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The Magus Era - Chapter 433


Chapter 433: Hostile

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Over ten robust and muscular warriors dove down from the air together. Their

bodies were all wrapped in coiling black smoke. In this group, the weakest

ones had a meager twelve Magus Acupoints awakened, while the strongest one

was no better, with only thirty-eight Acupoints awakened in total.

Black mist spread out while a strong gale blew across. Shaosi's outfit fluttered

in the air, letting out a clear rustling noise in the gale brought up by those


The shield floating next to Shaosi's body suddenly vibrated, sending out a

sparkling, jade-green stream of light. One, two, three...within the blink of an

eye, tens of mirror like shining round-shaped light flakes circled around

Shaosi. In front of each one of those warriors, an ice-crystal-like, sparkling,

round-shaped light flake had appeared. Those light flakes seemed so weak and

fragile that one could even break them by simply giving a puff.

’’Girls always like these gaudy things!’’

Those Ink Ape Clan warriors laughed out loud together. In their simple and

straightforward minds, things like shields should be the bigger; the heavier

and the thicker, the better. Only big, heavy and thick shields could provide the

defense that was great enough.

As for this small shield flying around Shaosi, it indeed looked beautiful, but it

also seemed to be as fragile as a thin piece of jade. A female Magus who was

educated by the Magi Palace and had been standing high above all the ordinary

ones, just like these warriors thought, she did like these pretty but not so

functional things!

Those more than ten warriors, who had furiously dived down from the air,

clenched their fists simultaneously and each cast a fierce punch on the roundshaped

light flake in front of them.

Buzz! Followed by this loud sound, those bright light flakes vibrated intensely.

These warriors had used hundred percent of their strength when they threw

the punches. Yet the counterforce that was a hundred times greater than the

power of their punches struck back immediately, brushing against their bodies

and rampantly cutting like countless sharp saw blades.

Those muscular arms of these warriors blasted out. Once after their skins were

ripped open and blood erupted out. From those beautiful jade-like, sparkling

light flakes, a terrifying stream of coldness rose, promptly freezing their

broken arms. The arms of these warriors were sealed in freezing ice before

they felt any pain brought by the rapture of their arms. They couldn't feel any

pain anymore, and next, their entire bodies were sealed in whole and thick

pieces of ice.

Over ten dark blue pieces of ice heavily boomed against the ground. Been

frozen by the coldness released from these huge dark ice pieces, a hazy layer of

white and chilly mist grew from the surroundings, coiling around those ice

pieces. Showering under the multicolored light emitted from the stars in the

sky, different colored streams of dynamic glow appeared on the surfaces of

these giant ice pieces. Added with the coiling mist, this scene looked rather


However, a boundless aura of killing was contained in these breathtakingly

beautiful dark pieces of ice.

This was the first time for Shaosi to actually use this shield that Yu Yu crafted

for her especially to fend against enemies. She couldn't even dream that apart

from the nearly invincible defensive power of this shield, it also had such a

great lethality.

Those were over ten Senior Magi. Although they were the weakest kind among

all Senior Magi, they were true Senior Magi after all.

Over ten Senior Magi were directly frozen to death. At that moment when they

were sealed by the dark ice, their lives had been extinguished. Even their souls

had been shattered into bits. But this was only the counterattack launched by

this shield automatically; Shaosi hadn't even made her move.

Shaosi gently stroked this dimly glowing shield. Its texture was smooth and

slick, like a piece of top-grade jade. By now, only a thin stream of slightly cold

air was being released by it. One couldn't possibly tell that this shield had just

burst with a dreadful wave of freezing power and killed that many people all at


’’They...they!’’ The bear-like man stared at Shaosi stunned, said tremblingly,

’’You, you killed them?’’

Shaosi raised her long spear and injected her power into it. Beams of cold and

fierce light began surging on the surface of the spear. Meanwhile, the small

hill under her feet was quickly covered up by a thin layer of ice. She then said

in a deep voice, ’’Yes, according to the rule...’’

