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The Magus Era - Chapter 431


Chapter 431: Bribe

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Ji Hao glanced at that scrawny man.

This man, who was wearing a ragged piece of leather, politely bowed to Ji Hao. His flattering

face was dotted by around ten mottled dark spots.

This was a half-blooded creature, produced by a human being and a non-humankind creature.

In human clans, the place for this kind of half-blooded creatures was extremely low; they were

even lowlier than those Jurassic beasts which were raised as livestock. Normally, all dirty,

exhausting and dangerous works would be assigned to them.

This one was hiding among those captured non-humankind slaves all the way. Just now, when

Ji Hao was dragooning those Ink Ape Clan warriors who had almost rose in revolt, he had been

watching all the time. Now, he abruptly showed up and placed quite a fortune in front of Ji Hao.

’’What does this mean?’’ Ji Hao shook the leather bag holding in his hand and asked.

Not to mention the box of jade coins, those pearls, jade, gold and gemstones contained in the

bag were worth tens of thousands of jade coins, and this leather bag itself...Among the entire

humankind, only the Magi Palace could stably produce magic storage tools. But the output was

rather low, and the supply always fell short of the demand. Such a leather bag that had a

medium capacity was worth nothing in the world of the non-humankind, but in the human

world, this could be worth at least a hundred thousand jade coins.

A hundred thousand jade coins was not a small sum of money at all. It was enough to purchase

a huge piece of land in Pu Ban city and build a solid property.

’’In these couple of days, something will happen. My master begs you, please close your eyes,

pretend that you don't see anything; block your ears, pretend that you don't hear anything.

Please, hold wine glasses and grilled meat with your hands, instead of weapons.’’ This man

carefully lowered his head and mumbled in a low voice.

Ji Hao sneered and asked, ’’Want me to stay out? What do you want to do?’’

The skinny man spread his hands, deeply bowed to Ji Hao and said, ’’For our master's intention,

lowly slaves like us can never estimate. These are small gifts presented by our master. If you

like, our master said that he has a few daughters who haven't married yet. Each one of them is

stunningly beautiful, and you can feel free to choose a couple of them.’’

Firstly tried to tempt Ji Hao with money, then with beautiful girls?

Ji Hao remained silent, while the man continued, ’’Our master said, you are appreciated by Lord

Si Wen Ming, which proved that you have the potential of becoming a truly powerful being, and

the bloodline of any powerful being is extremely precious. My master is willing to have your

bloodline in our clan with his own daughters. In the future, you will also be able to have the

full-strength support given by my master's clan.’’

Ji Hao weighed the leather bag in his hand, then chuckled. He opened the leather bag, took

those pearls, gemstones, gold and jade and other objects contained in it out, handful after

handful, then threw those away with all his strength towards the surrounding areas.

With Ji Hao's great strength, those shining pieces brought up slight and shrill swishing noises

while quickly disappearing in the darkness, without leaving a trace. At last, Ji Hao smashed the

empty leather bag on the face of this scrawny creature and roared in a deep voice, ’’Go tell your

master, do not try messing with me... otherwise, he'd certainly regret.’’

The man silently picked up the leather bag, turned around and merged into the darkness. He

took a few steps forward, then turned his head around, looking at Ji Hao with a pair of beady

eyes which were shining with a cold and sharp light. He gave a sneer and said, ’’You rejected the

kindness of my master, now you can expect to be burned by the flames of the fury of my master.

Idiot, what do you think you are?’’

Ji Hao raised the giant ax, seeming to launch a violent hack. The scrawny man instantly

screamed out in fear and hurriedly darted into the darkness, running far away as his silhouette

flashed in the air for a few times.

Sideways, a breeze blew across. Shaosi silently walked out of the darkness with the long spear

that Yu Yu crafted specially for her held in her hand. She looked at Ji Hao and asked in a gentle

voice, ’’What was all that noise over there just now? Did anything happen around here?’’

