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The Magus Era - Chapter 432


Chapter 432: Abduct Her at Night

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Late at night, a gale blew across the plains.

Battle birds like hawks and eagles had been soaring in the sky. They hovered high up in the sky,

staring at the ground with their dimly shining eyes. Their owners were not with them. Instead,

those warriors curled up beside warm bonfires on the ground or had already fallen in a deep

sleep because of the drunkenness.

Some cyan wolves, tusk wolves and other kinds of battle beasts had also been freely walking

around in the darkness, without being restrained at all. From time to time, they put their faces

right up to those slaves and slave warriors, greedily sniffing the attractive scent of blood

emitted by their bodies. Only because of the strict magic constraint, these battle beasts dared

not to truly take a bite.

The middle-aged slave warrior, who was wounded severely earlier, had huddled up next to a

giant rock. On both sides of his shoulder, ropes made from beast tendons were glowing dimly,

and from time to time, one could see black spell symbols flash across the ropes.

The other slave warriors standing around had formed into a round-shaped defensive battle

formation, either by design or accident, circling this middle-aged slave warrior in the middle.

That girl, who had just been assaulted by that bear-like human warrior, now curled up beside

the middle-aged slave warrior like an injured young beast and was sunk in sleep.

Not too far away from this girl were another ten or so young girls with beautiful faces. They

were all in a deep sleep as well.

After what happened just now, these slave warriors had gathered all young girls who could

easily catch the attentions of those human warriors and be assaulted from amongst their

accompanying families. Even though at last they would all become slaves anyway, at least in

the journey to Pu Ban City these girls wouldn't lose their chastities because of some savage


The reality was cruel that if these girls remained to be virgins after they arrived Pu Ban City,

they could, at least be sold at a relatively high price, and their future owners would treat them

better. Even among slaves, there were various grades and ranks, and differences between the

good and the bad.

The middle-aged slave warrior raised his head in pain, looking at those sparkling stars in the


A few eagles stretched their enormous wings, silently gliding across the air above his head. He

stared at those eagles, and couldn't help but show a trace of envy on his face.

’’Bing alive is truly difficult...’’ Abruptly, this middle-aged slave warrior began murmuring to

himself, ’’Elder...I finally understood what your words meant. Staying alive, staying alive with

these children... is really not easy.’’

A few dark silhouettes dashed out of the darkness like ghosts, pouncing directly on the middleaged

slave warrior. One of them reached a big hand out, covered his mouth, while another one

launched tens of heavy punches on the soft spots between his ribs.

The terrifyingly violent series of punches burst like thunder and lightning. The middle-aged

slave warrior was already wounded and had taken the body-weakening medicine, which made

him weak and powerless. The power of the wave of heavy punches blasted out inside his body

like a bomb, bringing him a sharp pain that caused his entire body to twitch while blood flowed

out of every opening of his body.

He tried to yell and struggle, but a strange aroma mixed with a faint stench drifted across his

face, and his body became softer and softer, heavier and heavier. Even his tongue couldn't make

even a slight movement anymore as if it was covered in glue.

The other slave warriors who were strung together with him by one rope suddenly woke up.

They widely opened their eyes in both shock and fear. They had fought against the humankind

for many years. Therefore, they were rather familiar with the surprise attacks launched by

human magic poison users with all kind of drugs. They were roused from sleep once they

sensed the scent of the magic drug, yet, their bodies were already disabled from moving.

’’Old thing, just now, your bones were quite sturdy!’’ A rude voice came from right next to the

middle-aged slave warrior's ear, while a sharp, cattle-horn shaped dagger carved out of a black

stone pierced through his shoulder, cutting his shoulder blades open and freeing him from that

long rope.

Over ten dark silhouettes walked out of the darkness, each grabbed a young girl, who were still

in sleep, then let out proud laughs. After this, the group of dark silhouettes carried the middleaged

slave warrior and over ten girls, quickly moving out of the campsite, heading to the

wilderness afar.

