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The Magus Era - Chapter 44



Those arrows were shot by Heng Luo from hundreds of mile away.

Together with those flying arrows, the jungle started to move. All the plants seemed to have awakened a conscience. They were shaking their branches in order to confuse those warriors hidden in the jungle. The shadows of the branches had completely merged with the shadows of the arrows, and even the powerful Senior Magi couldn't tell the direction from where the arrows would come.


Followed by a light whiz, a Black Water Serpent Clan warrior shouted out.

An arrow flashed across his face, leaving a small cut on it. The next moment, however, this hair-thick small cut suddenly enlarged, and expanded into a palm-wide cut.

Black, pus-like blood gushed out from the slash;the skin and flesh on his face were rapidly decaying. This warrior instantly started wailing and screaming. He tried to scratch his own face, but his hands corroded soon as well;he watched as his own fingers turned into drops of black blood and dripped down onto the ground;even his bones were completely corroded.

A great wave of cries and screams burst out from the crowd of Black Water Serpent Clan warriors, who were hiding in the dark jungle and waiting for orders launch the attack. These warriors fell on the ground one after another, and their bodies melted quickly into puddles of black blood. Three huge, horned serpents were darting around agitatedly, continuously hissing, with their black fork-shaped tongue hung out.

Some of these warriors were hit by the arrows in their vital parts, whereas most only got their faces or fingers scratched. However, the poison, made by Qing Fu, was too powerful. In the span of few breaths, the poison took the warriors' lives through the scratches.

Over a hundred snakeskin armors were left lying on the ground, soaked in the black pus-like blood, corroded by the poison in the blood, and made sizzling noises.

’’Shameless! Bastards! How dare you stab us in the b...!’’ yelled a Senior Magus, who was sent flying in the air by Treeman's branch. However, once the poor man opened his mouth, a thick vine shoved into his mouth and broke all his teeth, nearly reaching his stomach through his throat.

Another Senior Magus, who also was beaten hard by Treeman earlier, shouted. The horned serpents stopped fleeing immediately, turned around and pounced on Treeman, with their jaws wide opened.

From quite some distance, the three horned serpents shot a large amount of venom towards Treeman.

The two flame-like green eyes of Treeman were gleaming. He opened his treehole-like mouth and blew a thick, cold fog towards the serpents. At the same time, the plants around him started to squirm madly;leaves and small branches were shot out towards those serpents.

Treeman ignored the venom of those serpents. He was an ancient tree, to begin with, which meant that none of the vipers or venomous miasmas in this jungle could ever hurt him.

Two of the horned serpents were beaten back by the bullet-like leaves and branches. The third serpent, however, managed to approach Treeman and bit hard on one of his roots. A piece of tree bark was bitten into pieces, along with cracking noises. The serpent slacked its jaws, coughed a mouthful wood splinters out, embarrassedly. There was no blood or flesh inside Treeman's body, except wood. The serpent tried to inject its venom into Treeman's body, but failed.

Following that, an, one hundred feet tall, silhouette rose from under Treeman's roots. It was none other than Stone, who had just punched Ji Mu's chest. Now he raised his foot high and stamped hard on the bodies of the three serpents.


The three serpents were stamped deeply into the ground.

The surrounding jungle shook intensely for miles;hundreds of big trees jumped up. These trees couldn't bear such strong vibrations;their roots were broken and their trunks splintered.

When Stone pulled his foot up again, a deep crater was left on the ground. The three serpents raised their heads, shooting venom and cold poisonous gas angrily towards Stone. But, none of their attacks worked. Stone lifted his huge foot again and stamped the three horned serpents deeper into the ground.


Stone let a roar out displeased;great earthy power gushed out of his mouth.

The three horned serpents were as powerful as ordinary Senior Magi, with strong life-force and nearly indestructible bodies. Although they had been stamped by stone twice now, they were still holding their heads high and casting attacks to Stone unceasingly from the deep crater.

Stone was furious, he decided to choose the most simple, direct, and violent attacking method. He stooped down, used a barrage of punches on the ground, enlarged the crater big enough to contain his own body, then jumped into it, madly waving his, ten-feet-thick, huge stone-made fists and smashing those three horned serpents.

The three poor serpents were desperately spurting venom and cold poison gas towards stone. Normally, a slight wisp of their poisonous gas could kill a strong man easily, but on Stone, it was completely ineffective. The heavy fists of Stone smashed on their bodies continuously, broke their horns and bones, shattered their scales, and crushed all of their internal organs.

The thundering punches didn't stop. The three horned serpents lost the power to resist, quickly sank hundreds of feet deep into the ground under Stones punches, like wooden piles driven by a piledriver.

’’What kind of monster is this?!’’ shouted those three Senior Magi. They were still suffering from Treeman's lashes, and hadn't got a chance to fight back yet, withstanding the attacks only with their extremely strong Senior Magi bodies. At the same time, they watched their serpents being killed brutally by Stone.

Before their voices faded, a sharp roar caught their ears. A huge tree suddenly burst up. A tens of feet tall, muscular ape leaped high into the air and raised his huge wooden stick, swinging towards the three Senior Magi.

That huge wooden stick seemed nothing special, but while Ape was waving it, a few natural formed spell symbols suddenly lit up. All of the nearby plants started emitting a bright cyan light;thousands of light streams quickly converged towards the wooden stick.

After a short while, the originally grey wooden stick turned into a cyan dragon shaped light.

’’Booze! A hundred!’’ Growled Ape, followed by a loud and sonorous dragon-roar. Then the dragon-shaped cyan light heavily hit on the three Senior Magi their bodies.

The Senior Magus who was running in the front let out a muffled cry;one of his arms had twisted and swelled, and finally exploded into a mass of blood mist, which sprayed hundreds feet far. The wooden stick was so powerful, that even the body of a Senior Magus was burst open by a single hit.

While the Senior Magus was screaming in both pain and shock, the wooden stick had arrived again and hit his chest, shattering his armour, after which bone-cracking sound came from his body. He flew back and thudded onto the second Senior Magi, then the third one. All three Senior Magi of the Black Water Serpent Clan were instantly sent flying thousands of feet high in the air, rushing straightly towards the sky, higher and higher, like shooting stars.

The power of Ape's hit was incredibly tremendous;the three Senior Magi' bodies clashed the air, bursted large fire sparkles, then finally fell into the jungle miles away.

Ji Xiao was badly frightened by this abrupt attack, he screamed out in shock and fled back into the jungle. But soon after he got into the jungle, a skinny arm thrust out from the air, grabbed Ji Xiao's neck and pressed him hard on the ground.


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