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The Magus Era - Chapter 444


Chapter 444: Bad Guests

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

In the reception hall of the Fine Jade Snow Palace, eight fifteen-meter tall, silver-colored gigantic apes were standing in a straight line and gasping quickly and loudly. Their smooth and shining long silver fur fluttered in the air without being blown by any wind. It looked as if countless tiny snakes were wriggling on the bodies of these apes, seeming evil and hideous.

These apes were wearing golden heart-protecting mirrors with watery cloud patterns as decoration, and golden skirt-shaped armors below their waists, protecting their crotches. Their hands held around fifteen meters long shining, golden and heavy sticks. Fierce power streams had been surging around their entire bodies;the blood scent released from their bodies was so dense that it seemed even to condense into a touchable entity.

'Ding', Shaosi carried a jade tray and placed a cup of green tea in front of Dark Cloud, an elder of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan.

Dark Cloud, this tall and sturdy elder who had a sharp and aggressive sense of power releasing from his body, was sitting straight on a large chair. He raised his pair of dense eyebrows and cast a sideway glance at Shaosi, then said slowly, ’’Are you Shaosi? Elder Candle Dragon's disciple?’’

Shaosi took a few steps back, naturally and politely nodded and saluted to Dark Cloud, then responded, ’’Yes, Elder Candle Dragon is my tutor.’’

Dark Cloud picked up the tea cup which was carved out of white jade, sucking all the tea contained in the cup into this mouth without leaving a drop, then gulped loudly. Clicked his lips, Dark Cloud said in a cold tone, ’’Flavorless trash. You bunch of kids know nothing about receiving guests. When treating guests, booze and meat are the bests. Then get a few girls, strip them and let them frisk... This is how you treat a guest.’’

Shaosi slightly frowned, not wanting to respond.

’’Haha,’’ Dark Cloud gave a loud laugh that was unpleasant to hear, crossed his legs and threw another sideway glance at Shaosi, continuing in that cold voice, ’’Hm, this little face seems to be fresh and juicy, do you have a boyfriend? Ha, I have a son...Eh, never mind, forget about that worthless son of mine. Little girl, why don't you just let me...’’

Shaosi's face instantly darkened and right in the next moment, her slim silhouette flashed across the air, showing up in front of Dark Cloud. Without any pause or hesitation, she threw a heavy slap onto Dark Cloud's wrinkled face.

Dark Cloud was startled quite badly by Shaosi's unexpected teleportation, however, when Shaosi launched that slap, he had already made his reaction. He raised his right hand and easily caught Shaosi's palm.

Clap! Shaosi was pushed back by the counterforce tens of steps far, almost bumping against the wall of the reception hall. The look on Dark Cloud's wrinkled face changed quickly while the large chair he was sitting on shattered into tens of bits and his sturdy body swayed for a little while. Same as Shaosi, he stepped back for seven to eight steps, nearly falling to the ground directly.

’’What a great strength!’’ Dark Cloud looked at Shaosi in shock. The power vibration released from Shaosi's body clearly belonged to a Senior Magus. Shaosi's power vibrations still came from her body and were purely condensed from the power of her spirit blood and life-force. Not a single trace of any prehistorical and violent power of a spirit star was mixed in it;this proved that Shaosi was only a Senior Magus, and was still far away from the level of Magus Kings.

Nevertheless, Shaosi's physical strength was as great as a real dragon. The Dark Cloud had even sensed a great pain from his palm and felt his finger bones were nearly broken.

’’Little girl, is this how you treat a guest in here? I have to teach you a lesson today!’’ Dark Cloud was enraged and ashamed at the same time, and couldn't help but yelled out. He was an elder of the Great Strength Water Ape Clan, possessing a high and respectful status. However, just now he was nearly slapped to the ground by a little girl. hHow could he possibly endure this?

Shaosi's eyes shone with a bright white light while she glared at Dark Cloud and said in a deep yet strong voice, ’’How can you be called a guest? If you're truly a guest, we will surely treat you with courtesy. But a bad guest like you, what would be a big deal even if we killed you?’’

