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The Magus Era - Chapter 417


Chapter 417: Chop the Body

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The sword formation was rolled up, wrapping the group of people, and flew deeply into the

fierce void gale. The surrounding space was now occupied by the violet void storm. Streams of

star power, pure and dense enough to look like tangible streaks, were twisted by that void

storm. They transformed into countless eye-piercing light beams, randomly and rampantly

sweeping across the entire space.

Within every single movement, tens of millions of different sized dazzling light streaks with

different lengths intensively clashed against each other and caused sky-shattering booms.

When those light streaks blasted out, massive, magnificent polar lights spread out in the void.

That bright, splendid wave of polar light shone on Ji Hao and the other people, making their

whole bodies seem colorful.

Within that breathtakingly beautiful wave of light, Netherworld Priest laughed out loud

resonantly. Each hand gripped a sword and suddenly transformed into a dark black cloud,

swiftly rotating around Fan Hai. Meanwhile, the sword light beams released by him surged

towards Fan Hai like raindrops.

Dong Gong held his pair of Jade slips with a grin on his face, bashing Fan Hai's body

rhythmically like an old farmer pounding medicine in a mortar, surely and unhurriedly. Fan

Hai's armor ceaselessly burst with fire sparkles and large puffs of shining spell symbols against

Dong Gong's Jade slips.

The woman, who was wearing a stunning and luxurious long dress and showed up the last,

seemed to be as gorgeous as a princess living in a god's palace in heaven. However, her style of

fighting was as violent and wild as the crudest Senior Magi. She clenched her fists in an

extraordinarily violent manner, rushing straight up to Fan Hai and directly threw a fierce wave

of punches on his head.

All three of them were immeasurably powerful. Joint-handedly, they beat Fan Hai up to quite

an embarrassed shape. No matter how tightly he gripped his shield and how fast he wielded the

long sword held in his right hand, his body seemed to be covered in weaknesses that caused

him to being knocked down. He continued staggering and rolling like a rubber ball, unable to

even stand still.

’’Xi Mu!’’ Without any sign, the beautiful woman launched a mighty punch right on Fan Hai's

face. Blood was squeezed out of Fan Hai's nostrils in surging streams, making him screaming

out in rage, ’’How dare you stand against me?! Aren't you afraid of that I might bring my army

to flatten your Xi Mu Sky Palace?!’’

’’Just come!’’ The beautiful woman with luxurious apparels raised her head and gave a

resounding, long, crazy and wild-beast-like roar towards the heaven. While roaring and

growling, she grabbed Fan Hai's shoulders with both of her hands. She lifted Fan Hai up and

smashed him straight onto an enormous mountain floating inside the void storm.

This hundred-mile in radius floating mountain had been toughened in the void by the fierce

void storm for countless years. It was not hard to tell that the body of this mountain had

already been through billions of times of hardening. It was clear that this mountain was

extremely hard and solid, as it was still able to maintain its shape instead of being dispersed by

the void gale. Xi Mu grabbed Fan Hai and violently smashed him on the mountain, causing a

thunderous boom to rise, as a hundred-zhang in radius hole appeared on the mountain.

Before Fan Hai launch any counterattack, Xi Mu dashed up to Fan Hai with only one step,

heavily thudding both of her knees against Fan Hai's chest.

Kneeing on Fan Hai's chest, Xi Mu launched another wave of punches that was as intensive as a

bursting rain of shooting stars. Along with a series of sky-shaking bangs, her fists brought up

countless streams of dazzling light, bashing fiercely on Fan Hai's face. Fan Hai screamed out in

a hoarse voice. Meanwhile, a seemingly dense and sticky puff of black smoke spurted out from

his body, desperately fending against Xi Mu's attack. Nevertheless, Xi Mu's strength seemed to

be even greater than Fan Hai could imagine. No matter how hard Fan Hai struggled and tried to

fight back, he couldn't even stand back up.

'Boom'! After numerous heavy punches, that enormous mountain was shattered into ashes by

the fierce power streams released from Xi Mu's punches. Fan Hai swished through the body of

that towering mountain, flying out from the other side of the mountain with his face covered in


’’Xi Mu! I will...certainly...’’ Fan Hai hysterically yelled while madly wielding his long sword and

hacking the air.

He was the Emperor in Power of the Nether Moon, and was wealthy and experienced; he was

hundreds of times more powerful than Dishi Yanluo, who had ascended to the throne only

recently. Being grabbed by Xi Mu and wildly beaten up like this was way too humiliating for

him. Although he was protected by powerful treasures and wasn't actually harmed, this was

way, way too humiliating!

Being grappled and beaten up by a woman like this was so unspeakably, damn humiliating! He

felt he had just lost all his face!