Ji Hao waved his hand, grinned to Shaosi and responded, ’’No, nothing...Hm, you keep an eye on

Man Man in these couple of nights. Not even thunders can wake her when she's asleep. Don't

let anyone sneakily attack her.’’

Shaosi slightly nodded, gave a complicated glance at Ji Hao then said in a deep voice, ’’Alright. Ji

Hao, you go take some rest. It's my turn to do the night watch.’’

Ji Hao accepted Shaosi's offer. As members of a small team, they took turns to do the night

watch and complete missions, which was totally reasonable. Although Ji Hao had somehow

already become the leader of this small team, he had no reason to carry all burdens up by

himself, and neither was this possible.

After walking in the campsite lit by the dim bonfire light for a short while, Ji Hao returned to

his tent. He lifted the curtain up. In this spacious tent, Yu Mu's snores had been rumbling like

the thunder; Po was sitting with his legs crossed, and had been meditating with concentration;

Man Man huddled in her blanket and was in a deep sleep. Perhaps, the noise made by Ji Hao

when lifting up the curtain disturbed her slightly, which made Man Man abruptly hum in a low

voice and murmur, ’’Such a huge boar...grilled boar legs are the best.’’

While snoring, when Yu Mu heard the words 'grilled boar legs', he instantly flicked his lips and

tongue in sleep, then mumbled, ’’Hm...boil the legs in clear soup, also delicious...boil in clear


Po opened his eyes and grinned at Ji Hao. These two could even make a conversation without

waking up, and their conversations were all about food.

Ji Hao grinned back at Po while he nodded. He didn't say anything. Instead, he silently sat in the

tent, crossing his legs as well.

His primordial spirit slightly leaped up and easily left the body, floating in the air zhangs high

above his head. The surrounding environment, even the whole universe suddenly became extra

clear in the eyes of Ji Hao's primordial spirit. He felt that his primordial spirit had been soaking

in a clear pool of spring, and each second, magical inspirations surged into his primordial spirit.

He gasped deeply. The eight-thousand Magus Acupoints lit up on his body simultaneously.

Meanwhile, a strong gust of wind rose from around him, along with which, nature powers

began to be ceaselessly absorbed by his body, mixing and reconciling. Inside his sturdy body,

pure spirit blood had been flowing. After going through the refining process inside this strong

body which now had been serving as an alchemy stove, the raw natural powers eventually

transformed into thin, incomparably pure streams of dense mist, ejected out from the top of his


A faint, barely visible cloud floated upon Ji Hao's head, silently holding his primordial spirit up.

Quietly, his primordial spirit started absorbing the streams of mist refined by his body. His

hazy primordial gradually lit up, strengthening bit by bit.

Following by a loud swooshing noise, the five multicolored flames boosted up inside Ji Hao's

body. The rate of natural powers' transformation rose sharply once again. Silently, his

meridians expanded and strengthened one after another, as numerous new Magus Acupoints

woke and lit up. Soon, another few Magus Acupoints was awakened by the natural powers that

surged into them.

Magus Acupoints woke up one by one. Within merely around two hours, Ji Hao had completed

the cultivation which would usually take an ordinary Senior Magus a whole year to complete.

In the dim light of the night, Shaosi was silently patrolling inside the campsite. Warriors who

were on sentry duties were mostly hiding in guard posts and had fallen asleep. They didn't

worry about some slave warriors or slaves fleeing at all. Some warriors on midnight shifts had

still been holding their wineskins and quaffing the wine.

Shaosi frowned, looked at these undisciplined warriors from the Ink Ape Clan, and slightly

swung the long spear held in her hand.

’’A bunch of damned things.’’ Coldly, Shaosi said in a deep voice, ’’If enemies attack right now,

you'd all be dead.’’

Abruptly, the perfectly shaped earlobes of Shaosi slightly shook. She heard some noises that

shouldn't be existing and sensed a weird smell.

Shaosi's face suddenly tightened, turning as cold as an iceberg.


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