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The Magus Era - Chapter 420


Chapter 420: Withdraw the Troops

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The sun hadn't risen yet, and the sky was only feebly lightened.

Dense and white fog coiled among the mountains. From afar came long melodious songs, sung

by magical creatures living in this mountainous area.

When the great war was being fought, these magical creatures and spirits, who were produced

and nourished by nature itself, had ran far away from the battlefield. Once the war was over,

these creatures that had extremely sharp and sensitive perception towards Mother Nature

returned to their own habitats, singing the beautiful melodies that belonged to them.

Ji Hao stood on a giant rock with his arms crossed in front of his chest while looking at a Jia

Clan big warrior furiously taking off all armors and clothes in both anger and shame. After that,

this Jia Clan big warrior madly leapt and yelled around where he was standing, with only a tiny

little set of underpants left covering his body.

The dark-bronze colored skin of this Jia Clan big warrior had now turned dark purple because

of the anger. He barfed out in fury, ’’I have nothing left! Nothing at all! Do you want me to even

give you my underpants?!’’

A few Thunder Luster Clan warriors stood around this Jia Clan big warrior. They checked his

body from up to down to make sure that he didn't have anything hiding. They then each gave

an ear-to-ear satisfied grin, and heavily kicked on the Jia Clan big warrior's butt, telling him

that he could go.

The Jia Clan big warrior irritatedly clenched his pair of fists and wielded his arms in the air,

then with big steps and a darkened face, he walked towards the non-humankind campsite that

was located quite far away. After taking a few steps, he turned his head around and glanced at

that armor he took off just now, and the heavy shield and long sword which used to belong to

him; as if he was so reluctant to part with these gears.

A few human warriors who were responsible for collecting trophies had already been singing a

working song while carrying this Jia Clan big warrior's armor up to a large chariot. That heavy

and solid armor squeezed a series of creaking noises out of the wheels of this chariot. Two wild

cattle, which had been drawing the chariots, used their full-strength and finally dragged it

slowly away。

The body size of Jia Clan big warriors was a lot bigger than the sturdiest human warriors.

Therefore, human warriors couldn't directly put on the armors belonging to these Jia Clan big

warriors. Instead, these armors could only be sent back to factories, melted and re-cast.

As for the shield and long sword this Jia Clan big warrior handed in just now, they were already

in the hands of two Thunder Luster Clan warriors who moved the most quickly. Whether

shields or heavy swords, these weapons could be directly used by human warriors. Although

these weapons were a bit heavy, among human warriors, the number of elites who had enough

strength to manipulate these heavy weapons was never small.

Muffled bangs caused by weapons and armors falling on the ground rose from everywhere.

In Blood Cloud Mountain area, the troops deployed by the Di Family dropped their weapons one

after another. They gathered in an area which was located pretty far away from the center of

Blood Cloud Mountain with bare hands.

Those Yu Clan nobles were still in fine shapes. They valued decency very much, therefore, they

could each keep a silk long shirt on their bodies. Those Jia Clan big warriors were much rougher

than Yu Clan nobles. They never thought much about anything like decency and hence, only

small underpants were left on their bodies.

Those non-humankind slaves and slave warriors were now the poorest. They were all stripped

completely. Earlier, they were already poor enough to not have even any underwear. And now,

groups of human warriors had violently ripped off the last thread of flax worn on their bodies.

By now, they were completely naked, huddled up all together, quivering in the morning chilly


Yu Clan nobles and Jia Clan warriors were allowed to leave, however, slave warriors and slaves

brought to the battlefield by them would all become trophies of the humankind.

For this war that took place mainly in Blood Cloud Mountain and Evil Dragon Bay, the

humankind had put in over a million condemned prisoner slaves. After these condemned

prisoner slaves fell in battles, a large number of slaves was just in need to make up the loss.

Blood Moon divine towers heavily banged against the ground one after another. Countless spell

symbols attached to the bodies of these towers dazzled with a bright fiery light, while these

towers, which were cast from all kinds of precious materials, split up. The heavy pieces of

fragments were carried up to large chariots by human warriors and shipped away.