Following a deep series of spell chanting, magical flowing light streams emerged from around Shaosi's body, along with which an incredible sense of power, which would make people feel frozen from the hearts to the bodies, silently surged out. By now, the entire reception hall looked like a drop of ink, which was soaking in the water and about to dissolve. The walls, floor, and roof, everything in this hall was squirming, twisting in a weird way, while waves of hazy shadows rippled on their surfaces.

Shaosi raised both of her hands, which had become hazy and blurred. A sky-devouring fierce power spread out from Shaosi's body that made the surrounding space twisted;her body seemed to have become a black hole. Everything in the surrounding space, including natural powers, light and any other things, began swiftly surging towards Shaosi's body.

The eight silver fur gigantic apes let out loud hissing roars in panic. They wielded the huge golden sticks held in their hands, but those long and solid sticks had now become soft and powerless. Meanwhile, their power and life-force had been ceaselessly pouring out like floodwater, making their bodies soft and powerless too. They couldn't even hold their sticks, which normally weighed nothing to them, anymore.

Behind Shaosi's body, a hazy silhouette with a white robe gradually emerged. The silhouette was way too blurred, and one couldn't clearly see its shape.

An extreme-level of fear that came from the deepest areas of their souls suddenly attacked. For unknown reasons, these eight silver gigantic apes protruded their eyes in fear, their long fur standing straight up as well. If it weren't for their violent and fierce nature and bare control on their current minds, they would have dropped their weapons and fled long ago.

Boundless terror emerged in Dark Cloud's heart as well. It was the greatest fear that came deeply from his soul. He popped his eyes widely out, staring at that white silhouette. His teeth constantly chattered against each other while cold sweat continuously gushed out from his back.

'She's only a Senior Magus, only a Senior Magus... a Senior Magus who can be crushed to death by me with a little finger!' Dark Cloud madly shouted in his head, trying to gain back some self-confidence by getting himself to focus just on her cultivation level.

However, looking at the hazy and blurred figure of Shaosi, Dark Cloud could not just find the courage to attack, even while knowing that he was capable of crushing her to death easily. Her figure seemed like a black hole, speedily absorbing some strange, mysterious kind of power that even he couldn't identify or understand. It was like his courage had been completely swallowed by Shaosi, and by now, Dark Cloud was only left as a gutless coward.

’’Duo,’’ chanted Shaosi in a low voice.

The hearts of Dark Cloud and the eight gigantic apes suddenly beat quickly. The next moment, they opened their mouths simultaneously, each letting out a hot stream of blood, ejecting tens of meters away.

The blood vomited by Dark Cloud and those apes was crimson and had scorching-hot steam rising from it. It had been emitting a strong bloody scent that was hundred times stronger than the scent of ordinary blood. That was the spirit blood of their hearts, condensed from their life-force. After vomiting that mouthful of blood, the life each of them had shortened by a hundred years at least.

’’Stop...stop this!’’ Dark Cloud howled hoarsely.

’’Shaosi!’’ Ji Hao had already walked to the entrance of the reception hall and had seen Dark Cloud vomiting blood. The terrifying and negative power released from Shaosi's body even overawed Ji Hao by a little bit. 'Candle Dragon Gui, that old monster... what the hell did he teach Shaosi and Taisi?'

Hearing Ji Hao's voice, Shaosi immediately restrained that terrifying power released by her, following which all the abnormal phenomena in the hall disappeared. She grinned at Ji Hao then said in a gentle and sweet voice, ’’This is Elder Dark Cloud from Great Strength Water Ape Clan. Eh? When did the teacup break? I'll tell someone to make a new pot of tea!’’

Ji Hao smilingly nodded at Shaosi and pretended as if nothing had happened just now. He cupped his hands to Dark Cloud and said, ’’Elder Dark Cloud, welcome! Forgive me for not coming out earlier and welcoming you. I apologize, I apologize. Come, come, take a seat.’’ Ji Hao then turned his head around and yelled to a few servants, ’’Someone, bring some good tea! Hm...these few are so tall and vigorous...Man Man, Man Man, get a few baskets of fruits to treat our guests! Man Man, Man Man, come take these few monkeys out and have a nice walk!’’

The faces of Dark Cloud and the few gigantic apes twisted in anger.

However, thinking of the terrifying ability Shaosi showed just now, Dark Cloud forcibly choked his anger back to his stomach, angrily found himself an undamaged chair and sat back down.


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