Chapter 448: Block the Door

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Under the honorific arch outside the front gate of Fine Jade Snow Palace, Dark Cloud and the eight gigantic apes were hanging by nine glowing dragon tendons.

When gusts of wind blew across, the bodies of Dark Cloud and the eight apes swayed along with the wind. Occasionally, they bumped into each other, and every time that happened, their bodies would spin smoothly. Meanwhile, they let out muffled purrs in both shame and rage.

Being poisoned by Yu Mu's bone-softening drug, the bones of these apes were literally softened, and by now, they couldn't put even a slight little bit of strength forth.

The dose of bone-softening drug mixed in Dark Cloud's tea was ten times greater than the dose each ape had. However, Dark Cloud was a Magus King after all;the bone-softening drug concocted by Yu Mu with his current power could only disable him from releasing his power, but the around half of the great physical strength possessed by his extra tough body still remained.

Therefore, in order to keep Dark Cloud hanging under the arch safely and quietly, Shaosi and Taisi had launched their moves. By using the magic curse secretly taught by Candle Dragon Gui, they penetrated the most important thirty-three Magus Acupoints with thirty-three ghost and spirit thorns, turning Dark Cloud into an obedient and harmless being, just like a rabbit.

Each of those purely dark ghosts and spirit thorns was around half a foot long and thumb-thick;on the thicker end of the thorn was a lively embossed portrait of the ancient ghost god. As those thorns deeply pierced into Dark Cloud's Magus Acupoints, every time Dark Cloud tried to release his power, faint blood-red mist would spurt out from the mouths of those portraits of the ancient ghost god. Following that, the power Dark Cloud was going to release would be gone completely.

This set of ghost and spirit thorns was a fierce magic weapon crafted by Candle Dragon Gui himself. After piercing into Dark Cloud's body, theses thorns had begun absorbing Dark Cloud's spirit blood slowly, and continuously improving the power of their own. Being hung under the arch, Dark Cloud couldn't help but show his teeth in pain. However, he couldn't even let out a single word as Man Man had thrust the biggest fire banana into his mouth.

Zhamu was wearing a heavy armor, leading over a hundred fully armored Ink Ape Clan warriors, arrayed in front of the arch in a straight line, silently guarding Dark Cloud and the eight apes.

From time to time, those Ink Ape Clan warriors would cast a complicated glance at Dark Cloud. As a dependent clan of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan, these warriors surely knew about Dark Cloud, who was an elder of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan. Typically, Dark Cloud had always been imposing and commanding around them, but today, he was hanging there like a dead dog!

The Fine Jade Snow Palace was located beside the divine Light Lake, which was known as the most beautiful lake in Pu Ban city, and was located in the central area of Pu Ban city. This lake was an extremely famous scenic spot, and surrounding this lake were mansions and gardens of many great high-class people, who possessed high positions among the human society.

Dark Cloud was a quite famous man in Pu Ban city. He was the representative of Great Strength Water Ape Clan, stationed in Pu Ban city. His position equaled the position of Ying Yunpeng, who came from Ten Sun Country. Generally, he followed Gong Gong Wuyou everywhere and could be seen as a representative of the entire Northern Wasteland.

Although his mouth was now stuffed with a huge fire banana, his face was still in shape, and the eyes of the other Senior Magi and Magus Kings stationed in surrounding areas were all sharp. Soon, some people recognized Dark Cloud. Right after that, the news regarding Dark Cloud being beaten up by someone and hung outside the Fine Jade Snow Palace with eight silver apes, which were totem beasts of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan, swiftly swept through the entire Pu Ban city like a widespread pestilence.

The Great Strength Water Ape Clan had quite many enemies, and so did the other clans of the Northern Wasteland. After merely half an hour, at least ten-thousand people had gathered over from all directions in groups, standing at a distance and gesticulating towards Dark Cloud and the eight apes as they were talking.

Some of those people seemed to want to make Dark Cloud feel even worse as they set a banquet less than one and a half miles away right in front of the arch. Large vats of booze and giant pieces of meat were served. These people began drinking freely with great joviality and even had a few non-humankind females singing soft and silvery songs on the scene. From time to time, they pointed their fingers at Dark Cloud and burst into waves of loud laughs!

How humiliating was this?

Dark Cloud's pair of eyes were darkened severely in anger. A strong stream of blood gushed up to this throat and ejected out, pushing the fire banana Man Man thrust in his mouth out.

