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The Magus Era - Chapter 447


Chapter 447: Hang Up

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’I am a Magus King, Ji Hao! How can you possibly hurt me?’’ Dark Cloud huddled on the ground and yelled. His body was now completely empty and not even a little bit of his power, which normally was as strong as a fierce dragon, could be boosted up. Still, he just wouldn't stop yelling.

Upgrading to a Magus King from a Senior Magus could be viewed as a transition at the level of life itself. The non-humankind defined the level of Magus Kings as the shell-breaking stage. As this definition stated, Senior Magi were mortals while Magus Kings were transcendental. Therefore, promoting oneself to the level of Magus Kings from the senior-level was a transcendental transformation.

The power, lifespan, abilities and body condition... in many aspects, the strength of a Magus King could be far beyond the imagination of a Senior Magi.

Ji Hao had many unusual experiences, because of which he was now way more powerful than ordinarily Senior Magi. Nevertheless, he only managed to leave large bruises on Dark Cloud's body by beating him bare-handedly, and once being flushed by Dark Cloud's spirit blood, those bruises disappeared immediately.

On the contrary, Ji Hao felt that he had just been punching a thick and pure steel wall and was suffering a great pain rising from his hands. The strong counterforce had even caused multiple fine cracks on his hand bones.

Hearing Dark Cloud's yells, Ji Hao directly took out the mountain and river stamper and smashed down towards Dark Cloud.

Once the mountain and river stamper came out, all earth meridians and water meridians within ten thousand miles radius around Ji Hao immediately released immensely strong power vibrations. Great streams of natural powers surged into the mountain and river stamper, following which, patterns of mountains and rivers embossed on the stamper began moving and overlapping, transforming into massive watery clouds.

Along with a clear bang, the mountain and river stamper heavily smashed on Dark Cloud's shoulder.

Dark Cloud, who had been hundred percent confident and never took Ji Hao seriously, instantly burst with shrill howls. His shoulder was crushed by the mountain and river stamper like an egg crushed by a rock. Blood ejected out in large streams mixed with bits of bones and muscles tens of meters away. Meanwhile, a broken arm flew out while spinning, rolling for nearly hundred meters on the ground.

’’A Magus King, Hm? Indeed not bad!’’ Ji Hao said while looking at Dark Cloud, whose face was now showing a genuine fear. Next, he raised the mountain and river stamper and bashed down once again!

The mountain and river stamper was a natural crafted treasure. Not long after this world was created, the natural principles were shaped up, and the original natural powers merged with the first batch of creation of this world. Thus, powerful treasures like the mountain and river stampers were crafted naturally.

Compared with the magically great power possessed by this genuine treasure, which was created by nature itself, the body of a Magus King seemed to be a bit too fragile.

Another clear bone cracking noise was generated. This time, Ji Hao smashed the stamper on Dark Cloud's knee. The knee was blasted out, blood and shattered muscle tissue splashing everywhere while the shin rolled far away. Dark Cloud howled out hoarsely again because of that piercing pain.

Magus King spirit blood vibrated inside his body. Speedily, Dark Cloud's broken arm and shin grew back out, and within the blink of an eye, his injuries were healed completely.

Ji Hao sneered and said, ’’Perfect, I always wanted to try this!’’

Dark Cloud stared at Ji Hao in a deep fear. He didn't know what 'this' actually meant. What did Ji Hao want to try?

Mountain and river stamper bashed down continuously. As Dark Cloud's shoulders and knees blew out over and over again, numerous broken arms and legs swooshed out. However, Dark Cloud's life-force was inexhaustibly great. His spirit blood surged in his body, and his arms and legs would grow back out immediately after those injuries were inflicted. Within the short span of a few breaths, around three-hundred broken limbs had appeared in the reception hall, and a thick layer of blood was added to the floor.

At first, Dark Cloud only felt pain, but later, the pain was numbed. He could only pop his eyes widely out, looking at his arms and legs fly out one after another, with a hell-like fear. One, two, three, four...a hundred, two hundred...

Dark Cloud probably was the first Magus King in this Midland world who had seen hundreds of his own limbs being placed in a hall together!

