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The Magus Era - Chapter 443


Chapter 443: Quiet

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Watery mist shrouded the divine Light Lake, while Fine Jade Snow Palace was entrenched on the mountainside like a giant bird.

Maidservants with long white dresses were shuttling in the woods, looking like elves. The bamboo baskets carried in their hands were filled with fresh flowers. These freshly picked flowers still had drops of dew dotted on the petals and were used to decorate the palace. Some maidservants were holding jade jars collecting dew drops from those fresh and tender petals for making magical tea.

Servants wearing black outfits were quietly and gently walking in the palace. While walking, they slightly wielded their hands along with which, refreshing breezes descended from the air with drizzles, brushing every single grain of dust away from every corner of the palace.

In a flat area near the divine Light Lake, Zhamu and his more than ten thousand warriors had leaped into the air like frogs, with massive rocks carried on their backs. They jumped so high that they even seemed to be flying. The dark skins of these slave warriors were thickly covered in sparkling drops of perspiration, and under the skin of each of them, blood veins bulged out one after another. As the gravity spell symbols flashed across the surfaces of those huge rocks from time to time, these slave warriors gasped deeply and loudly. The sense of power released from their bodies was as strong as fierce boas and raging dragons.

On another training ground that was located nearby, over three thousand human warriors were practicing in pairs. They had their teeth gnashed, hands holding sticks, and had been doing attacks and defenses. Those wooden sticks held in their hands were made from thousand-year-old wood cores, and were embossed with solidifying spell symbols and gravity spell symbols for the purpose of hardening and adding weights. While bashing against each other, these sticks generated muffled thunder-like booms.

Occasionally, some warriors were knocked to the ground. What came right afterward was a fierce lash launched by the warrior commander who had been standing on the edge of the training ground.

Whether it was the human warriors or the non-humankind slave warriors, all of them had been trying their best to drill themselves.

They were clearly aware that from now on, they would be working and fighting under Ji Hao's command, and their strength level and performances would decide the treatment their families could enjoy.

In terms of status, they were all equal;no one was higher than anyone else. One group out of them was composed of non-humankind beings while the other group sinners;the relationship between these two groups of people was competitive. If they wanted to live a better life, they would have to work harder and do better, defeating their opponents in the competition.

Among these warriors' families, some older people stood out and started working with the skills and techniques they had mastered.

Some of them were doing the gardening, some were cleaning dead twigs and withered leaves, some were taking care of those rare herbs and plants planted in different spots of the garden, and others went to those small islands by boats, taking care of those numerous kinds of magic teas planted on the islands.

Some had even divided themselves into groups, patrolling in each area of the garden, casting beasts away and maintaining the safety and peace of the garden. Some were fishing and getting clams by the lake, then sending these fresh food materials into the kitchen, making the food storage of Fine Jade Snow Palace richer.

Everyone was busy, even children were trying their best to do the work that was within their capabilities.

Everyone understood that they were slaves, and slaves couldn't be counted as human beings. Instead, they were only Ji Hao's private properties. As slaves, if they dared to be lazy, a hack right on the neck might be waiting for them as a warning to the others.

Around the divine Light Lake, people had been as busy as bees, yet, much noise wasn't being created.

In a nice quietness that could calm anyone's heart down, Ji Hao stood up from the jade hassock that he had been sitting on and meditating and pushed the door of the secret hall open. After having stayed in and cultivated for a whole night, he walked to the terrace outside the hall.

The terrace was paved with silver, and was hundreds of meters squared in area;the guardrails around the terrace were cast from silver as well, decorated with white crystal and embossed with patterns of dragons. Under the terrace was a thriving piece of florescent woods. Five-hundred meters in front of the woods was a large expanse of misty water, and within the white mist, tens of boats were shutting on the surface of the lake.

Ji Hao grinned, held his hands in behind his body while he stood still facing the east.

The first ray of the morning sun split the air and reached over, brushing against the top of the mountains in the east and shining on the divine Light Lake.

Ji Hao held his breath and released his primordial spirit from his body. Meanwhile, all of his awakened Magus Acupoints began rotating simultaneously. A muffled, thunderous sound came out of his body which sounded like a tornado. Following by a swishing noise, natural powers surrounding him transformed into visible, white airstreams, ceaselessly being absorbed by his awakened Magus Acupoints.