All non-humankind troops fighting in Chi Ban Mountain area had dropped their weapons. All

army supplies and gears became trophies of the humankind, including these Blood Moon divine


Looking at these powerful battle machines which had cost a stunningly huge amount of family

resources to be made self destructing, the faces of many Yu Clan nobles twisted severely. Some

of them even counted on their fingers and roughly figured out how many jade coins did these

lost Blood Moon divine towers equal to, causing them to shed tears in a great pain.

They were not ashamed that they and their warriors had all dropped the weapons and

surrendered. In the eyes of these Yu Clan nobles, the order of surrender was given by Dishi

Yanluo, therefore, the one to bear this shame should only be Dishi Yanluo.

The shame of losing the war had absolutely nothing to do with these proud Yu Clan nobles.

Nevertheless, those lost armaments, supplies and gears, especially those Blood Moon divine

towers, were all money! Mountain-huge piles of money! All those were private properties of

their families. At this moment, those Yu Clan nobles had been suffering a great pain brought by

the loss of these properties, as if a dagger was twisting inside their hearts, making their tears

gush out like springs.

By now, one could hear angry complaints and curses of the non-humankind beings

everywhere. Although the Blood Moon had suffered a great loss in Evil Dragon Bay, in other

areas on this long Chi Ban Mountain defensive line, many Blood Moon families were still

fighting and could still see the sign of winning. Some of them had even suppressed the human

troops and been launching fierce attacks.

These Yu Clan nobles, whose fights were going pretty well, didn't want to surrender at all. In

their point of view, they still had chances of winning.

However, they could never go against Dishi Yanluo's order. These Yu Clan nobles were forced to

drop their weapons and hand all their armaments and gears to the humankind; of course, they

were now all filled with grievance, and all their grievances had gathered onto Dishi Yanluo.

Compared to them, all human warriors fighting in Chi Ban Mountain defensive line had now

been extra happy and exciting. Cheerfully, they accepted wealth handed by their enemies.

According to the rule, all supplies and armaments handed by the non-humankind armies

should belong to the clans of these warriors. All those armors, weapons and different sized

battle machines, and those hill-huge piles of food supplies, magic crystals and other supplies,

would all become private properties of their clans.

Tsunami-like mountain-shaking laughter came from afar.

The space bangle worn on a Yu Clan army commander's wrist was ripped off. A human

Maguspriest unlocked the space bangle and instantly, hundreds of thousands of magic crystal

pieces, exclusively for Blood Moon divine towers, surged out, rolling all over the ground.

Many human warriors surrounded these magic crystals and began dancing in delight and

excitement. They laughed so hard that their tears even gushed our of their eye sockets.

’’Now, we have enough money to get married!’’

’’Haha! Every family of my clan will accept two more large-scale livestocks!’’

’’How dumb you are! Of course, we should use this money to develop new territories! When we

have broader territories, we can raise more children, and our clan will become stronger!’’

Rapturously, these warriors discussed about the usages of all these trophies. As the winners,

this was the right that they totally deserved.

Non-humankind warriors stood afar, looking at those happy human warriors with darkened


Cheers of human warriors were like heavy slaps striking on their faces one after another.

Especially for those high-class nobles, who led their armies and came out for this war... Their

eyes were all dazzling with bright blood-red lights because of the rage in their hearts. Every

single one of them had now gnashed their teeth tightly and been cursing Dishi Yanluo.

It took whole three days. Non-humankind armies fighting in Chi Ban Mountain defensive line

lined up in arrays again and headed back to the north after they handed all armaments and

supplies to the humankind.

Their hearts had been filled with lofty aspirations and great ambitions when they came. What

they had been thinking about back then was nothing else but building exploits and conquering

the humankind.

Now, when they were leaving, they all looked so miserable and gloomy. The anger that filled in

their hearts had transformed into huge and misty dark clouds coiling above their heads.


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