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The Magus Era - Chapter 439


Chapter 439: Mightiness

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’Mountain stamper! A great treasure!’’

Po, who stood right in the middle of the campsite, raised his head and looked at the mountain stamper with a pleased smile on his face. With his eyesight, he could plainly see through the mountain stamper. Not to mention that this mountain stamper was collected and carried around by Priest Hua, how could it just be an ordinary treasure?

It was a natural-crafted magic treasure, and that too a top grade one amongst all the highest grade ones. It might have some flaws in other aspects, but the explosive power released by it after linking up the powers of earth meridians and taking control of the powers of mountains and rivers was nearly as great as the power of the lowest grade world-accompanying spirit treasure.

Dealing with these Ink Ape Clan warriors, who had woken thirty to fifty Magus Acupoints at most, with a magic formation that had such a powerful treasure as the core was way too bullying. Even though the tools that had been controlling this magic formation were those magic formation flags and jade talismans made by Ji Hao and had quite many flaws, the power level was still overkill.

The bones of all tens of thousands of warriors were crushed instantly as they fell to the ground. The great pressure released by the mountain stamper struck down, completely disabling the bear-like man and thousands of armored warriors from moving. No matter how hard they tried, the Senior Magi spirit blood contained in their bodies stayed unmoved just like a pool of dead water, even with their faces turning red and the last bit of their power being squeezed out.

As they couldn't mobilize their Senior Magi spirit blood and heal their wounds, all tens of thousands of warriors could only lying on the ground like dead fishes, but only constantly letting out plaintive whines.

’’Man Man, you and Shaosi go protect Taisi. Let's go out and take a walk together!’’ Ji Hao's pair of eyes showed a sharp and obvious killing intent while he growled resonantly, ’’Zhamu, tell your men to put on armors and pick up weapons. I'd like to find out who exactly has committed such a heinous crime!’’

The captives who had been escorted by Ji Hao and many other troops were the trophies of the alliance of human clans for the Chi Ban Mountain war. This great number of slave warriors, slaves, and their families were the public properties of the entire alliance of human clans. Except for a small part that had already being given out to clans and individuals as personal trophies, all these slaves and slave warriors, who were on their way to Pu Ban city, would be handed out to the members of alliance of human clans according to the contributions and achievements made in the war by each clan. All this would happen right at the natural offering celebrating ceremony, which was going to take place in Pu Ban city.

However, the Ink Ape Clan actually attempted to conduct such an evil move openly. They tried to plunder the slaves and slave warriors who were under the escort of their own warriors. This was no different from forcibly breaking into the storages of the other clans with weapons held in hands, and brazenly looting the properties that belonged to the other clans.

In this world, two extra large scale clans could build a deep-seated hatred with a blood-debt only for the proprietary right of a small hill. Generations after generations, the battles happening between these two clans would last for thousands of years. With what the Ink Ape Clan had done today, if any one of the other clans knew about this, the entire Ink Ape Clan would indeed be wiped out for good.

By calling this a 'heinous crime,'Ji Hao wasn't being exaggerated at all! This was definitely a grave felony that could cause the death of their entire clan!

A flame rose from the Gold Crow fire cloak. Ji Hao's entire body was wrapped in the dazzling golden-red light of the fire. Meanwhile, Mr. Crow was hovering over his head, and the two magic fire snakes had expanded their bodies to around six feet, each coiled on an arm of Ji Hao and releasing a dense poisonous smoke and raging fires out of the jaws.

Taisi swayingly walked behind Ji Hao with a drowsy look. He still hadn't fully realized what just happened.

Seeing the tens of thousands of warriors lying on the ground and howling in pain, Taisi pulled out a bone stick and said a bit dully, ’’Eh? Did some people attack our campsite? Bastards, can't they just let us have a peaceful sleep?’’

Along with Taisi's yell, black spheres of shadows emerged from around his body. Within those black shadow spheres, countless ferocious and hideous figures of ghosts and devils were partially hidden and partially visible, releasing silent roars. The space around Taisi suddenly fell into a bone-piercing cold, and faint streams of powers that could even freeze people'hearts gathered from all directions.

Behind Taisi's body, a giant silhouette that was wearing a black ragged long cloak silently emerged. The face of this silhouette was hiding in a curtained hat, and this enormous human-shaped silhouette released not even a slight trace of life. Instead, only a prehistorical sense of death had been surging out in each direction from it.