Fan Hai cursed out furiously. By now, he had forgotten all about the dignity of a noble, elegant

manner and other things like that. Instead, he was just crazily yelling and cursing like a shrew.

But he only managed to let out a few words before Netherworld Priest rushed up and launched a

horribly heavy wave of sword light streams onto his body just like a storm. Fire sparkles

spurted in all directions, while spell-symbol-crushing noise came one after another. The heavy

black armor worn by Fan Hai was lashed broken, showing numerous deep cracks.

Dong Gong laughed out once again as he rushed up as well. Raising his pair of Jade slips, he

randomly bashed Fan Hai again. A seemingly small move launched by him could shatter Fan

Hai's armor into pieces. The pair of Jade slips ripped Fan Hai's armor, broke his close-fitting

long shirt and struck right on his deathly pale skin, causing muffled booms.

’’This armor isn't solid enough!’’ Dong Gong laughed loudly and yelled, ’’Fan Hai, back then, I

had a couple of fights against your predecessor, Fan Di. That Nether God armor worn by him

was rather hard. Even my pair of Jade slips couldn't deal with that set of armor. What, didn't he

leave that armor to you?’’

Netherworld Priest gave a spooky, vicious grin, and said, ’’Fan Di? Hm, I remember him too.

Back then, this pair of spirit swords of mine couldn't manage to break that Nether God armor of

his either. That armor was indeed solid. But Fan Hai, this armor of yours, is way too cra*py!’’

While he was saying the word 'cra*py,'black and white dazzling streams of light had already

spurted out from black and white pair of swords held in his hands and punctured Fan Hai's

armor fiercely. Facing this deadly attack, Fan Hai suddenly raised the rhombus-shaped shield

held in his left hand and blocked that black stream of light. Yet, the white sword light stream

brushed against the shield, penetrating into his right chest.

Huge streams of blood gushed out. Fan Tai barfed out in pain, and abruptly opened the erect eye

in the middle of his eyebrows. A dense black cloud rotated swiftly inside that secret eye of his.

Along with a weird, shrill roar, an odd, ten-zhang tall, entirely black-golden zombie having a

translucent crystal-like body swooshed out while flapping its three pairs of transparent,

featherless wings.

’’Now! Girl! What are you waiting for?!’’ Xi Mu, who had just launched a massive wave of

punches and was now a little bit breathless, suddenly burst a yell.

Gui Ling instantly gave a long roar, quickly wielding the tablets held in her hands. At the same

time, Ji Hao and over ten disciples of hers locked their fingers into a certain motion that was

coordinated with lightning magic and wielded their arms simultaneously. Along with their

moves, bolts of lightning descended from the air, striking on the long sword floating upon their


The sword formation shook, as tens of thousands of miles long sword power streams swept

across the void. Four streams of sword power, each representing the power of earth, fire, water,

and wind, roared up into the higher sky and bumped into each other, merging into a gray,

turbid stream of sword power, diving down. A roar with an extreme hatred was let out following

that. From the head to the legs, the winged zombie that flew out from in between Fan Hai's

eyebrows was torn into two by this turbid stream of sword power.

The sword power stream rolled and twisted, and instantly, the zombie released by Fan Hai was

stirred into a sparkling rain of light spots, drifting and dissipating into the air. Fan Hai's face

immediately turned even paler. While vomiting blood intensively, he gave a furious roar and

next, a black stream of smoke swooshed up from his head. Upon the black smoke, an ancient

styled odd-shaped, three-legged vessel emitted beams of black light that shone the

surrounding space. Fan Hai was now badly injured and was wrapped up by the light and

suddenly transformed into a black light stream, slicing the air open as he fled.

Gui Ling didn't trigger the sword formation. Instead, she let Fan Hai leave.

’’Hehe,’’ Netherworld Priest grinned, putting his longswords back into their sheaths. He turned

around and walked right away quite naturally and unrestrainedly while saying, ’’Good, so many

people have died down there. I'll go collect some dead bodies. You do not scramble for those

sweet dead bodies.’’

Dong Gong grinned as well, nodded to Gui Ling and said, ’’Tell your Shifu that I owed him three

favors, and this time I've paid one back.’’

The giant crane sang while carrying Dong Gong and flew away. Within a moment, Dong Gong

and the crane merged with the fierce void gale and disappeared completely.

Xi Mu raised her head, gave another blustering roar towards the heaven, then threw a

threatening glance at Gui Ling and said, ’’Go tell your Shifu to send the 'nine-twist, fireregrowing

pill' that he promised me, to my Xi Mu Sky Palace within three years...Otherwise, I'll

smash his dojo!’’

A cyan bird that had the wingspan of over a hundred Zhang flew over, elegantly carrying Xi Mu

up, then slowly flew towards the west.


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