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The Magus Era - Chapter 446


Chapter 446: Beat Up

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

During the journey back to Pu Ban city, over hundred thousand warriors from Ink Ape Clan and other few clans raised a rebellion, attempting to loot those captives. Ji Hao captured them alive with the use of a magic formation and a powerful treasure. After that, Wulong Yao came with Emperor Shun's order, stating that all warriors who came from these eight clans and had participated in the rebellion would be degraded to slaves and awarded to Ji Hao as his personal trophies.

Over hundred thousand warriors and their families, that would make nearly two million people.

Ji Hao wasn't in the mood to feed all these people, provide food, clothes, accommodations and other living supplies for them, neither could he afford it all. Besides, these warriors came from eight different clans, and the relationships between them were way too complicated. This made the administrative work of these warriors rather difficult.

For the above reasons, after returning to Pu Ban city, Ji Hao had only carefully selected around three-hundred most powerful warriors to serve as his personal force, and for the rest of his captives and their families, he handed all of them to slave dealers in Pu Ban and put them on sale.

Those warriors were elites of the Ink Ape Clan and other seven clans. Around ten percent of them were Senior Magi while the rest were all at Junior-level and even peak-junior-level. In the market, slaves like them were extremely popular and hard to get.

At present, prices of slaves had been remaining stable. Not to mention Junior-level slaves, for Senior-level slave warriors, humankind one would be worth around ten-thousand jade coins, while a non-humankind one would cost double the price.

Among those captives put on sale by Ji Hao, the number of Senior-level ones had nearly reached ten-thousand. According to the current market price of twenty-thousand jade coins each, these ten-thousand Senior-level captives could be worth two-hundred million in total, which was a vast fortune. Added with the other more than hundred thousand Junior-level warriors and hundreds of thousands of families of theirs, this would be a stunning sum of money.

How could Wu Yun intend to buy all those captives with nothing but five-hundred jade coins?

Would residual payment truly be settled within the next ten-thousand years? Did Dark Cloud really think that Ji Hao was a silly kid?

’’We didn't know that you have selected the three-thousand most powerful ones out.’’ Dark Cloud looked at Ji Hao with a disdainful sneer on his face and said, ’’We will buy them out as well, along with their families... we will buy all of them.’’

’’And of course, the payment for these three warriors and their families will also be settled in stages within the next ten-thousand years,’’ said Dark Cloud with a teasing tone while looking at Ji Hao. ’’Or, if you run short on money, whenever that is, you can just go to our Great Strength Water Ape Clan and let us know. If we can squeeze out some spare money, we will, more or less, give you some.’’

Ji Hao coldly looked at Dark Cloud, said blandly, ’’Sorry, I am not going to sell them to you.’’

The grin on Dark Cloud's face instantly vanished. He stood up, and with the advantage of height, looked slightly down at Ji Hao and said in a frosty voice, ’’We have already taken those people away. Here is the purchase agreement! Come, put your fingerprint in here and this deal will be done. Later when I leave, I will take the last three thousand warriors and their families with me.’’

Dark Cloud took out a thick roll of leathers and spread it slowly. On those leather pieces, lines of handwriting were clear. Those were nothing else but three copies of a purchase agreement. On each leather piece, a bright red seal was printed by the slave market, and the name of the market manager was signed along with his personal seal being printed as well. Next to the manager's signature and personal seal were Dark Cloud's signature and personal seal.

As long as Ji Hao signed his name and gave his fingerprint or gave his personal seal on the agreement, this would become a complete, effective purchase agreement.

’’Your fingerprint is the last needed thing,’’ taunted Dark Cloud,’’ Southern Wasteland barbarian, if you don't know how to write your own name, I can do it for you out of kindness. You only need to give a fingerprint of yours.’’

Ji Hao sighed slightly, sneered while reading clauses of the agreement, then said coldly, ’’Characters, I can still read some. According to this agreement, the payment for those slave warriors has already been fully delivered, right? Hundreds of millions of jade coins, truly delivered?’’

Dark Cloud smiled, pointed his finger at the leather bag beside Ji Hao's feet and asked, ’’Isn't that all in there?’’