Ji Hao raised his head in shock, casting a glance at this gigantic silhouette.

From his spiritual space, the mysterious man's voice abruptly came, ’’Don't look at him too much. The magic that little candle dragon taught this kid can actually visualize the shadow of the original demon god's true figure? This one had fallen when the world was created. This is Ming Jiu Yin...the most ruthless one among those original gods of death. Look too much at him, and your primordial spirit would begin losing vitality.’’

Ji Hao hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to take another glance at that silhouette.

'Ming Jiu Yin'? This name wasn't even recorded in those books of the Magi Palace;the most ruthless one among the original Gods of death? Worthily, Candle Dragon Gui was indeed an old freak;the oldest, most mysterious master among the Magi Palace, and even the entire humankind. What the hell had he taught Taisi?!

The captive escorting troop which was the closest to Ji Hao's campsite had already fallen into a great mess. Large groups of slave warriors and slaves were driven by a troop of warriors, running into the wilderness, into the deepest darkness of the night, like pigs and sheep which had completely no power of resistance and were ready for slaughter.

The chief commander of this captive-escorting troop had disappeared long ago. Large puddles of blood were left on the ground, as well as some traces caused by small fights.

This troop also had nearly a hundred thousand captives under their escort. By now, these prisoners were standing in disordered lines, and a small half of them had gone, nowhere to be found.

’’Stop!’’ Ji Hao roared out loudly, ’’All Ink Ape Clan warriors, listen to my order. Restrain all slave warriors and slaves. Any inappropriate move is strictly prohibited. If anyone violates...’’

From the darkness, a few arrows were shot towards Ji Hao's face along with ear-piercing swishing noises that interrupted Ji Hao's words.

When the arrows were still over ten-zhang away from Ji Hao, the silhouette of Min Jiu Yin cast a deep roar that sounded like a moo of a bull, following which those few arrows went rotten and shattered. The metal arrowheads were dispersed into countless rusted iron pieces within a single moment.

After that, gray fires emerged from Min Jiu Yin's pair of eyes. He threw a glance at the darkness, right after which a series of shrill howls rose. Visibly, several transparent human-shape souls gradually flew up into the sky and were being sucked into Min Jiu Yin's mouth.

Taisi's pale face instantly became ruddier, and his dull eyes turned brighter.

Ji Hao glanced at Taisi in shock. 'Candle Dragon Gui, that old monster... what the hell did he teach Taisi? Eating human souls to replenish his own body? Such a creepy magic...even though the ones being killed were enemies, this magic is way too cruel and evil... Those were human souls after all!’’

’’Taisi, don't use this magic when fighting against human beings. Save your power for those non-humankind monsters!’’ Ji Hao shouted at Taisi.

Taisi paused shortly and gave a glance at Shaosi, whose face had gone completely purple. Then he patted on his own head and instantly all those scary visions around him were dissipated.

Ji Hao dared not to let Taisi cast his magic again. Only God knew what kind of creepy things Taisi would create next time. Instead, he took out the triangle-shaped bronze clock, which was seized from Miao Yin's hands and called the soul-shaking clock. Silently, Ji Hao activated the power of his primordial spirit. The power contained in all of his Magus Acupoints suddenly burst out at once and next, he threw a heavy punch at that small bronze clock.

A bell ring was generated. Within an area that had a radius of around a hundred miles, waves of cyan-colored ripples showed up dazzlingly. These visible cyan ripples swept across the entire space in the form of overwhelming waves, following which, those slave warriors and slaves, including human warriors who had been looting those captives in darkness, all lowered their heads immediately and fell to the ground as if they were drunk.

The sound wave attack had always been mysterious and metaphysical. Without the protection giving by special magic treasures or tools, how could these ordinary warriors possibly withstand such a fierce move?

Countless people lied on the ground in disorder. Ji Hao trod on a fiery cloud and swooshed straight up into the air. Resonant bell rings rang one after another, while people on the ground fell down group after group like dominos.

’’Zhamu, tie up every single one who was with weapons!’’ Ji Hao stood in midair and gave out the order loudly.

From ten of miles away, a raging roar pierced up into the sky. An immense stream of black smoke rocketed up, then swiftly roared towards Ji Hao like a storm of fierce arrows.


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