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The Magus Era - Chapter 434


Chapter 434: Teleport

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

More Ink Ape Clan warriors rushed over incessantly. Seeing the current

situation, they all pulled out their weapons without saying a single word,

formed into battle formations and approached Shaosi from all directions. They

gnashed their teeth tight, and those eyes of theirs which were already filled

with blood streaks under the effect of alcohol now had turned purely red.

No matter what reason Shaosi had, whether right or wrong, reasonable or

unreasonable... their clansmen, their brothers, their fellows who had fought

side by side with them, who finally managed to come back alive from the

battlefront in Chi Ban Mountain with unharmed bodies had now been

wounded severely or even killed here. They just had to take revenge for this.

What were rules and principles? To these warriors, those were something that

only lords and ministers sitting in Emperor Shun's meeting hall would talk

about. In the eyes of these warriors, their own fists and weapons were the

highest principle. Any problem that could be solved with violence couldn't be

counted as a real problem.

’’I am gonna skin this little woman alive!’’ The Ink Ape Clan commander, who

was now leading those warriors, roared wildly and hoarsely, ’’She killed so

many of our brothers! Woman, today you will not even be able to die! Not even

if you beg! Our Ink Ape Clan will never let go of you, never, ever!’’

Within the blink of an eye, over a thousand Ink Ape Clan warriors had gathered

over. They surrounded the small hill that Shaosi had been standing on, and

upon their heads tens of flying battle beasts had been hovering around in the

sky. Mounted on the backs of these flying battle beasts were also Ink Ape Clan


They glared at Shaosi viciously and covetously, like a group of crazy and fierce

wild beasts surrounding a poor baby lamb.

Following a loud roar, the Ink Ape Clan commander wielded the heavy, tuskshaped

giant ax, while taking a step forward. His body flashed across the air,

and with a single step, he covered over a hundred zhang. He moved swiftly,

slicing the air open and generated a terrifyingly great bang, following which

the ax was hacked down towards Shaosi's right arm.

Chopping Shaosi's right arm off and capturing her alive instead of killing her,

then punishing her in the cruelest way... This was the common idea held by all

Ink Ape Clan warriors by now.

Shaosi's body remained unmoved. Silently, the round shaped shield floating

around her body fended against the giant ax. The ax violently hacked on the

round shield. The shield released an eye-piercing light. In the next moment,

an overwhelmingly great counterforce, which was hundred times greater than

the power generated by the ax, roared back. The giant ax, which was thickly

covered in spell symbols, suddenly blasted out. The Ink Ape clan Commander

howled himself hoarse in pain as his arms had already been smashed.

Shaosi wielded her right arm and instantly, her long spear pierced through the

abdomen of this Ink Ape Clan commander, sending him flying backward for

miles along with his hoarse howls in pain.

’’You...’’ Shaosi looked at these Ink Ape Clan warriors, then shut her mouth

tight. She saw the craziness contained in these warriors' eyes growing fiercer

and fiercer.

Since there was no way to talk any sense into these warriors, the problem

would have to be dealt with violence. Shaosi's home was destroyed when she

was only a little girl. After that, she stuck together with Taisi, and the two of

them drifted into the world and kept each other alive. After being taken into

the Magi Palace as an apprentice, she had still been cautious and meticulous,

struggling for survival. Shaosi was used to the difficulties of survival since

long ago.

In these damned years and in this damned world, most of the times

'principles' could do no good, and instead, violence was the key to solving all

kinds of issues. Regarding this, Shaosi and those Ink Ape Clan warriors, who

had now been approaching her from every direction, had exactly the same


’’Kill her!’’ The Ink Ape Clan commander who had been thrown far away burst

into a thunderous roar in both fury and panic.

Through the short and straightforward fight happened just now between

Shaosi and himself, this commander found that the shield which had been

protecting Shaosi was incomparably powerful, and the power possessed by

herself was immense as well. Somehow, this Ink Ape Clan commander felt that

Shaosi was a lot more powerful than even the leader of their clan.

Ordinary warriors like them, who were responsible for escorting captives,

could never fight individually against such a powerful being. Challenging her

one by one would make no difference from sending pieces of fresh meat into

the mouth of a wild beast. Instead, they had no choice but to rush up all

together, taking advantage of numbers and suppressing Shaosi as much as

possible and kill her.

