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The Magus Era - Chapter 416


Chapter 416: Competition Between the Two Sects

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Dishi Yanluo's arrogant laughter vibrated the void, clashing against the roaring fierce gale in

the void, causing waves of lightning bolts to crash about.

Ji Hao's heart instantly sank. He lowered his head and looked down, however, where he had

been standing was way too far away from the ground. Even though he had fully activated his

eye power, he could only barely see a hazy silhouette of the Chi Ban Mountain down there. The

Chi Ban Mountain spanned hundreds of millions of miles on the earth, yet, it now looked only

of the size of a palm in Ji Hao's eyes; not to even mention seeing the current situation on the


’’Brother, don't worry.’’ Gui Ling sat in the core of the sword formation, and said to Ji Hao in a

cold voice, while slapping the tablets, ’’Although the humankind is at a disadvantage, you're not

weak to the point of letting the non-humankind to do whatever they want to you. At least, it is

impossible for them to conquer the humankind merely with the power of Blood Moon and

Nether Moon.’’

’’As for Dishi Yanluo, the newly promoted Emperor in Power of the Blood Moon, he is too eager

for quick success and instant benefit and had always been in a rush for quick results. In the

meanwhile, he also attempted to get rid of dissidents with the power of the humankind. This

time... he has to suffer.’’ continued Gui Ling blandly, ’’However, he is not our target.’’

'Eager for quick success and instant benefit, and is in a rush for quick results'?

To this comment made by Gui Ling about Dishi Yanluo, Ji Hao couldn't agree more. If Dishi

Yanluo wasn't so eager for success and to build a glorious image for himself, he would never

launch an all-out attack on the humankind just after he ascended the throne of the emperor,

even before the consolidation of the new generation of Blood Moon leaders completed.

As for getting rid of dissidents with the power of the humankind...

Ji Hao pondered for a short while, then he caught a sudden enlightenment and instantly figured

out the causes and effects of this whole thing.

No wonder the Di Family had been confirmedly saying that the Qian Family would go straight

into the trap as they planned. And no wonder even though the Qian Family had been extra

cautious and careful all this time, they still ended up losing the most of the elite army forces of

their family under the sword formation.

Except for the humankind that Ji Hao had been representing, and the Di Family, who were

planning on stabbing the Qian Family in the back and taking the Qian Family out, Dishi Yanluo

was also sneakily planning on entrapping the Qian Family, and had indeed achieved a pretty

ideal result. In this case, the rumor that the Qian Family's current leader used to compete

against Dishi Yanluo for the throne of the emperor in power turned out to be true.

Poor, unlucky Qian Family, but who would care about them?

’’Who is the one that we're going to deal with?’’ Ji Hao dropped the speculation of the reasons

and effects regarding the Qian Family successfully falling into the trap and asked Gui Ling


When Yu Yu lent Ji Hao this sword formation, he never mentioned that Gui Ling would come

and take over the formation herself. But, Gui Ling showed up unexpectedly and brought Ji Hao

up here into the void, saying that she was going to let Ji Hao enrich his experience by watching

a fight between truly powerful beings. Apparently, this was a result of one of Yu Yu's abrupt


Yu Yu had abruptly decided that he was going to deal with someone. Therefore, he sent Gui Ling

to take over the sword formation by herself.

Ji Hao now felt a great pity for this poor person who was targeted by Yu Yu, and very curious

about who this poor thing might be.

Gui Ling sneered, pointed the tablet held in her hand at Fan Hai, who was now standing pretty

far away and facing Netherworld Priest. Fan Hai was wearing a black armor, had deathly pale

skin and a purely dark pair of eyes. His hair was pale gray in color, looking same as the skin of

dead people. His entire body had been giving an entirely lifeless vibe. The space surrounding

him was filled with a sense of power that would make any living creature instinctively feel

uncomfortable and disgusted.

That was the original power of the Nether Moon, the power pacing up and down between life

and death, making both the living and dead uneasy.

Nevertheless, if that was all, why would Gui Ling take over the sword formation and fly up to

the void, dealing with Fan Hai herself?

Ji Hao opened his eyes. Golden-red light shone in that pair of eyes while he fully activated his

Gold Crow pupils and looked at Fan Hai. In his golden-red colored sight, Fan Hai's body seemed

like a gray swirl, and in the core area of his body, there was a sticky and dense sphere of black

smoke, filled with the sense of death and despair. However, inside that sphere of black smoke,

which seemed to swallow all living creatures in this world, a swaying candle-light-like clear

white light spot was partly hidden and partly visible.

Because of this spot of clear and white light, the black smoke inside Fan Hai's body was gifted

with an unspeakable sense of stateliness, even sanctity. An immense, incomparably great and

solemn sense of power spread out from his body, pressing right onto Ji Hao's face, even making

Ji Hao have an urge of prostrating himself in worship.

