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The Magus Era - Chapter 438


Chapter 438: Capture Alive

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

With a single glance, i Hao discovered that bear-like, sturdy Ink Ape Clan warrior among the crowd, who had stirred up trouble a few times earlier as well. He was wearing a heavy armor, his face covered in the ash which came from the bottom of a pot, hands holding a pair of massive axes. By now, he had been hoarsely growling.

’’Those few brats, kill all the boys and for the girls, kill after we get tired of playing with them. Do not let any of them live! Move! Move! Move!’’

i Hao stayed silent. This guy had a dark-colored face, which was entirely covered in dense black fine hairs. This had already become an unusual feature of his, and even among this vast crowd i Hao still managed to recognize him with a single glance. Whether he covered his face with pot bottom ashes or not, what difference would it make to his appearance?

Tens of Ink Ape Clan warriors pulled their long and large bows open, aiming at Man Man and preparing to release the arrows.

Shrill arrow screams came from afar. Like always, Feng Xing, the person one could never know where he was, showed up and released his arrows when he was needed the most. The left eye of each Ink Ape Clan archers was penetrated by an arrow. Spell symbols on those arrows exploded, blowing their heads up like smashed watermelons.

Brans splashed everywhere. The bodies of those Ink Ape Clan archers leaned and the tightened bowstrings were loosened. Followed by muffled swishing noises, tens of arrows randomly flew into the crowd. Many poor Ink Ape Clan warriors were shot in the back on their butts, all yelling and cursing out in pain.

’’Like I said, if you ever dare to come again, I'll shoot you in the eyes!’’ Feng Xing's voice was cold and bland. It came from the darkness over ten miles away, sounding as sharp as the edge of a blade which was held by the soulbringer who came from hell. Ink Ape Clan warriors were all frightened badly, looking around in fear.

’’Don't be afraid! Don't panic! They're only six kids! Only six of them!’’ barfed the bear-like warrior in rage, ’’Our Ink Ape...Our Red Bull Clan has tens of thousands of warriors. They can't possibly rival us! Kill them all!’’

From all directions, more and more heavily armored warriors gathered over. They gave a loud roar simultaneously, charging towards the campsite like tidewater.

Inside the campsite, Ink Ape Clan warriors under i Hao's command showed no signs of launching any counter attacks. Instead, these more than thousand

warriors quickly gathered towards the southeast corner of the campsite. They carried long machetes and broadswords and hacked into pieces the fences that Zhamu and his warriors built before the night fell.

The ditches dug by Zhamu and his warriors were meters wide. However, no one noticed when those Ink Ape Clan warriors prepared all those thick wooden boards, which had now been placed upon the ditches, speedily built into a broad wooden bridge.

Along with waves of shrill screams, thousands of non-humankind slaves, who had taken body-weakening medicines and now were all weak and powerless, were driven out of the campsite like a disordered flock of sheep. While being lashed by Ink Ape Clan warriors with leather whips, they fled towards where the fence was broken with all of their strength and at their highest speed.

Outside the campsite, one could hear disordered footsteps everywhere.

Many captive-escorting troops were stirred into a big mess. Large groups of slave warriors and high numbers of non-humankind slaves, who were strung together, had now been driven out of their campsites by big troops of human warriors. Under the pressure of these troops, who came from unknown sources, they all fled towards the dark wilderness in disordered shapes.

From afar, deep in the darkness, a clear, sonorous and powerful shout came, ’’Quick! Select robust and healthy men and women and take those with you! For the old and weak ones, take whoever that can keep pace with the group. As for those who can't, kill them all! Kill every last one of them! Do not leave any survivors!’’

Once this voice finished the sentence, mournful wails and howls rose from the chaotic captive groups in the distance away.

These human warriors, who came from unknown sources, lifted up the weapons held in their hands, quickly and directly chopping those old and weak ones among those captives to death. Families of those weak and old people among the crowd of prisoners couldn't help but burst into despairing wails and cries seeing such a cruel scene,.

The whole area was completely chaotic. Many captives whose families were killed tried to stand up and revolt, resulting in violent bashes and lashes landing on their bodies like storms. Howls given by the prisoners whose bones and tendons were lashed broken came from everywhere, while the bonecracking noises that sounded like popping corns transmitted to far, far away in the darkness.