’’Go to hell with your bullshit rules!’’ The bear-like man roared hoarsely and

hysterically, ’’In here, we are in charge! My brothers were only trying to catch

you and have some fun, but you killed them! You bitch!’’

Dropping the non-humankind girl held in his hand, this bear-like man then

pulled out his sword and growled, ’’Brothers! Together! Let's catch this little

bitch, and we will screw her to death!’’

Tens of Ink Ape Clan warriors gnashed their teeth and pulled out their swords

together. Some of them even grabbed long spears and heavy halberds,

approaching Shaosi with vicious looks. 'Hrr...hrr...' They breathed deeply and

heavily like injured wild beasts, and even their eyeballs had turned red.

The bear-like man then shouted, ’’You killed them...My brothers had finally

fought a way out of the hands of those non-humankind monsters! They had

wives and kids at their homes! They had Abbas and Ammas depending on

them! But you killed them!’’

Shaosi raised her long spear and said blandly, ’’Were they allowed to do

anything they wanted because they had wives and kids at home, they had

Abbas and Ammas depending on them? Could they break the military

regulations and do nasty things as much as they like? You people...what made

you think that you're so special?’’

’’Kill!’’ The bear-like man couldn't find any word to confute Shaosi, he could

only turn all the shame and anger muffled in his chest into a roar.


Tens of sturdy warriors dashed up, launched their attacks on Shaosi together.

Shaosi gave a slight shout, following which, the long spear holding in her hand

suddenly transformed into a white bolt of lightning, darted straight out.

The long spear flew out from Shaosi's hand, pierced through the bear-like

man's chest, then flashed across the air and went directly back to Shaosi's

hand. Shaosi spun her body and threw that spear out once again. Within a

single second, Shaosi had already thrown the spear out tens of times in a row,

while those warriors made only three steps forwards. The long spear swished

through the air along with shrill streams power, fiercely puncturing the chests

of these men as if nothing could ever stop it.

Blood gushed out from the chests of these tens of warriors; after that, their

wounds were quickly sealed by ice. They howled loudly while being sent flying

backward by the great power attached to the long spear and heavily thudded

against the ground in tens of zhangs away, struggling and crying.

Shaosi wielded her arm and caught the long spear which had flown back to her,

then slightly swung her hand.

Cold beams of light flashed across her pair of eyes as she murmured to herself

in a low voice, ’’We've both taken the Candle Dragon spirit pearls, but have I

actually attained the great strength possessed by the Candle Dragon Family

through the pearl? My current physical strength can be mentioned in the same

breath with the strength of an ordinary Magus King, can't it? After I

completely absorbed the pearl, how strong would I be?’’

She then wielded the long spear, bringing up a fierce gust of wind. Afterward,

Shaosi knitted her eyebrows, seeming to be worrying about something. ’’Taisi,

that useless thing...Except for one general special ability of Candle Dragon

Family, he actually has attained nothing. This useless brother...I should just

find a woman as soon as possible and marry him to her!’’

From a distance away, a disordered series of footsteps came. Tens of Ink Ape

Clan warriors rushed over in big steps. None of them had his armor dressed


Flying battle beasts swiftly soared over, hovering around above Shaosi's head.

Soon, an entire troop of Ink Ape Clan warriors came to the scene. They all

raised the weapons held in their hands as they saw their dead clansmen who

were sealed in ice, and the other few who were laying on the ground, twitching

and crying.

They looked at Shaosi as if they were looking at non-humankind monsters on

the battlefield.

They all knew about Shaosi. They knew that Shaosi was designated by highlevel

leaders of the humankind, who was in charge of leading them, escorting

those captives back to Pu Ban City.

But at this moment, they targeted Shaosi with their weapons, as if Shaosi was

one of those non-humankind monsters, one of their deadly enemies.

’’Woman, you're damned!’’ A heavily armored Ink Ape Clan commander

growled out in rage, leading his clansmen to approach Shaosi with big steps.


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