By now, this Ink Ape Clan commander dared not think about such a good thing

as capturing her alive. In battlefields, facing an enemy who was a lot more

powerful than oneself, the sole way to defeat it was to charge in a group and

quell it; this would cost lives one's side as well. If they insisted on capturing

Shaosi alive, they would have to pay a greater price, which might be hundreds

of times greater than the price they had already paid.

More Ink Ape Clan warriors came from all directions. Many of them were not

under Ji Hao's command. Instead, they came from other captive-escorting

troops. They all came from the Ink Ape Clan. They were all clansmen, sharing a

bitter hatred of the enemy. They pulled out their weapons, pouncing on Shaosi

one after another without asking too many questions or thinking about any


In the air, flying battle beasts were hovering around, waiting for opportunities

to attack. On the ground, thousands of Ink Ape Clan warriors had been

charging towards Shaosi altogether; a great number of battle beasts were

mixed in groups of warriors, pouncing on Shaosi as well.

Shao Si raised the long spear held in her hand and said in a low voice, ’’Candle

Dragon, an ancient, magical creature shaped like dragons but is not one of the

dragon-kind. Candle Dragons can control the time and space. I have absorbed

a Candle Dragon spirit pearl... What I attained is way more than the great

strength of Candle Dragon kind.’’

As her body flashed, Shaosi suddenly disappeared from the top of the small

hill, and at the exact same time, she reappeared in where the most Ink Ape

Clan warriors were gathered. The long spear held in her hand swished and

immediately was lunged dozens of times, bringing up an endless series of the

noise of a sharp weapon piercing into a human body. Tens of Ink Ape Clan

warriors had their spines punctured and been sent flying away by Shaosi's

long spear.

As their spines were injured, these Ink Ape Clan warriors couldn't move for

quite a while. The strong ice power contained in the spear attached to their

wounds, firmly sealing them with dark ice. Even though they had all been

trying rather hard to boost their spirit blood, the dark ice sealed on their

wounds showed no sign of melting.

Tens of Ink Ape Clan warriors lost their fighting capacity immediately, and

now could only lie on the ground and howl loudly.

Tens of heavy and sharp weapons hacked towards Shaosi from different

directions. However, her body disappeared once again, and at the same time,

she abruptly reappeared a hundred zhang away, in another group of Ink Ape

Clan warriors.

No trace of running or flying. She had completely disappeared then suddenly


Within a single moment, she ripped the space open and directly moved to

hundred-zhang away, which was due to another special ability Shaosi had

gained after she absorbed the Candle Dragon spirit pearl Teleport. Shaosi

wasn't powerful enough, therefore, at the current stage, she could teleport

around freely within the area that had a radius of a mile at most. Nevertheless,

when using this ability in a real battle, this made her seem like a god or a devil,

stunning all those Ink Ape Clan warriors.

More lunges were delivered, and more Ink Ape Clan warriors howled out in

pain while being sent flying up into the sky by Shaosi's long spear.

In the very next moment, Shaosi reappeared in another spot, launching

another surprise wave of attack at those Ink Ape Clan warriors. Those warriors

were totally unprepared.

Within the short span of a few breaths, Shaosi had severely injured over threehundred

Ink Ape Clan warriors, while these poor warriors didn't even manage

to touch a single hair of her.

’’Get back to the campsite and expect your punishments. Anyone who dares to

make any other trouble will be killed!’’ Shaosi's cold voice resounded through

the night sky.

Those Ink Ape Clan warriors had already fallen into some kind of crazy and

hysterical state. Despite the fact that they couldn't even breathe when Shaosi

appeared and disappeared within a moment and launched attacks like a ghost,

they still roared themselves hoarse, wielded their weapons, constantly

launching futile attacks at Shaosi.

A muffled-thunder-like vibration of a bowstring came from afar. Abruptly, a

wave of arrows screamed over, sweeping across the battlefield like a storm.

Instantly, over a thousand arrows flew across the air and next, over a thousand

Ink Ape Clan warriors howled out simultaneously. Each of them was shot right

in the neck. The arrows blasted out in their necks, nearly blowing them into


Fortunately, they were all Senior Magi. Once the arrows exploded, they boosted

up their spirit blood as quickly as possible and struggled back from the grasp

of death.

Feng Xing's voice came from the darkness.

’’Yo, yo, next time, I'll shoot your eyeballs!’’

The entire area fell into a deathly silence, no one daring to make any moves



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