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The Magus Era - Chapter 445


Chapter 445: Buy Out

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

A few maidservants came and wiped the blood off the ground while the shattered large chair was moved out as well.

The reception hall soon became clean and bright. Dark Cloud sat on a large chair with a darkened face, pondering while frowning about how he should regain his lost face. He was attacked by a little girl who was far less powerful than himself, and even spat a mouthful of heart spirit blood out;this was way too humiliating. He even forgot the real purpose of his visit, instead now had his heart set on saving his face first.

While Dark Cloud was silently pondering, Man Man happily rushed over along with an earth-shaking series of footsteps, and with a bag of fire bananas carried in her hands. The fire banana was a special local product of the Southern Wasteland.

In Southern Wasteland, fire banana was the most favorite kind of food of apes and monkeys. Man Man gave a big grin once she saw the eight gigantic apes and darted towards them while yelling, ’’Aha! Monkeys, monkeys, big monkeys! Come, have some bananas. Haha, come, roll and flip, Man Man will treat you with delicious bananas!’’

Dark Cloud's face turned darker and darker.

The eight gigantic silver apes even began breathing heavily because of the rage. They were not pet monkeys. Instead, they were totem beasts of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan, responsible for guarding the ancestral temple of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan. Occasionally, they served as guards, escorting elders travel out of the clan.

In Great Strength Water Ape Clan, the status of these gigantic silver apes was a lot higher than the status of ordinary clansmen!

But Man Man had just actually teased them with a bag of fire bananas!

Despite the fact that those fire bananas were indeed attractive and the sweet scent emitted by those bananas even made salivas of those apes flow out in streams, the eight apes still glared at Man Man wrathfully They were totem beasts with dignities, not some wild monkeys living in the jungle!

Boom! Followed by a thunderous boom, the reception hall suddenly vibrated. Next, Dark Cloud, who sat still on the large chair was frightened to shoot up from his seat. In great shock, he widely opened his eyes and stared at Man Man who had just pressed a giant silver ape to the ground with a single hand!

Gigantic Silver apes were all born with immense strength and great power. The physical strength of a silver ape was more than ten times greater than a same-level human warrior. The eight silver apes were all at the peak-senior-level. However, even if five to six peak-senior-level human Magi warriors were to join hands, it would still be unlikely for them to defeat one silver ape.

But just now, Man man pressed her hand on the neck of a silver ape and directly and heavily pushed it down to the ground, as if she was playing with a puppy. Afterward, she forcibly opened the ape's mouth and thrust in a fire banana' the banana was poked right into the ape's throat from its mouth's corner.

The poor gigantic silver ape was choked by the thick fire banana and was disabled from breathing;because of the suffocation, the ape even showed the whites of its eyes.

Man Man excitedly patted on the head of the poor ape while laughing loudly and yelled, ’’Eat, eat! Monkey, monkey, big monkey! Haha! How much are these few monkeys for? I want to buy them! They can be our playmates! And when we get tired of them, we can grill them and eat them!’’

Ji Hao remained silent and grinned, choosing simply to not say anything.

The eight silver apes were frightened to death. They stared at Man Man as if they were staring at a genuine ghost. Especially the one who was pressed down on the ground by Man Man with a single palm and was completely powerless to resist, unable to move at all. By now, the ape had even started wailing in despair and alarm.

All of Dark Cloud's fine hairs stood straight up while he stared at Man Man the way people would stare at a dreadful prehistorical monster.

How could a little girl, who looked so pretty and adorable, say something so cruel and horrible? Those apes were totem beasts of their Great Strength Water Ape Clan, they were the symbols of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan, but Man Man actually wanted to grill and eat them!

’’Such great strength!’’ Dark Cloud murmured in shock while staring at Man Man.

’’Man Man is the daughter of the Great Libation, Zhu Rong.’’ said Ji Hao blandly, ’’Therefore, she is gifted. Indeed, she's strong, and I think in mere terms of physical strength, not even an ordinary Magus King can be better than her.’’

