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The Magus Era - Chapter 440


Chapter 440: Eight Magus Kings

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Tens of miles away from Ji Hao's campsite and in the wilderness, dozens of small-scale teleporting magic formations had been glowing brightly. Groups of slave warriors and slaves were being driven into the teleporting formations while struggling. After being pushed into the teleporting formations, their silhouettes flashed shortly then disappeared without leaving a single trace.

The base of this kind of small-scale teleporting formation was only less than fifty meters in diameter. Small-scale teleporting formations like this had rather low energy consumption and would only release weak power vibrations. These were just suitable for some clandestine activities. Tens of teleporting magic formations had lined up in a straight line, which could teleport over a million people within the time span of two hours.

When Ji Hao spread the magic formation and suppressed the tens of thousands of armored warriors, an elderly man who had an august face and was wearing a long black robe had been sitting on a large chair, which was constructed by beast bones. At the time, he was impatiently waving his hands while yelling harshly, ’’Tell the boys to speed up! We have spent so much, how can we possibly break even if we don't get more people back? Hurry up! Hurry! Hurry!’’

Warriors standing scattered in surrounding areas, who were holding long whips and iron sticks, yelled out one after another. Along with their voices, lashes and bashes struck down like raindrops, forcing those slave warriors and slaves to move faster.

Tens of steps away, another elderly man who was in a long white robe, laughed out loud and said, ’’Old monkey, what's the rush? Everything is well-arranged already. This would be smooth and easy this time, there's absolutely no risk of leaking. There are only a couple of stupid kids, we can simply kill them.’’

The elderly man with a black robe gave a cold smile and said blandly, ’’This time, the few of us implemented such a plan joint handily. Swallowing nearly a half of all captives captured in the Chi Ban Mountain war, this is a great matter... We should wrap it up as soon as possible...Scapegoats, all arranged?’’

The elderly man in white grinned and showed his teeth, then said, ’’All arranged. The boys are doing the slaughter right now. Later they will throw the bodies in the campsites over there. This should be covered up no matter how. Even if they were to seriously investigate into this, it'd never be our turn to be the scapegoats!’’

These two elderly men gave a wicked grin together, and near them, the other six sturdy elderly men who were as strong as bulls and had been releasing strong powers vibrations laughed out altogether.

When this group of people was laughing jauntily, Ji Hao shook the soul-shaking clock, and the weird bell rings came over from afar. Along with the series of buzzing bell rings, slave warriors and slaves near the teleporting magic formations buried their heads in their arms, and all began roaring. Although the bell ring sounded from pretty far away, it still managed to cause great pain in their brains and disabled them from standing steadily.

The elderly man in black robe shouted in rage. He raised his head and cast a glance where the bell rings came from. As a Magus-King-level powerful being, the physiological functions of his body were as great as the physiological functions of the bodies of gods. His eyesight allowed him to clearly see a single grain of dust a hundred miles away in the darkness late at night. Abruptly, he saw Ji Hao triggering the soul-shaking clock and large groups of slave warriors, slaves and human warriors who were sent out by the planners of this robbery and had been looting those slave warriors and slaves fall on the ground and turn unconscious one after another.

For a short moment, instead of being angry, that elderly man in a black robe was alarmed and panicky.

Those warriors sent by himself and other planners of this robbery were knocked down to the ground by Ji Hao with that clock. If those warriors became captives and were sent to face the human emperor, those few clans who were involved in this robbery would all suffer a great calamity.

Not to mention the punishment that came from Emperor Shun, these few clans dared to seize trophies from those top-grade super-scale human clans. Once this action was divulged, they would all be crushed into meat pastes, even if each of these few clans became a hundred times stronger than they currently were.

A thunderous roar was let out. Black mist swooshed up from the head of this elderly man, and within that black mist, a gigantic black ink ape was howling and screaming. The elderly man darted out along with a fierce black beam of light that sliced the air open, towards Ji Hao who was standing in the midair.

From tens of miles away, the elderly man clenched his right fist, seeming to directly punch Ji Hao to death. On that fist, black frost condensed quickly.

From tens of miles away, the fierce gale brought up by the elderly man's fist screamed. The enormous pressure released from his fist made Ji Hao feel as if a giant mountain was pressing down right towards his head, such that Ji Hao even had difficulty in breathing. An invisible stream of power struck down from a great distance away, severely oppressing Ji Hao. It even made his bones burst with loud creaking noises that sounded like quickly vibrating strings of a lyre.