The face of Shaosi, who had been standing aside, had already turned around with a deathly pale face. She couldn't stand it anymore. This scene was a bit ridiculous, comical, even laughable. But what was more, there was an unspeakable weirdness and evilness, and an ice-cold viciousness!

In this Midland world, even on battlefields against the non-humankind, never, ever did a Magus King allow him or herself to be trampled upon by someone else without any power of resistance. Never, ever did a Magus King have his limbs be chopped off for hundreds of times in a row in such a ridiculous way, then rely on his strong life-force and ceaselessly grow out new limbs.

Dark Cloud's look changed constantly, and towards the end, he abruptly straightened his neck and started vomiting hysterically.

He vomited crazily and soon, everything in his stomach had been thrown up and what ejected out from his mouth subsequently was just yellow-green bile.

What drove Dark Cloud even crazier to the point of making him want to kill himself was the life force and condition of his body, the body of a Magus King;both were way too great. When ordinary people vomited, the bile would quickly run out...but Dark Cloud had been spurting out bile from his mouth for whole ten minutes, and the amount thrown up by him could fill up seven to eight giant vats...yet, he was still vomiting!

At last, even Ji Hao couldn't help but covered his own nose with his hand and embarrassedly took tens of steps back.

Ji Hao took back the mountain and river stamper, then looked at those limbs all over the reception hall and that pungent bile vomited by Dark Cloud. Instantly, Ji Hao's face darkened.

’’Dark Cloud, you shouldn't threaten me with the safety of my parents and clansmen.’’ Looking at Dark Cloud, Ji Hao said coldly, ’’Neither should you take advantage of Wuzhi Qi's power and try to bully us. What is the big deal about Wuzhi Qi? Is he truly that powerful? If he ever got me to rise against him...’’

Dark Cloud gasped quickly and deeply for air. He struggled up from the ground, stared at Ji Hao while sneering scornfully, and said, ’’Our great master, Wuzhi Qi, how can scums like you talk about someone like him? I am taking advantages of our great master Wuzhi Qi's power and bullying you, what can you possibly do to me?’’

Looking at Dark Cloud who was still with an arrogant attitude, Ji Hao pointed his finger on those limbs on the ground and said, ’’These arms and legs, do you want to take them back with you? Or should I throw them out to feed the animals?’’

Dark Cloud looked at those limbs that formerly belonged to him, scattered all over the ground, and suddenly felt badly sick. An extremely weird and ridiculously sick feeling surged right up from his heart. He lowered his head and again started vomiting intensively.

From the outside, furious roars of silver apes came one after another. Soon, eight silver apes darted back in, and seeing the mess in the reception hall, they nearly went crazy because of the sudden rage. They pulled out their large and thick sticks and bashed violently towards Ji Hao.

Eight thick sticks screamed across the air and instantly reached Ji Hao's head.

Ji Hao shouted out resonantly and let out the mountain and river stamper and immemorial sun streamer simultaneously.

The immemorial sun streamer slightly shook, following which the eight silver apes howled out together. The large sticks held in their paws were vaporized immediately;the skins on their paws were burned split while the flesh had torn and their silver bones exposed.

The mountain and river stamper moved as swiftly as bolts of lightning, fiercely striking on the chests of those silver apes.

Bone cracking noises rose, as loud as thunders;the eight apes lied on the ground, moaning loudly in pain. Yet, before they could stand back up, Yu Mu, the chubby one, swiftly darted over and lithely wiped his chubby yet flexible finger across those apes' mouths. No one knew what Yu Mu put in the mouths of those apes.

The apes' bodies twitched slightly, then weakly fell on the ground, unable to move anymore.

Yu Mu chuckled and said, ’’The bone softening drug I concocted this time is not bad, eh? Doesn't it work on Magus Kings? Can he still stand?’’

Dark Cloud suddenly realized that the reason why he couldn't boost up even a little bit power of his was because of Yu Mu's poison, wasn't it? Only because he was a Magus King and his body was way too tough, he was better than those silver apes, who were now lying on the ground and disabled from moving.

However, before Dark Cloud growled out in rage, Ji Hao had already let out a resonant shout.

’’Zhamu, hang these nine stupid things up on the arch outside our gate!’’


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