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The Magus Era - Chapter 429


Chapter 429: A Female Slave

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Next to a bonfire, aggrieved cries could even shake the sky.

A young girl, who had a beautiful face and dark skin, as tender and smooth as the top-quality

silk, was swamped down by a tall and sturdy human warrior, whose body was covered in dense

black hair that even made him look like a black bear. Both hands of the warrior were hastily

scratching on the girl's body.

The girl's simple and rough clothes had already been ripped into rags, by now, and she could

only barely cover her vital body parts with her hands.

The bear-like man gave a loud and wild laugh. Judging from the voice, the words Ji Hao heard

just now were said by him. From time to time, he raised his head and yelled at the other human

warriors in the surrounding, ’’I fought in Chi Ban Mountain, showered in blood and finally got

back alive. What's the big deal of playing a couple of women? Not to mention that these are all

females of non-humankind, can they even be seen as people?’’

A middle-aged slave warrior, who seemed to not be young at all, and had gray stubble on his

cheeks, was lying next to the bonfire. His both arms were broken and knees were badly

mutilated by heavy weapons; he also had a huge hole on his head. He popped his eyes widely

out, staring right at that girl who was pressed down on the ground.

This middle-aged slave warrior was rather powerful. Although his shoulder blades were

punctured and he was forced to take the body-weakening medicine, his wounds had been

quickly squirming and healing themselves. Judging from the current rate, even though he was

locked and weakened by medicine, his wounds would fully recover in three to five days at most.

The life-force remained so strong even after he took the medicine. Clearly, the true power of

this middle-aged slave warrior could be great as the power of a Jia Clan big warrior. He was

only half a step away from the stage of shell-breaking.

Seeing the girl swamped down by that bear-like sturdy man, this middle-aged slave warrior

constantly letting muffled crackles out of his throat, but couldn't say a word. Someone had

sliced his throat and opened his trachea. By now, he could only barely keep breathing, how

could he even possibly say any word?

Large groups of slave warriors dragged their weak and tired bodies up, grabbed stones or

firewood from the ground, madly rushing towards this bonfire like furious wild beasts.

However, tens of human warriors with heavy armors and sharp long spears lined up and

encircled the bonfire. As those slave warriors rushing up staggeringly, these human warriors

slightly lunged the long spears held in their hands and easily ripped up these slave warriors'

bodies, leaving deep and large slashes and countless holes on their bodies.

Over a thousand slave warriors were strung together by the beast tendon rope that went

through their shoulder blades. This made their movements extremely inconvenient and

inflexible. With over ten among them being hurt and fall down, the moves of the rest of them

would always become especially hard, and they couldn't even approach those human warriors

standing near the bonfire.

A great number of slave warriors roared themselves hoarse in rage, but facing those human

warriors who were armed to the teeth, their roars and growls were like a breeze blowing across

the faces of those human warriors, causing not even a little bit of harm.

From not too far away, sad and shrill cries started. A large group of dark-skinned women and

children were crying, screaming, wailing and cursing in the darkness, where the light of the

bonfire couldn't reach.

These slave warriors were given to the humankind by the nobles of the Blood Moon as trophies,

their families had been sent to the Chi Ban Mountain as well. The humankind would never feed

useless beings, and therefore, all these families of those slave warriors were young females and

children. Females were able to reproduce, generation after generation, all their descendants

would be slaves; as for those children, after they grew a couple of years older, they would

become qualified slaves!

Facing the violence of human warriors, they could only huddle in the darkness, crying, wailing

and cursing; they were incapable of anything apart from this.

Ji Hao rushed over with big steps with that huge ax carried in his hand. He directly pushed the

few non-humankind slave warriors, who were pouncing forward, down to the ground. Along

with bright streams of flame, Ji Hao dashed to the bonfire, but before he said anything, that

warrior who had been assaulting the girl raised his head and laughed wildly loud towards Ji


’’Oh, 'Lord' Ji Hao, this girl is pretty nice, her skin is a bit dark indeed, but still tasty in a certain

way. Plus, she's strong and powerful, screwing her got to be quite satisfying! Have you ever

tried women before? Hehe, don't tell me that you're still a virgin, are you? I haven't started yet,

do you want to have some fun first? I can give this lovely one to you!’’