Suddenly, the sun rose from the east, and countless streams of purely positive purple smoke descended swooshingly. Ji Hao popped out his eyes and inhaled all of it into his chest. His primordial spirit floating upon his head began shining brightly while constantly breathing in the streams of purple smoke;the purple smoke was absorbed by the primordial spirit in streams, like birds flying into the woods. Ji Hao only felt that his entire body was warm and his primordial spirit was a lot more refined than before. His powers had being improved by far.

’’Mountain and River stamper, out!’’ Ji Hao cast a deep growl, following which the mountain and river stamper flew out from in between his eyebrows, rose above the head of his primordial spirit while rotating.

After absorbing enough amount of purely positive purple smoke, an extremely pure and refined stream of original spirit power contained in his primordial spirit was ready to burst. Ji Hao silently gave the permission with his mind, as a slight stream of purple smoke that was faintly sparkling with a golden light flew out from the month of his primordial spirit, transforming into an extremely thin yet long beam of purple light, surging into the mountain and river stamper.

The glow of the mountain and river stamper grew dazzling. Patterns of mountains and rivers embossed on the stamper seemed to become real as they sparkled. Meanwhile, the earth meridians and water meridians within ten-thousand miles around the divine Light Lake vibrated simultaneously. Being shook by the mountain and river stamper, vigorous streams of power of earth meridians and water meridians rose, surging over like numerous enormous dragons.

The connection between Ji Hao and the mountain and river stamper was strengthened by a little bit, which meant he could now have slightly better control over this powerful natural-crafted treasure, and the power of this treasure that he was now capable of activating was stronger than before.

Abruptly, Ji Hao's body quivered. The power of earth meridians and water meridians that were located in the area of ten thousand miles radius around the lake surged over while roaring, gushing into his body through the Yongquan acupoints which were located in the soles of his feet. The tremendous power streams surged in his body like a rampant flood. Wherever these power streams swept across, slim meridians were widened and swelled one after another;Magus Acupoints which were forcibly awakened up by the overwhelming natural power quickly lightened up one after another as well.

From his skin, scorching hot streams of sweat oozed gout. His sweat was as sticky as lava, every single drop of it containing a terrifyingly great heat that was strong enough to even melt gold and rock.

More and more newly awakened Magus acupoints lit up on Ji Hao's body... one hundred, two hundred, three hundred...

With the help of the mountain and river stamper's immense power, over a thousand of Ji Hao's Magus acupoints were awakened all at once. His new emerging powers were as great as the power of Gods and Devils. As that stunningly great power surged inside his body, Ji Hao's body abruptly grew half a foot taller than before. Meanwhile, his bones, tendons, and muscles expanded one after another as well.

When a great pain started coming from every corner of his body, Ji Hao stopped the cultivation of the mountain and river stamper. At the same time, the earth meridians and watery meridians which were activated by the power of the stamper calmed down silently.

Huge and coiling clouds of steam puffed out from Ji Hao's body. Waves of hot steam surged up to hundreds of meter high, making all birds in the woods tremble in fear and not dare to make even the slightest noise.

This kind of cultivation lasted for a couple of days. Blithely, Ji Hao cultivated himself as much as he liked during the nighttime, and in the mornings, he cultivated the mountain and river stamper and ceaselessly woke up new Magus Acupoints up with its help. Thus, his power had been improving at a tremendous rate.

During the daytime, Ji Hao would either hang out with Man Man and Shaosi or sit down and have a seminar with Po, consulting him about all kinds of problems and questions that emerged during his cultivation. If he had some spare time, he would concoct some magic medicines and make some round pills, or cast a few daggers and swords and make some talismans. His recent life was incomparably free and easy.

Like this, big half a month passed away. People in Pu Ban city began to talk about the news regarding the fact that the Chi Ban Mountain war came to a conclusion and Emperor Shun, Si Wen Ming and other humankind governors had already triumphantly returned with their warriors. By now, they were only about twenty-four hours away from Pu Ban city.

Next, an unspeakable atmosphere appeared in Pu Ban city, and some undercurrents were stirred up. Many people started to have many different thoughts.

This day, Ji Hao was listening to Po talking about Feng Shui, and how to set up a large-scale protecting formation with the power of the mountain and water stamper. Unexpectedly, Zhamu walked in, reverently knelt on the ground and began talking.

’’Master, elders from the Great Strength Water Ape Clan asked for a meeting with you!’’


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