Once Ji Hao took a quick glance at Fan Hai, Fan Hai instantly raised his head, looking in his

direction. Fortunately, Fan Hai didn't manage to locate Ji Hao as Ji Hao was under the

protection of the sword formation. However, the black smoke inside Fan Hai' body began rising

and rolling, releasing a fierce and invisible stream of counterforce, bringing Ji Hao a sharp wave

of sting in the eyes. A few blood veins in his eyes burst, blood immediately gushing out from the

corners of the eyes.

Ji Hao hurriedly closed his eyes and turned around, letting blood and life-force surging inside

his body quickly heal his pair of wounded eyes.

Gui Ling's voice came from afar, her bland and cold tone sounding a bit didactical, ’’Ji Hao, the

disparity in power levels between you and Fan Hai was way too huge. From now on, do not try

to look through people who are more powerful than you. This time, if you had not been

protected by our Shifu's sword formation, your pair of eyes would have been damaged already.’’

Hao's heartbeat surged instantly. He then hurriedly saluted and apologized to Gui Ling, and

asked, ’’Sister Gui Ling, there seems to be a tiny white light spot inside this Fan Hai's body,


Gui Ling raised her head with a bounce, glanced at Ji Hao in surprise and grinned as she

responded, ’’Have you...actually seen that? Your eye power is indeed not bad.’’

Gui Ling clicked the tablet held in her hand three times in a row, following which, the four long

swords vibrated simultaneously. After that, Gui Ling continued with a deep voice, ’’Our Shifu

wouldn't step too far in conflicts between the humankind and the others. He lent you this

sword formation only because he wanted to help you earn some solid credits in front of the

human emperor.’’

’’However, the Nether Moon joined the war abruptly, which is no big deal, yet this Fan Hai has

actually...actually learned some methods from the few people who attacked you just now. Our

Shifu wouldn't care if it was only their human disciples messing around in the world... but to

take the non-humankind as disciples and teach them secret, special and powerful magics... this

has violated a serious taboo.’’

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, thinking of the few people who had just launched attacks on him in

the sword formation. 'Is Fan Hai actually one of them?' murmured Ji Hao in his head.

Before Ji Hao figured out the connections between all these, from the dense and turbid void gale

roaring afar, a clear 'ting' made by Jade slips came. Along with this, an elderly man with a straw

rain cape, mounted on a large crane, swooshed over.

A bronze clock, which had been shining brightly with a clear light, was floating over the elderly

man's head. His left hand carried a long jade slip while his right hand was holding a short jade

slip. The two jade slips tinkled against each other, making this slivery, tinkling noise, splitting

the void gale up and opened up a broad path, directly leading to Fan Hai from the void.

’’Fan Hai, how do you do?’’ The elderly man gave a resonant laugh and said. Then, without

asking any question, he raised the two Jade slips and bashed them towards Fan Hai.

Fan Hai was startled, hurriedly swinging the shield held in his left hand, blocking the two

swords moved launched by Netherworld Priest sneakily along with two 'dang.'He then wielded

the long sword held in his right hand, barely holding off the two Jade slips thrown over

violently by the elderly man. Meanwhile, he said, ’’Dong Gong, the humankind has nothing to do

with you. What do you come for? Aren't you afraid of the revenge of our kind?’’

Dong Gong gave a faint smile as if he didn't care about any revenge at all. He responded while

quickly wielding the pair of Jade slips, launching heavy bashes on Fan Hai's head as thickly and

fast as raindrops falling. Meanwhile, he said to Fan Hai, ’’I owe somebody some favors, and now

I'm paying back. As for your Yu Clan's revenge, well I'm just an old man and am all alone. Why

should I be afraid? What should I be afraid of? And, what can you possibly do to me?’’

Netherworld Priest laughed out loud as well. The black sword and white sword of his swished

across the void like fiercely swimming fishes, constantly striking on Fan Hai's body, making

Fan Hai ceaselessly growl in rage.

Dong Gong took this opportunity and launched an even stronger wave of attack. The pair of

Jade slips knocked on Fan Hai's body three times in a row, making Fan Hai staggeringly step

back, unable to even stand steadily.

From afar, a few Jia Clan warriors who had been fighting against a couple of human divine

Magi roared out angrily and intended to rush over. Abruptly, another thunderous growl came,

followed by which, an incomparably beautiful woman with a violent, blustering, wild-beastlike

sense of power trod on the air and dashed over, throwing a heavy punch on Fan Han's back.

Every single move made by her seemed incredibly robust and majestic.

Gui Ling smiled and rolled the blueprint of the sword formation up. Instantly, Fan Hai, Dong

Gong, that woman and Netherworld Priest were all covered up by the sword formation.


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