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The Magus Era - Chapter 442


Chapter 442: Short-stay Palace

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

After having been through this 'rebellion,'as the Ink Ape Clan and the other seven clans had attempted to loot the captives, the captive-escorting troops had been changed to elite troops urgently transferred from Chi Ban Mountain. Huaxu Family, Lie Mountain Family, and Thunder Luster Clan all deployed their forces to escort this great group of captives back to the south.

In order to raise the marching speed, the Magi Palace had sent over another batch of Magi to cast spells on those captured slave warriors and slaves, allowing them to move faster.

The returning journey was still rough, yet, no other disturbances happened during it this time. Ji Hao and his teammates returned to Pu Ban city safely. Once they arrived, people stationed in Pu Ban city came to coordinate with them, counting and registering all slave warriors and slaves escorted by each troop and kept them in a wild area near Pu Ban city.

After delivering the captives under his escort, Ji Hao took his troop, which seemed to be not even slightly smaller than before, and marched into Pu Ban city. Trudging for another couple of days and nights, he finally led his people to his own territory, which was located in Pu Ban city.

The divine Light Lake and Fine Jade Snow Palace...

That was a short-stay palace Gong Gong Wuyou built for himself in Pu Ban city and had cost him quite a fortune. This area was an enclosure, thousands of miles in extent, containing stunningly beautiful natural sceneries and rare plants all over the area. In the middle of this thousands of miles long park was the divine Light lake, which was the most beautiful lake in Pu Ban city.

The divine Light Lake was three-thousand miles squared in area;it was a vast expanse of mist-covered water. The natural beauty of this lake was recognized as the number one in Pu Ban city. Tens of small islands were located in the lake, all abound in different and rare types of tea;the lake was also the habitat of hundreds of different kinds of rare fishes, all of which were large and extremely delicious. In addition to that, the water quality of the divine Light Lake was excellent. Twenty-two natural water meridians were located under the lake, and the lake was the spot where all those natural water meridians met. Therefore, this divine Light Lake also filled with magical mother-of-pearls and precious pearls.

The Fine Jade Snow Palace stood on the northern side of the divine Light Lake near a mountain and by the water, looking magnificent.

The palace was built with white jade, silver, white crystal, white tridacna, white coral, white pearl and other rare materials. The palace was entirely glowing white, genuinely seeming like a natural-crafted piece condensed from the essence of ice and snow.

This enormous palace was shaped like a spread out pair of wings of a bird, extended to both sides along the mountainsides. The palace had occupied nearly a hundred miles of land squared, containing four hundred and ninety different sized halls, nearly ten-thousand pavilions and rooms as ancillary spaces. Every single one of those was sumptuous and was built upon enormous costs.

Gong Gong Wuyong had cost an absolute fortune, hired real gods who were good at constructing palaces such as Kua E, and spent whole twelve years of hard work. It was only then that he finally completed the construction of this divine Light Lake and Fine Jade Snow Palace, which were as magnificent as those legendary palaces in heaven. However, after Rong Mountain Clan discovered the all-adapted magic crystal mine, Gong Gong Wuyou and Lie Shanxu joined hands and attempted to frame Ji Hao. Because of this, Zhu Rong extorted Gong Gong Wuyou for Ji Hao, and thus, this Fine Jade Snow Palace became a present given to Ji Hao by Gong Gong Wuyou as an amend.

This immense park extended for thousands of miles. Except for the main building of Fine Jade Snow Palace, hundreds of different sized palaces and mansions were standing in the mountain and jungle areas in the surroundings. Those were all located in spots which had the greatest views;each of the tens of small islands in the lake had exquisite buildings with innovative designs standing on it as well.

For this divine Light Lake and Fine Jade Snow Palace, Gong Gong Wuyou had truly spent endless amounts of money and efforts, yet he couldn't live in here even for a day before this whole area became Ji Hao's personal property.

Once Ji Hao and his large troop of slaves reached the entrance of the divine Light Lake Park, they saw an honorific arch that was carved out of white jade standing right in the middle of the board road. The arch was three-hundred meters tall, embossed with countless lively patterns of fishes and dragons. Under it, eight thousand slaves and maidservants left by Gong Gong Wuyou had lined up in ordered lines, reverently kneeling on both sides of the road, quietly expecting Ji Hao and his people's arrival.

