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The Magus Era - Chapter 419


Chapter 419: Twist

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The storm of sword power looked like fierce raindrops, like shooting stars, or blooming

fireworks, immediately shrouding the entire Evil Dragon Bay.

Those white, glowing sword light streaks dove down from the sky along with an incomparably

sharp sense of power and shrill roars. They avoided all human warriors on the ground and

accurately pierced towards those non-humankind troops.

Countless non-humankind warriors were punctured by those sword light streaks in the

throats. Big streams of blood spurted out from their wounds. Instantly, the Evil Dragon Bay

that was already dyed red was now added with another layer of fresh red color. Large groups of

slave warriors and slaves fell to the ground with stiff bodies. At the moment those sword light

streaks accurately pierced through their throats, their lives were taken right away as well.

Jia Clan warriors raised the shields held in their hands in a flurry, attempting to block those

sword light streaks from piercing into their bodies.

However, their thick and heavy metal shields were as fragile as pieces of papers under that

dazzling sword light, ripped open immediately. Accurately, countless sword light streaks

penetrated their throat and took their lives away as well. These Jia Clan warriors, who had

much stronger life-force than that of those slave warriors and slaves heavily thudded against

the ground as well. Even though their souls were dispersed by the power of those sword light

streaks, their strong bodies were still twitching intensely.

The great life-force of those Jia Clan warriors had still been maintaining the physiological

functions of their dead bodies. Blood ceaselessly squirted out from their wounds created by

those arrows.

Every slaughtered Jia Clan warrior now looked like a blood-spurting fountain, as bowl-thick

streams of blood erupted from the wounds on their throats to over ten-zhang high in the air.

Along with a loud puffing noise, the blood then clattered against the muddy ground.

In the area shrouded by this terrifying storm of sword light streaks, countless blood fountains

like this emerged, spraying blood into the air along with muffled noises made by those dead

bodies which were still twitching and clapping against the ground. With those twisted

hideously twitching, pulsating bodies, this Evil Dragon Bay instantly turned into a hell from


’’Don't kill us!’’ Countless Yu Clan elites screamed out at first.

But next, same as those lowly slave warriors and slaves, that swishing, dazzling rain of sword

light fiercely and accurately punctured their throats, perishing their lives in a single moment.

The bodies of these Yu Clan nobles were not as strong and tough as those Jia Clan warriors' at

all. After been swept over by those sword lights, their tall and slender bodies, which looked like

reed sticks, weakly and softly fell on the ground and never made another noise.

Dead bodies of Jia Clan warriors lied besides these Yu Clan nobles had been cautiously squirting

fresh blood, spraying on the bodies of these Yu Clan nobles who died with grievances and

everlasting regrets, like a long-lasting rain.

Their eyes were widely opened. On each of their faces, three blood-red eyes were fixed on the

sky. They couldn't understand. They were winning back then, why would the war situation

twist so suddenly, and in such a brutal, heartless way?

It was as if a cold, unmerciful yet greatly powerful being, who had been standing high above the

whole world and watching this show, got tired of the performance of these non-humankind

beings. Therefore, this powerful being slightly flicked his finger and following that move,

hundreds of thousands of non-humankind warriors fell under a storm-like wave of fierce

sword lights.

Dishi Yanluo's grin instantly froze on his face. Stunned, he looked at Evil Dragon Bay, which

was now filled with dead bodies and blood-spurting, human-shaped fountains.

For this plan which was carried out today, Dishi Yanluo had gathered the five most powerful

families in the Blood Moon and deployed ninety percent of the official armies and family

armies under their commanders in this battlefield. Even for all human-kind slaves working in

their mines, all battle effective ones were selected and sent over to Evil Dragon Bay.

Directly wiping the human army forces in this area out and destroying the Chi Ban Mountain

defensive line for good; this was the determination made by Dishi Yanluo after he attained

some 'top-secret information'.

Everything was carrying on just like Dishi Yanluo's sweetest imagination, and according to the

impeccable plan made by the ones who had been secretly helping him. The goal was nearly

accomplished, but within the short span of one single breath, such a sweet dream turned into a

complete nightmare; such a heaven-great accomplishment had become a severe, great charge

in an indictment!

