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The Magus Era - Chapter 418


Chapter 418: Arrow Rain

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Inside the wild and fierce void gale, powerful beings fighting for both the humankind and nonhumankind

stopped simultaneously.

Powerful ones from the Nether Moon each gave a cold, scornful snort, transforming into

streams of black smoke. They all left at their highest speed without saying anything. Soon, they

broke away from the void gale clouds and returned to the Midland world.

Powerful ones from the Blood Moon all gathered towards Dishi Yanluo. A muffled noise was

brought over by the void gale, following which a thousand miles in radius sphere of void gale

was shattered. An enormous, magnificent, blood-red palace swooshed over sideways, slowly

stopping below Dishi Yanluo and his people.

Emperor Shun let out a breath as he pushed his sword back into the sheath. He sneered and said

to Dishi Yanluo, ’’Shall we continue the fight? Me and my people will keep you company to the


Dishi Yanluo's face was now badly darkened. He turned around, looked at those Nether Moon

people, and responded in a cold voice after a moment of silence, ’’Give me half of Chi Ban

Mountain, and a hundred giant-scale human clans as my slaves... These can be counted as the

compensation to our Blood Moon for this war.’’

Emperor Shun pressed his right hand back on the hilt of his sword with an ice-cold face, and

said, ’’In this case, we shall continue the fight. As long as I'm alive, I will never, ever agree to

your conditions.’’

Dishi Yanluo snorted coldly, looked at Emperor Shun and said, ’’Do not keep your waists so

straight. Your humankind had bowed once, it's actually no big deal for you to bow, for another

couple of times.’’

Emperor Shun gave a faint smile while looking at Dishi Yanluo, slightly shook his head and

said, ’’When our humankind was still young, like an infant, our ancestors had indeed bowed for

survival. However, since we have now grown up and our waists are straightened already, unless

you break our spines, you can never make us bow again... Never again!’’

Dishi Yanluo's pair of eyes turned faintly red. He gnashed his teeth and said, ’’Good, then I will

break your spines and make you bow! You will see!’’

Emperor Shun didn't respond, neither did Dishi Yanluo say anything else. They both lowered

their heads, looking at that bloody battle which was happening down in the Midland world in

the Chi Ban Mountain area.

The Evil Dragon Bay had already been turned into a red spot on the earth. In this area, that had

the length of tens of thousands of miles, all swamps, rivers and deep pools were dyed a faint red

color by fresh blood shed out of the bodies of warriors.

Warriors of both the humankind and non-humankind had still been crazily fighting against

each other in the red mud. Blood gushed out of their bodies like fountains. They were all trying

their best to wound the enemies more seriously and keep themselves away from severe injuries.

Heavy chariots had been swiftly running on the ground, smashing numerous alive and fresh

bodies into bits one after another. Enormous battle machines were roaring, releasing waves of

arrows, puncturing the bodies of innumerable warriors. Dazzling light, lightning bolts, fire and

explosions... Every now and then, the ground cracked and mountains collapsed, along with

huge numbers of bodies being torn into pieces.

On the ground, countless dead bodies lied in disorder.

Longbo Country warriors fell down, Kuafu Family warriors fell down...and so did treemen under

Song Gu's command. Their immense bodies lied on the ground, blood flowing out of their

bodies like great rivers, merging with the water veins in this Evil Dragon Bay area while

emitting clouds of hot steam.

Ji Hao was still standing in the void. Gui Ling spread out a light mirror with a special magic,

showing people in the void every detail of this intense fight happening in Evil Dragon Bay.

Through the light mirror, one could see that although the attacks launched by the nonhumankind

were still extremely fierce, and Ying Yunpeng had unexpectedly turned his weapon

around, the defensive line of the humankind was still holding on. The human forces that Si Wen

Ming deployed in Evil Dragon Bay area had enough power to hold off attacks launched by the


’’Dishi Yanluo, it's enough. Don't sacrifice the lives of your people for nothing.’’ said Emperor

Shun harshly in a deep voice, ’’This time, your Blood Moon can't possibly break the Chi Ban

Mountain defensive line. If you insist on shedding more blood, our humankind has enough

blood to keep you company!’’

Dishi Yanluo gave a complicated glance at Emperor Shun, then sighed slightly and said, ’’I'm

not willing to give up yet! Let me take the last shot.’’