Kneeling on the left side of the road were slaves, all wearing black outfits;on the right side were maidservants, all wearing white dresses. Uniformly, all slaves were wearing long swords. They were all at the peak-junior-level, nearly reaching the level of Senior Magi. Each one of them had been releasing a keen and fierce sense of power. All maidservants were bedecked with jewels, and most of the ornaments worn by them were rather luxurious;these maidservants were at the same power level as those slaves.

Ji Hao looked at these slaves and maidservants, and couldn't help but shake his head in shock. 'Is this the luxurious lifestyle being lived by the Gong Gong family, one of the God-kind?' thought Ji Hao.

’’Stand up! From now on, settle down in your job. After a while, you will find out that although I am not a mean master, you don't want to violate my rules.’’ Ji Hao looked at these panicky slaves and maidservants while he said in a low yet cold voice. His voice sounded clear and strong in everyone's ears.

’’Keep your minds on your words, and you will gain benefits sooner or later. If anyone has any different thought, killing is nothing difficult for me.’’

All these slaves and maidservants were left in here by Gong Gong Wuyou. The ones being selected to stay in here and serve Ji Hao must be the ones who were close to Gong Gong Wuyou and trusted by him. Every single one of these slaves and maidservants was handsome and beautiful, and had decent cultivation;obviously, they were all handpicked elites. These people were like a fleshy piece of meat which had fallen into the mouth of a beast. Ji Hao surely wouldn't spit such a good piece of meat out. Therefore, he gave his warning before moving into this palace;this was totally reasonable.

After he settled down in here, he would take control of these people's life and death. Till then, the Fine Jade Snow Palace would naturally become like a solid iron board, with no furtive eyes to be worried about.

While Ji Hao was speaking to those slaves and maidservants, many people following behind him had popped their eyes out in shock.

Because of the reckless robbery committed by the Ink Ape Clan and other few clans, over a hundred thousand warriors who were responsible for escorting slaves were all degraded to slaves by Wulong Yao simply with a word and were all given to Ji Hao as his personal warriors.

Those were over a hundred thousand personal warriors. At present, where could Ji Hao find trustable people to work for him? Therefore, Ji Hao got a headache every time he thought of the problem regarding how to restrain and manage all those people. Conveniently, each warrior commander having more than a hundred warriors under his command were selected out by Ji Hao, and these more than three thousand warrior commanders were taken as Ji Hao's personal slaves.

Except for these warrior commanders, all the other captured warriors were enrolled as captives by Ji Hao, for the governors in Pu Ban city to sell.

All these three-thousand warrior commanders and their families were born in small to mid-scale human clans like the Ink Ape Clan. Normally, they all lived in wooden or thatched cottages;when did they ever see palaces and mansions as magnificent as this one?

But from now on, they were going to live here. Looking at this splendid palace, which was beautiful like the legendary ones that belonged only to gods in heaven, these warriors who were degraded to slaves were actually chuckling to themselves This place was hundreds of times better than their own clans.

Zhamu and his over ten thousand warriors had also been extra passionately looking at this breathtakingly beautiful piece of land.

Such a beautiful place, such a stunning palace. Only Yu Clan lords could live in palaces like these. But now, lowly slave warriors like them could also have a tiny space of their own in such a splendid palace!

Everyone was now staring at Ji Hao with incomparably solicitous looks.

Ji Hao laughed out loud while waving his hand forward, and thundered, ’’Go, all get in. This place is huge enough. Zhamu, you and your people, come to stay near the main palace. There are a series of buildings particularly for garrisons, enough to accommodate around ten-thousand of you.’’

The troop marched to the Fine Jade Snow Palace. Everyone had his or her own room.

Gong Gong Wuyou was such a nice person. In every single room, furniture like bed and table, homewares such as blankets, mattress, even teapot and cups, everything that one expected to find was available.

In the cellar of Fine Jade Snow Palace, large amounts of cereals and meat were in storage, even with a hundred thousand vats of top-grade wine.

With the help of all these supplies stored in the palace, Ji Hao spent two days to finally settle down in Fine Jade Snow Palace.


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