Ji Hao stood up, looking at Dark Cloud's grinning face, sighed again and said, ’’Here are only five-hundred jade coins! Five hundred jade coins, what a fortune! Take these to a market in Pu Ban, you can buy thousands of vats of wine. However, those slave warriors are worth hundreds of millions of jade coins!’’

Dark Cloud looked at Ji Hao and responded in a frosty tone, ’’Our Great Strength Water Ape Clan will pay it off year by year in the next ten-thousand years.’’

Ji Hao helplessly spread his arms and said, ’’Are you treating me like a child?’’

Dark Cloud narrowed his eyes. Deep in his eyes, a fierce and malicious beam of light flashed across. He then growled in a deep voice, ’’Aren't you a child? Ji Hao, how old are you exactly? You should know, a very high position is held by our old master, Wuzhi Qi, who is worshiped by our Great Strength Water Ape Clan.’’

Gasping deeply, Dark Cloud gnashed his teeth and threatened Ji Hao in a deep voice, ’’Do you really dare to go against our Great Strength Water Ape Clan, only because Si Wen Ming likes you? Kid, even if you don't think of yourself, don't you need to think of your clan, your parents, and families?’’

The flame of fury swooshed right up from Ji Hao's heart. Wuzhi Qi, Great Strength Water Ape Clan, and those people of Gong Gong in the Northern Wasteland!

Back in Southern Wasteland, Black Water Serpent Clan was the archenemy of Gold Crow Clan for generations. Ji Hao had never forgotten this. Furthermore, the Black Water Serpent Clan was a clan under the governance of Water God, Gong Gong!

By now, both new and old hatred had mixed together. Dark Cloud and whoever that had been supporting him were pushing it too far!

’’Are you threatening me?’’ Ji Hao took an extra deep breath and asked. Faintly, a layer of fiery light emerged, drifting upon his Gold Crow fire clock.

’’I am threatening you!’’ Dark Cloud laughed viciously and said, ’’You bunch of kids are indeed talented. Si Wen Ming likes you and Candle Dragon Gui, that old monster has even taken this little woman as his disciple...But, so what? You can never defeat our Great Strength Water Ape Clan, you can never win...’’

Ji Hao let out a long and resonant shout. The air he inhaled into his chest transformed into a roaring, fiery dragon and ejected out, while a heavy punch was launched straight towards Dark Cloud's face.

Dark Cloud gave a scornful sneer as he carelessly slapped towards Ji Hao and said in that cold tone, ’’In this case, don't blame me for bullying...’’

All of a sudden, Dark Cloud's look changed. He wanted to suppress Ji Hao with violence, yet his entire body was now completely empty, and not even a little bit of power could be raised up. A faint stream of aroma spread out from his internal organs, and that faint yet sweet aroma made his whole body soft and powerless. His legs became weak with time as if all of his bones had suddenly gone and his body was going to melt into a puddle of liquid within this sweet aroma.

’’Poison!’’ Dark Cloud leaped up and went on a rampage while growling, ’’The tea was poisoned!’’

Ji Hao's fist caused a muffled boom against Dark Cloud's face, sending him flying away.

Before Dark Cloud fell back on the ground, Ji Hao leaped up and caught with him, casting a fierce wave of punches which was as swift as a rain of shooting stars, violently striking on Dark Cloud's body.

Muffled bangs could be heard endlessly. Dark Cloud buried his head in his arms, huddled into a ball and let Ji Hao madly beat him. The clothes worn by him were soon torn into bits. Ji Hao's heavy punches continually landed on his body, vibrated his bones and muscles, quickly causing large bruises to develop on his body.

’’Your bones are so tough!’’ Ji Hao crazily punched Dark Cloud until he sensed a piercing pain from his pair of hands.

Bodies of Magus Kings were incredibly tough. By punching Dark Cloud bare-handedly with his current power, Ji Hao's body would still be too heavily burdened.

After letting out another long and resonant shout, Ji Hao took out the mountain and river stamper, raised it with both of his hand and smashed it straight towards Dark Cloud's body.

’’Fingerprint? Eh? Look at this print, do you like it?!’’


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