Following his voice, in the battlefield where Ying Yunpeng and his archers had been madly

launching attacks, large groups of human warriors abruptly turned around, lunging their heavy

and sharp spears towards their fellows who were fighting side by side with them.

A hubbub instantly rose from the battlefield. Huge groups of human warriors suddenly turned

their weapons around, launching deadly attacks on their brothers, friends and fellows, who

they had been fighting side by side with.

The betrayal came so fast and unexpectedly. Ying Yunpeng and non-humankind army

commanders raised their heads, laughing crazily towards the sky. The non-humankind armies

began cheering and hailing. As for those human warriors, they were all thrown into panic,

vigilantly looking around and unable to figure out what just happened at all.

More horrible things happened right after that. Tens of Longbo Country warriors, who had

enormously gigantic bodies, abruptly turned around under the orders of an elder, throwing out

huge rock hills towards the humankind's defensive line behind one after another.

Huge rock hills swooshed down right towards the heads of those human warriors and the

defensive line instantly fell into chaos. Song Gu took this opportunity, leading his treemen

warriors and launched a wave of attack. Following behind them, countless wild spirit beasts

rushed up as well. They all roared out in excitement, frantically hacking and punching.

Immediately, the humankind's defensive like broke.

Long and resonant dragon horn clarinos started. Si Wen Ming gave out the order of complete

retreat as he saw the war situation turning truly bad.

A great lot of human warriors retreated from the battlefield in a flurry. Yet, during the retreat,

many warriors suddenly turned their weapons on their fellow warriors under the order of their

elders or leaders, and launched fierce attacks.

The percentage of human warriors who attacked their fellows was less than ten, however, the

effect caused by their changes was severely bad. Every human warrior was now in a panic,

unable to believe their comrades again, even though they used to fight shoulder to shoulder.

Warriors from different clans had now been keeping full-vigilance against each other. The

human army that was of one heart like straws twisted into a rope, now suddenly was thrown

into into a state of disunity.

Emperor Shun's look instantly turned extremely severe. He raised his head, looked at Dishi

Yanluo and growled in a deep voice, ’’You did this?’’

Before Dishi Yanluo responded, Emperor Shun shook his head and continued, ’’Not you! The

non-humankind can never bewitch so many people all at once, who is it?’’

Dishi Yanluo gave a weird grin, his entirely face stretching like a blooming flower, and the erect

eye in between his eyebrows ceaselessly opened and closed. He laughed out loud and said,

’’Confused? Surprised? Frightened? Or, are you now slightly despairing? I really love to see such

a complicated look on your faces, just so interesting!’’

Emperor Shun remained silent, lowered his head, looking at the Evil Dragon Bay which was

now in chaos.

The human army was dispersed. A principal force of the non-humankind left the battlefield,

moving straight towards south like a sharp dagger.

Afterwards, more and more non-humankind troops began moving south. That enormous

blood-red tower started moving south as well, while the tall and slim silhouette standing on

the tower top insanely wielded the blood-red flag, stirring up a thick and dense layer of bloodred

cloud, spreading all over the sky.

’’From now on, Chi Ban Mountain is no longer your protective line!’’ said Dishi Yanluo while

looking at Emperor Shun proudly, ’’I'd love to find out how broad the land is, which is about to

become our new hunting ground, that allows us to make unlimited demands on it, after you

have lost this natural line of defense.’’

Emperor Shun's face turned dark-blue. He kept his head down, looking at the Evil Dragon Bay

while his body shook slightly.

In order to take the Qian Family's army force all out, Si Wen Ming had deployed all available

human army forces stationed in surrounding areas of the Chi Ban Mountain in here. Now that

the defensive line had collapsed in disorder, facing these intruding non-humankind troops,

there was not enough military strength to stop them.

Hundreds of billions of miles round land would become the non-humankind's hunting ground.

People living on this land would become the prey of those non-humankind beings, and those

non-humankind beings would be able to hold power over their lives and properties.

Right at this moment, nine fierce sword power streams suddenly rose into the air from the

plain area on the south side of Evil Dragon Bay. Nine different colored sword power streams

roared directly up into the sky, after which, fist-sized, sharp sword light streaks began diving

down along with shrill screams. It looked just like a down-pouring rain, seeming to tear

everything into pieces.


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