’’Little scums, how dare you do this to me?!’’ Dark Cloud gasped for air then immediately began yelling and cursing in a fury, ’’This isn't over! I swear not to give up! Not to give up! Until you die! Till you all die!’’

The situation was still stable before Dark Cloud started yelling, but once he started, someone gave a response from far away. He shouted loudly, seeming to be surprised:

’’Ahyaya, who is this? Hanging under the arch like a dead fish? Ahyaya, am I seeing this right? Isn't this elder Dark Cloud? Ahyaya, it's elder Dark Cloud from Great Strength Water Ape Clan! Mamamia, what has just happened?! What happened to our famous Dark Cloud?!’’

An overwhelming wave of laughter came, following which, tens of Southern Wasteland Senior Magi yelled loudly while stamping their feet hard against the ground with clear applauses. Their bodies were wrapped in faint fiery light and had been releasing fiery strong sense of power, standing on a hill miles away. They seemed to have taken plenty of pleasure in Dark Cloud's misfortune.

Some of them abruptly burst into a shrill laughter and said, ’’I remember, this divine Lake Fine Jade Snow Palace once was a short-stay palace of that kid, Gong Gong Wuyou, but later it was confiscated by Emperor Shun and given to Gold Crow Clan's Ji Hao! Ha, hasn't he returned from Chi Ban Mountain area with his people a while ago?!’’

’’Haha, Ji Hao, the kid from Gold Crow Clan? Really is a good boy with some guts! Worthy of being a kid from our Southern Wasteland! Ha, Dark Cloud, you old bastard, you can't even win over a little kid from our Southern Wasteland! You're over a thousand years old, how did you spend all those years you had? By living like a Jurassic beast?’’

’’Isn't that true? Normally, this Dark Cloud was so arrogant and unbridled, I thought he's an extraordinary one. Never thought that his ass could be kicked like this by that little kid, Ji Hao! Ha, Ji Hao, this kid, I now have my eyes on him. My little granddaughter will have to marry him!’’

The Southern Wasteland was dominated by Zhu Rong, while the Northern Wasteland was Gong Gong's territory. Water and fire would never be compatible. Despite the fact that the two pieces of lands were located far away from each other, the hatred between them was incredibly deep.

Southern Wasteland clans and Northern Wasteland clans had even more tangled problems and conflicts between them.

Therefore, seeing Dark Cloud be treated like this while learning that the Fine Jade Snow Palace now was Ji Hao's residence, those elders from Southern Wasteland clans who came to watch the scene of bustle began talking one another. They flattered Ji Hao as if he was a God descended from the heaven, while crazily depreciating Dark Cloud with their language.

These elders from Southern Wasteland clans were indeed making some sense. Ji Hao was only a teenage boy, but Dark Cloud, who had become famous since more than a thousand years, was actually defeated by a kid. Didn't this prove that the Southern Wasteland clans had suppressed the Northern Wasteland Clan to a certain degree?

What a pleasing fact was this! The whole world should join the jubilation for this!

One type of people that were liked the most by Southern Wasteland clansmen were the hero types, who were capable of fighting and killing. Therefore, many of these elders had given out their words one after another, saying that they would marry their youngest granddaughters or youngest great-granddaughters to Ji Hao. Merely for this oral honor, these elders who seemed to have nothing more important to do, had already begun arguing.

Suddenly, a muffled footstep sounded. In the distance, clouds of dust puffed up into the air, from within which, over ten black-scale boas wiggled over on the ground as fast as lightning bolts. Following behind these black-scale boas were tens of gigantic silver apes, running over with big steps with large sticks carried in their hands.

Behind those silver apes were large troops of warriors from Great Strength Water Ape Clan, who were wearing black leather armors and all had extremely darkened faces as if their fathers had died just now. Along with depressing dark clouds, these warriors dashed all the way towards the front gate of the Fine Jade Snow Palace in a formidable array.

Not long after that, at least thirty-thousand Great Strength Water Ape Clan warriors had gathered in front of the Fine Jade Snow Palace's front gate. A sturdy man with the height of over five meters ragingly darted out with a giant blade carried in his hand. He pointed his finger at Zhamu, who was guarding under the arch, and began yelling furiously:

’’You lowly nasty thing, quick, put our elder down!’’


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