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The Magus Era - Chapter 436


Chapter 436: Migratory Clans

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

In the next few days, the captive-escorting troop was all in peace, with nothing

big happening at all.

On the straight road paved with flagstones, this large troop had been moving

directly south. One couldn't see the head or tail of this troop, and could only

hear rumbling footsteps that even made the ground shake constantly. From

time to time, one could hear those non-humankind slaves' howls and yells,

human warriors' excoriations, and the sounds of whip lashes.

During these couple of days, Mo Shan and Mo Shui had been extra attentive to

Ji Hao. Every day, they would show up around Ji Hao for a few times, either

bringing Ji Hao some wine and grilled meat or fresh fruits collected by Ink Ape

Clan warriors from quite far away. Anyway, they were so complaisant to Ji Hao,

as if Ji Hao was their true blood father.

However, no matter what they presented, Ji Hao would always accept it in front

of them, then burn it all out with fire after they left.

Even Man Man, who had the simplest mind, and Taisi, who was a bit

muddleheaded, had both realized that something was not right. They

subconsciously raised their vigilance, and by now, they were rather cautious

when doing anything. Besides, except for Feng Xing, who had been hiding God

knew where, the rest of them had been trying their best to stick together, no

matter what they were doing at the moment.

Another three days passed as fast as the blink of an eye. Abruptly, the moving

speed of the frontal side of the troop slowed down.

Ji Hao wasn't counting on those Ink Ape Clan warriors for coming and

reporting the problem. Instead, he leaped up into the air, feet trodding on a fire

cloud while looking into the distance from a high place. Dense clouds of smoke

had risen from the front, straight up into the sky. Large groups of animals

were roaring loudly while crossing this straight road slowly.

Ji Hao's face darkened instantly. This straight flagstone road was built by Magi

Palace's senior Magi by the use of their magical powers.

On regular days, this road would be hiding deeply underground, so that the

sunshine, rain, and the wind wouldn't cause any damage to those flagstones

paved on this road. Once war was started, Senior Magi of the Magi Palace

would activate the spell and raise this road from underground. Starting from

Pu Ban city, this road led directly to the northern side of Chi Ban Mountain. It

was the most important arterial path for transiting warriors and other

logistics services. This road even mattered to the outcome of war.

Therefore, regarding this straight road, the humankind had set an extremely

strict rule:

During the war time, all unrelated people were forbidden to enter into the

areas within five-hundred miles of both sides of this road; anyone who

violated this rule would be seen as a spy of the non-humankind and would be


Although the war had stopped by now, elite human army forces were still

stationed in Chi Ban Mountain, watching out for the non-humankind armies

in the north, in case they were only feigning defeat. They were ready to counter

any sudden return and surprise waves of attacks on the human army.

Therefore, although a part of warriors from small clans, who were not so elite,

had already begun leaving the Chi Ban Mountain area in succession, this great

war wasn't completely over yet. It still required another couple of months only

until those high-level core leaders of the human army such as Emperor Shun,

Si Wen Ming, and Huaxu Lie began leaving in small batches this great war

could then be counted as truly over.

’’Which clan do these animals belong to? How dare they obstruct the marching

on this straight road?’’ shouted Ji Hao in a harsh tone.

No one responded Ji Hao. Those Ink Ape Clan warriors stopped walking slowly

as if they didn't even see Ji Hao. Some warriors had even leaped down from

their mounts, sat down by the roadside and began resting while laughing and

joking. Some other warriors wielded their long whips while shouting at those

slaves and slave warriors, ordering them to stop and take a break.

’’Shame! Go take a look!’’ Looking at these lazy Ink Ape Clan warriors, Ji Hao

sneered then gave a shout.

The middle-aged slave warrior named Zhamu, who had nearly died in the

hands of those Ink Ape Clan warriors a few days ago, whose daughter was

almost raped by those warriors, gave a loud and clear shout in response to Ji

Hao's order. He was armed to the teeth. He darted out with big steps and with a

few rises and falls, he moved several miles forwards, reaching speedily where

the large groups of animals were crossing over

Shame was one of the 'dark-kind.'The name of this race probably had

something to do with the color of their skins.