Ji Hao let a long and resonant roar out of his chest. Raging streams of flame spurted out of his pair of eyes to tens of meters. As the great gale brought up by the fist of the elderly man in black swooshed over, a wave of ripples spread out on the surface of Ji Hao's Gold Crow cloak;Ji Hao's body could be blown up anytime.

A gentle breeze suddenly blew across the sky, following which, the fierce gale brought up by the elderly man instantly dissipated. Afterward, Po, who looked honest and straightforward, abruptly showed up right in front of the elderly man in black, bowed and saluted to him while smiling honestly, then said, ’’You're not young anymore, can't always rely on your age and bully the little ones!’’

The elderly man in black was slightly surprised. Po had just dispersed his fist gale with no effort at all, and yet, he couldn't estimate the exact level of Po's power. This made him feel quite unsettled.

However, he then thought of the information sent by his own clansmen from the battlefront in Chi Ban Mountain, according to which Ji Hao and the other few kids were only lucky to be appreciated by Si Wen Ming. Although they were all at the senior-level, they became Senior Magi only less than an year ago, and each of them had thirty to fifty awake Magus Acupoints at most!

Po was with Ji Hao and the other few kids, so he shouldn't be too powerful!

Followed by quick series of swishing noises, the other seven elderly men flew up. Their bodies only flashed in the air for a couple of times before they reached in front of Po. The elderly man in a white robe laughed in a high-pitched voice and said, ’’Bully the little ones? Yeah we are strong, and we are indeed bullying the weak ones, so what? Kid, if you ever dare to step into this, you will die today, right in here!’’

These were eight Magus Kings and were all elders of their own clans. They were all so prideful, how could they possibly take someone like Po, who looked just like an ordinary young man, seriously?

The eight of them laughed out loud simultaneously. Meanwhile, different colored, dense clouds of smoke surged out of their bodies. Within the few clouds of smoke, the images of totems of their clans were rolling and roaring. With all of their powers, these eight Magus Kings each launched a full-strength punch towards Po together.

As if eight shooting stars descended down from the heaven... The eight fierce buffs launched by the eight Magus Kings together combined into one, even making the sky and earth shake intensely. Slave warriors and slaves who were relatively closer to this area howled out immediately. The terrifyingly enormous pressure crushed their bodies and blood was ejected from their bodies all over the ground. Some of them had their bodies exploded entirely, turning into nasty puddles of blood and meat paste spread on the ground.

Po gave a faint smile and said honestly, ’’You seem to feel that being strong and bullying the weak ones is reasonable...In this case, I will show no mercy to you!’’

Po spoke rather slowly, as though every single word had been through thousands of years before being let out of his mouth. Nevertheless, by the time he finished this sentence, the fists of the eight Magus Kings only managed to move less than a foot.

This extraordinarily weird feeling of disorder as if both space and time had gone twisted made the looks of the eight Magus Kings change suddenly and severely.

Po didn't give them the chance to say another word. Instead, he took out a fist-sized, black mirror from his sleeve, faced the mirror towards the eight Magus Kings and slightly waved it. Next, a wave of dark glow descended and at the same time, the bodies of the eight Magus Kings suddenly froze. The fist gales brought up by them dispersed simultaneously while their bodies effloresced and disintegrated like statues made from sand. Within the blink of an eye, these eight Magus Kings disappeared without leaving any trace, only leaving eight fist-sized drops of Magus King spirit blood floating midair and releasing enormous pressures.

Eight dazzlingly glowing power streams surged up into the air, and suddenly eight stars sparkled brightly in the sky. Each of the eight glowing power streams flew towards one of the eight stars to be swallowed by the brightly shining star. The intense starlight seemed to lighten up the entire sky while rotating in streams, looking like a roaring ocean. The starlight in the sky constantly sparkled, piercing the eyes of people on the ground and making them all feel blind.

This magical scene waned after a moment. Po grabbed the eight drops of Magus King spirit blood and poured all eight drops into a fist-sized jade bottle. He then conveniently threw the jade bottle to Ji Hao.

’’Ji Hao, I, as your brother, have processed these for you. Now, all this spirit blood is clean and condensed from pure life-force without any sin or evilness or other negative powers tangled inside. You can call these treasures now. After you absorb these, your cultivation will improve more or less.’’

Ji Hao took over the jade bottle and gave a booming laugh. Afterward, he saw those Ink Ape Clan warriors and other warriors from unknown sources all kneel on the ground in fear, daring not to even raise their heads anymore.


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