Loud bangs could be heard without an end. Man Man, who was in the night shift tonight, stood before the frontal gate of the campsite, tightly pursing her lips while her pair of hammers bashed like shooting stars. Every single Ink Ape Clan warrior who dared to approach her had suffered a severe hammer strike and flew out far away with broken limbs.

Ear-piercing clangs lingered in the air. Wherever Man Man's pair of hammers swept across, heavy armors were broken and weapons were shattered;

fragments of those weapons were constantly sent up into the sky tens of meters high from the ground. Occasionally, over ten, twisted human bodies would be mixed with those broken weapons and armors, being sent up into the air.

Man Man cheered resonantly. Her blood was now boiling, and all of a sudden, raging flames roared out from all over her body, lighting up the area miles in radius around her. Over a hundred Ink Ape Clan warriors who were the closest to her gave a hoarse howl simultaneously. Their bodies and their armors began burning intensely in an instant.

’’Who else? Stand out for Man Man!’’ Man Man gasped quickly and deeply for air. From her eyes, mouth, nose and ears, dense flames that looked almost like solid lava streams spurted out. Within this raging fire released by Man Man, her beautiful face was added with a bit of stateliness and sacredness that gave out a strong pressure. It made those tens of thousands of armored warriors stood in front of the gate dare not to make any sound.

’’Man Man, come back!’’ i Hao shouted in a deep voice, ’’Let them in!’’

Man Man's will of fighting was burning at the moment, and her pair of eyes had turned glowing red. She cast a slow glance at those warriors in front of the gate as if she was reluctant to part with them, after which she walked back to the campsite. While doing so, she turned her head back every after she took a step forwards. In the meanwhile, she yelled in a provoking tone, ’’Man Man is not afraid of you! If you dare, just rush in... Man Man will certainly break all your bones!’’

Man Man stepped back. Seeing this, the bear-like sturdy man paused briefly then rejoiced with wild excitement. He gave a great growl, following which, tens of thousands of armored warriors began dashing towards i Hao's campsite with big steps, like the flood that had just broken an embankment.

A great number of warriors charged towards the campsite. The bear-like man laughed out loud, then barfed, ’’Brats, you're indeed quite smart, thinking of digging ditches and setting traps! But what good can those do? Our people are everywhere! Or those people who have taken benefits from us! Hahaha, you didn't run when you could, and now, you shall stay obedient and prepare to die!’’

’’So stupid... you are so damn stupid!’’ The bear-like man and warriors around him all laughed aloud. ’’Since you have already thought of setting the defense, you should just run as soon as possible! You're just a couple of little kids, what can you possibly do?’’

Man Man stepped back to stand beside i Hao. i Hao was standing in the chaotic campsite, which was filled with joggling fires, flashing human silhouettes, quick footsteps and loud roars. Those armored warriors rushed into the campsite, put back their weapons and laughed loudly. They then began seizing those captives, who were now terribly frightened and didn't know what to do.

Tens of thousands of armored warriors has all rushed into the campsite. i Hao sneered and raised his hand. Closely following his move, a bolt of lightning struck down.

The mountain stamper vibrated for a short while, and at the same time, the nine magic formation flags surrounding the mountain stamper flashed in the air simultaneously, quickly immersing in the air. A wave of light and shadows swept across the whole campsite, which was covered by the nine-grid sky reverse formation. Suddenly, all tents, bonfires, and captives were gone.

Only a hazy scene of mountains and rivers emerged abruptly. Yellow sands flying in tens of miles long streams; the gale blew the sand streams up, bumping into that beautiful scene of mountains and rivers like rampant tidewater. The green mountains and rivers formed a strong contrast against the yellow sand streams, bringing people an especially weird visual impact.

Before the bear-like man and his warriors realized what was happening, i Hao flicked his finger, following which, the nine-grid sky reverse formation directly activated the terrifying power of the mountain stamper.

A dreadfully great pressure spread out towards every direction. The bear-like man and tens of thousands of armored warriors were instantly turned into walnuts under a giant flagstone. Following a long series of bone-cracking noise, these warriors fell to the ground simultaneously; not a single one of them could manage to stand back up again.


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