On their way, some Ink Ape Clan warriors were woken up by the noises they made and saw this

group of people. However, they only gave deep laughs and teasing curses. Some of those awake

warriors even stood up staggeringly, dropped the wineskins held in their hands and followed

behind those dark silhouettes, joining the group.

Soon, this group had expanded to nearly a hundred people. They reached into a wild area over

ten miles away from the campsite. The middle-aged slave warrior was violently thrown onto

the ground, and four long swords pierced down simultaneously into his body. The body of the

middle-aged slave warriors twitched intensely, his four limbs all punctured by those long

sword and firmly nailed on the ground.

’’Old thing, it seems that you're quite a big deal among your people. No wonder your daughter is

so pretty.’’ The sturdy human warrior whose body was covered in dense black hair and looked

just like a black bear, the one who had been beaten up by Ji Hao earlier, walked over with his

body swaying. He then violently threw a few kicks on the middle-aged slave warrior's head.

’’Damn it! Just now, if your underlings didn't yell and scream, drawing that little bastard, Ji Hao

over, I would already have attained my enjoyment.’’ Barged this bear-like man furiously, ’’But

it's okay. Now is not too late either. The night is still long, enough to allow me and all my

brothers have some real fun.’’

Tens of Ink Ape Clan warriors gathered around while laughing. Those over ten non-humankind

girls had already been wakened up from their dreams. Despairingly and terrifyingly, they

looked at those tall and giant dark silhouettes approaching from all directions. They trembled

attempting to scream for help, but the magic drug those Ink Ape Clan warriors had

just used on them disabled them from making even the slightest noise.

’’Little girl, I had my eyes on you ever since we left Chi Ban Mountain.’’ said the bear-like man,

who was the leader of this group of warriors, while he rudely grabbed the middle-aged slave

warrior's daughter in his hand. Impatiently, he began ripping those rug-like clothes worn on

this girl's body and saying, ’’Sweetie, you're such a beautiful little girl. Hehe, back at Pu Ban city,

such a nice piece would never land in my hands. So I should just do this before it's too late, right

here and right now, on our way back.’’

The group of Ink Ape Clan warriors laughed out together. They quickly came up to those girls,

madly landing their hands on those girls' bodies, stroking and scratching.

A chilly gust of wind swished over, followed by which, Shaosi abruptly showed up on a small hill

around ten zhang away from these warriors, with the long spear gripped in her hand and an

exquisite, round-shaped shield hovering around her body. She coldly stared at these warriors,

who had now been acting just like wild animals, and growled in a deep voice, ’’Let them go, and

get back to the campsite. Go find the army judge and each take a thousand lashes as the


The bear-like man, who had nearly stripped the girl grasped in his arms, raised his head and

laughed deeply, said, ’’Army judge? I am the army judge of this troop! Yee...’’ He clicked his

tongue and continued, ’’What a lovely girl! Oi, brothers, look! This girl has brought herself to


Those Ink Ape Clan warriors stopped what they were doing, raised their heads and looked at


Compared to those cute non-humankind girls, Shaosi had a slimmer body, and her skin was as

white and smooth as mutton fat. Her look was cold and peaceful, which made her unique and

far more attractive than those dark-skinned non-humankind girls.

Although these warriors knew that Shaosi was kind of a big deal, someone well-known in the

Magi Palace, still these warriors, who had now been controlled by their brutish natures, gasped

quickly and heavily. They completely ignored Shaosi's identity and the possible consequence of

offending her.

’’What a juicy girl! Brothers...those few little spoiled brats, are we afraid of them?’’ The bear-like

man laughed maliciously while tempting his fellows with a low voice.

Those Ink Ape Clan warriors glanced at each other. Next, over ten of them suddenly leaped up,

spreading their arms and jumping on Shaosi all together, intending to grab her.


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