The group of human warrior burst into laughter. Their faces seemed burning red due to alcohol

while they nearly lost all their minds. They were laughing hoarsely, even laughing themselves

into convulsions. Under the light of the flickering bonfire, lights of shadows constantly shifted

positions on the faces of these human warriors, making them look as ferocious as monsters.

The non-humankind girl who had been pressed down on the ground had screamed herself

hoarse and already lost the last bit of her power. Her black and sparkling pair of eyes were filled

with despair and fear. Ji Hao looked at this girl while he said to the man, who was assaulting

her, ’’Is she your slave?’’

The warrior paused, then subconsciously shook his head.

After being sent back to Pu Ban city, these slaves would be given out to all different scaled clans

which had joined the war, according to the grade of military exploit made by each clan in this

war. After that, each clan would take their slaves back to their territories, and give them out to

individuals according to their personal military exploit and social status.

Which meant, for these human warriors who were responsible for escorting these slaves and

slave warriors back to Pu Ban City, it was possible that none of these nearly hundred thousand

slaves and slave warriors would end up be theirs.

Ji Hao rushed up and threw a violent kick on the sturdy man's head. Followed by a thunderous

boom, that man's body was sent straight up into the air while spinning. He was kicked up to

over a hundred zhang high from the ground by Ji Hao then fell heavily down, head booming

against the ground.

The entire area instantly fell into a deadly silence. Those warriors, whose minds were all

messed up by alcohol, stared at Ji Hao dumbly in confusion. They blinked their eyes, unable to

understand why Ji Hao even dared to attack that warrior.

This place was filled with them after all. These over a thousand human warriors who were

responsible for escorting slaves were all from the Ink Ape Clan.

Also, except for this slave-escorting troop led by Ji Hao, among all slave-escorting troops that

were not too far away from them, over ten were from their Ink Ape Clan. Warriors in those

troops were all their clansmen as well. In total, there were twenty to thirty thousand Ink Ape

Clan's clansmen in surrounding areas.

How on earth did Ji Hao dare to launch the attack!?

Looking at those confused and dumbed Ink Ape Clan warriors, Ji Hao roared angrily, ’’As she's

not yet your slave, how dare you do this?!’’

A human warrior abruptly leaped up, pointed at Ji Hao and barfed, ’’It's just a woman!’’

Ji Hao threw out the giant ax carrying in his hand, fiercely smashing on this warrior's chest,

hollowed his chest bone and squeezed huge streams of blood out of his mouth. Next, Ji Hao

growled ragingly, ’’It's indeed a woman, a female slave! Hand out the money! Just hand out the

money! For a woman in such a quality, with such a face and body, how much will she be worth

in Pu Ban city? Give the money! Whoever bought her out can do anything you want to her!’’

The group of Ink Ape Clan warriors all shut their mouths.

Such a particularly beautiful non-humankind girl, especially a young one, would be at least

worth ten jade coins in Pu Ban city.

Whole ten jade coins. For these warriors, who had just been through a gravely great war in Chi

Ban Mountain, they couldn't even bring out one jade coin, not even if tens of them pooled all

their money together! Before they left home for the war, even if they had some extra money,

they had left all for their families. In Chi Ban Mountain, they could occasionally gain some, but

that had been traded for wine or other joyful things.

These warriors were literally poor! Until their clan allocated the trophies, they didn't even have

a single coin.

Ji Hao glared at these warriors with a storm of anger, and said, ’’Don't have the money? Get the

hell back to stand sentry! If anything goes wrong, how many lives do you have to lose?!’’

A raging roar rose. The sturdy man who had just suffered a heavy kick launched by Ji Hao

finally caught his breath. He bared his upper body and grabbed a long spear from an unknown

source, rushing towards Ji Hao with huge steps, his entire body wrapped in coiling black mist



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