He didn't need to worry too much about the five powerful families. Since those families had lost

so many military forces, they now could barely maintain their family status among all Blood

Moon families. Countless different scaled families would have been planning on kicking them

down from their positions. It was highly possible that once the news regarding what was

happening now and here in this Evil Dragon Bay arrived at Liang Zhu City, the moment of utter

slaughter of these five powerful families would come, turning into a bloody banquet. Blood

would be shed literally like water.

The only thing that mattered was what should he do... what should Dishi Yanluo do?

He lost so many elite military forces soon after he ascended the throne of emperor in power of

the Blood Moon... How should he explain to those terrifying beings, who stood high above the

masses, and had the rights to decide his destiny?

Dishi Yanluo's face turned pale as paper. He could clearly sense the dagger-sharp gazes from

those Yu Clan elites standing behind him. He had absolutely no doubts that probably at any

moment, these Yu Clan elites, who were fighting against the humankind by risking their lives

just now only because of his orders, would happily poke their weapons into his heart. They

would then despoil this throne of emperor that he had spent many, many efforts to attain.

His body was quivering intensely. Dishi Yanluo deeply believed that right now, among those Yu

Clan elites standing behind him, some had already begun casting their covetous eyes on his


In Yu Clan's culture, the fate of losers was the saddest and worst because once they lost, they

would have absolutely no 'fate'!

Abruptly, Dishi Yanluo threw his sword away and took off his armor, solemnly made a ninetydegree

bow to Emperor Shun. He politely saluted and said, ’’My dear, respectable human

Emperor!Within a thousand years in future, the Blood Moon will never be the enemy of you

and your people. What do you think?’’

Emperor Shun took a long gasp, gripped the hilt of his sword with his fingers, then glanced at

Netherworld Priest while giving him a big and warm smile.

Netherworld Priest crossed his arms in front of his chest and said blandly, ’’Very good swordplay.

All punctured on the throats and killed immediately. In this way, those bodies are kept

almost unharmed. I can produce netherworld warriors and army commanders with those

bodies...Hm, excellent sword-play.’’

Emperor Shun grinned. Netherworld Priest had already given all information that he should be

giving to Emperor Shun through his words.

Emperor Shun then smilingly nodded at Dishi Yanluo and said, ’’Our humankind is as weak as

rabbits while you, a noble kind, is as powerful as tigers. If we can keep conflicts from happening

between us, then peace will be the best choice. A thousand years of peaceful life, this is just

what our humankind had been wishing for.’’

Lowered his head, Emperor Shun gave another glance at Evil Dragon Bay, then a deep trace of

pain flashed across his eyes.

Although the non-humankind warriors were nearly all dead or wounded, too many human

warriors had fallen as well. If those warriors were allowed abundant time, how many of them

could become Magus Kings, and how many could even rise up to the divine Magus level? Every

single Magus King or divine Magus would be able to strengthen the entire humankind with a

fresh stream of life-force, and a new layer of foundation!

But now, they had all fallen.

’’A thousand years of peace. In addition, I will do my best to return a part of human slaves

belonging to the Blood Mon to you.’’ said Dishi Yanluo while honestly looking at Emperor Shun,

’’I will also give your humankind a batch of top-quality armaments. If you, my respectable

human Emperor, if you have any other demand, please just tell.’’

Dishi Yanluo looked at Emperor Shun extra carefully with a slight trace of sadness and

mildness on his face, and continued, ’’What I need is nothing but an official document regarding

you nominally requesting for peace. Nominally, please agree to cede a part of Chi Ban Mountain

to me as my conquest of this war.’’

With a faint, flattering smile, Dishi Yanluo went on gently, ’’To this, if you have any

disagreement, please just speak out. I have no reason to not agree any condition brought up by


A long distance away, and with widely opened eyes and mouth, Ji Hao stared at Dishi Yanluo,

who had suddenly changed to a completely another face.

He had been fighting against the Yu Clan for so many years. He knew that these kind of

creatures were rather shameless. But he never even dreamed that they could be shameless to

this extent!


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