The dark-kind was an appendage of Yu Clan. Dark-kind people were an

essential part of those great-scale official Yu Clan armies. In every Yu Clan

official army, more than ninety-five percent of warriors were dark-kind


In terms of fighting skills and capacities, the dark-kind warriors were far less

talented than Jia Clan warriors. Nevertheless, the aptitudes possessed by the

dark-kind warriors were not ordinary at all. On an average, one extraordinarily

talented member would emerge from every hundred of them. With severe

cultivation, these, especially talented dark-kind warriors could easily achieve

the powers of senior Magi and even Magus Kings. There was even no lack of

divine-Magus-level beings in the dark-kind.

Zhamu was a dark-kind big warrior, and although the power system of his

kind was different from the one of the humankind, it was obvious that he had

peak-senior-level power, and was only a small step away from the level of

Magus Kings.

Back in that family army of the Qian Family, Zhamu was a commander who

had ten-thousand warriors under his lead. As the army he belonged to was a

family army instead of an official army, he and the warriors under his

command had been stationed in family territories of the Qian Family all these

years, guarding the cities and towns belonging to the Qian Family, and had

never fought a battle against the humankind.

To some extent, the hands of Zhamu and warriors under his lead were

relatively clean! Those hands were never stained by the blood of human


Therefore, that night after Mo Shan and Mo Shui and all Ink Ape Clan warriors

left, Ji Hao deeply felt that he could actually use some trusted understrappers.

So, he took out his saved money and bought Zhamu and all the warriors under

his command, along with all of their families, as Ji Hao's private warriors and

slaves. He bought them without further ado at the current market price of Pu

Ban city.

Back in Chi Ban Mountain, Ji Hao had extorted a huge sum of money from the

Dishi Family, and also had all those jade coins awarded by Si Wen Ming.

Therefore, he easily bought Zhamu and those nearly ten-thousand warriors

under his lead out. After he had taken control of the lives and deaths of Zhamu

and his warriors, these dark-kind people had now become Ji Hao's mosttrusted


As a commander of ten thousand warriors, Zhamu was experienced enough.

Soon, he dashed back to Ji Hao.

He thudded his knees loudly against the ground, then heavily knocked the

ground with this forehead and shouted with an extremely respectful and

cautious manner, ’’My respectful, merciful master, those are a couple of

migratory clans crossing over. They are eight clans and nearly forty-thousand

clansmen in total. They have over a million big-scale livestock with them,

which are for eating.’’

Gasping for air, Zhamu then lowered his voice and continued, ’’According to

them, the grass of their old pasture was eaten up. Therefore, they are now in a

rush to the next pasture, otherwise, their livestock would lose weights.

However, I, Zhamu, your lowly slave thinks that there're some problems in


’’Hm? What problem?’’ Ji Hao stood on the chariot, conveniently casting a

forbidden magic to limit the voice from transmitting so that Zhamu's words

wouldn't be heard by anyone else but Ji Hao and himself.

’’Firstly, I know that this straight road is an important path for the humankind

during wartimes, and migratory human clans are the lowest kind among all

human clans. They don't have the right or the guts to cross this path during


’’Secondly, if they are really migratory clans, why don't they have elderly

people and women among those forty-thousand clansmen? Instead, all those

clansmen were young and strong.’’

’’Thirdly, I found heavy armors, large-scale crossbows, and longbows on their

supply-transporting vehicles. They're migratory clans who are supposed to

live on animal husbandry. Migratory clans don't need heavy armors or those

long-range, highly lethal weapons. Something is not right about them.’’

Zhamu saw the limitary screen cast by Ji Hao emit a dim glow, but still, he

cautiously lowered his voice while speaking.

Ji Hao looked at Zhamu and remained silent for a while. Then, he took out a

handful of jade coins and threw them on the ground in front of Zhamu.

’’Great Job, Zhamu. Your experience can help me a lot in the future. Just make a

good effort. With these jade coins, you can get your daughter some pretty and

brand new clothes.’’

’’Go tell your warriors... Put on armors and get ready. Tonight, we're going to

do some killing.’’

Speaking the word 'killing,'a fierce and cruel beam of light flashed across Ji

Hao's eyeballs.


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