During these few days after they returned to Pu Ban city, Ji Hao had divided the eight drops of Magus King spirit blood, which were refined by Po, equally among Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, Yu Mu and Feng Xing, for them to absorb. The amount of spirit blood gained by each of them had nearly reached to total amount of spirit blood possessed by two Magus Kings.

After absorbing the Magus King spirit blood, the outcome showed by Man Man was that her terrifying strength grew greater and greater. By now, every single move made by her was as great as a move made by an ancient, enormous dragon. Encountering Man Man could clearly be considered the worst possible luck for these eight silver apes.

’’Man Man, take our guests out and play. Treat them well, make sure they have enough fresh fruits!’’

’’Out and play! Out and play!’’ During the past few days, Man Man had been strolling about in the surrounding areas. Such a footloose life had highly stimulated the wildness she had in her heart. These eight silver apes were perfect toys that had been brought to her face!

Before the eight poor things agreed, Man Man leaped up as swiftly as a gust of wind, grabbed the necks of those apes and threw them out one after another. Along with a loud swooshing noise, the eight apes were thrown out by Man Man while howling and wailing.

’’Ji Hao, I'm out to play! Later, let's go find mother-of-pearls together, pearls in those are stunning!’’ Man Man yelled happily in excitement and swished out of the reception hall. After that, shrill howls and screams let out by those apes rang, seemingly without an end. But soon, those howls and screams faded away.

’’Ji Hao!’’ Dark Cloud's lips had even gone purple because of the rage. He tremblingly pointed his finger at Ji Hao but couldn't let a word out for quite a while.

’’It's just a few monkeys. Let them play with Man Man, she'll be happy. She's Zhu Rong's daughter after all.’’ said Ji Hao calmly while looking at Dark Cloud, ’’Please, sit down and have some tea!’’

Shaosi quietly walked into the reception hall with a jade plate carried in her hands. She poured a cup of green tea each for Ji Hao and Dark Cloud, then politely and smilingly stood aside, narrowed her eyes, silently looking at Dark Cloud from up to down.

Just now, Dark Cloud was badly frightened by the dreadful and mysterious power released by Shaosi. This effect still hadn't worn off and when Dark Cloud saw Shaosi standing in the hall, the atmosphere instantly became especially heavy and serious. He knitted his eyebrows, glanced at Ji Hao, then glanced at Shaosi, after which, he gnashed his teeth and sat on a large chair. He picked up the teacup and gulped the whole cup of tea;he even swallowed the tea leaves contained in the cup.

Ji Hao held his teacup up as well, crossed his legs and took a small sip of the tea, then said blandly, ’’Shaosi, go tell those girls to not use dew drops when making tea. The flavor of tea is mixed with the aroma of flowers and tastes a bit indelicate.’’

’’Hm, I'll tell them to try the water from the spring behind the mountain.’’ Shaosi gave a faint smile and responded with a silvery voice.

’’Hm, spring water is the best for making tea. We have plenty of springs nearby. Someday we should try them one by one!’’ Ji Hao put the tea cup down and said to Shaosi earnestly.

Dark Cloud was completely neglected, which made his face turned darker in anger.

Dark Cloud threw a heavy clap on the tea table beside him and shouted loudly, ’’Ji Hao! I came to see you because there's something that you should know!’’

Ji Hao smilingly turned to Dark Cloud and responded politely, ’’Eh? Dear elder Dark Cloud, what is it? Please tell.’’

Dark Cloud snorted coldly, then took out a leather bag and threw it on the ground beside Ji Hao's feet.

'Clang'! Loud and clear jade coin clangs came out from the leather bag. Judging from this sound, the leather bag had hundreds of jade coins contained in it at most.

’’Those personal slaves of yours who were left in Pu Ban city by you, 198,542 people in total, we, Great Strength Water Ape Clan, have bought them out.’’

’’However, we are a bit short of money lately. For now, we can't give you that many jade coins. Here are five-hundred jade coins, and for the rest, we will pay you in stages in the next ten-thousand years.’’

Dark Cloud took a deep gasp and stared at Ji Hao in the eyes while continuing in a cold voice, ’’This is also the will of our great master, Wuzhi Qi.’’


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