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The Magus Era - Chapter 415


415: A Fight Between Emperors

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Yu Mu grabbed a medicine bottle that was made from a giant frog skull, forcibly opened Miao

Lian's mouth and poured the sticky, dark blue liquid drug contained in that ugly bottle into his


Streams of dirty, heavy power of the drug spread speedily inside Miao Lian's body and soon

drilled into his brain. Slight wisps of begrimed power began corroding Miao Lian's soul, making

his clear and glowing eyes turn a bit turbid.

’’What the hell is this?’’ Miao Lian hoarsely screamed, and couldn't help but struggle


’’It's good stuff!’’ Yu Mu responded with a sweet grin, ’’I used the venoms of over three-hundred

different kinds of poisonous bugs, salivas and sperm as the main ingredients, and oil of decayed

dead bodies...’’

Before Yu Mu finished his explanation, Miao Lian started vomiting intensely. As a man who had

been severely cultivating himself, he didn't have too many remnants of food inside his

stomach. Instead, all his of vomitus was yellow-colored gall; not even a single drop of drug that

he had just swallowed was thrown out.

Both Ji Hao and Man Man hurriedly covered their mouths with their hands and subconsciously

took quite a few steps backward in disgust.

Yu Mu, this bloody fatso, this poison concocted by him was way too disgusting! Although many

formulae developed by the Magi Palace were rather weird, this was the very first time for Ji Hao

to hear about such an evil formula. Not to mention Miao Lian, who had drunk that drug in

person, even Ji Hao was abutted to throw up only by hearing about it.

’’Good stuff!’’ Yu Mu gave another honest grin and stopped his introduction of those ingredients

of this drug. Instead, he continued seriously, ’’This is good stuff, specially created to corrode

people' souls. Without my antidote, you will die.’’

Yu Mu's explanation was simple, frank and honest.

Without his antidote, Miao Lian, who had taken this drug, would die.

Miao Lian's face suddenly turned deathly pale. He glanced at Ji Hao, who had been glaring at

him, Man Man, who now had an angry look, Feng Xing, who was silently observing him from

afar and Yu Mu, who was with a big, honest grin, then gave a forlorn and bitter laugh. Next,

both of his eyeballs rolled up, showing the white parts, while Ku Quan fell on the ground. All

sense of power released from his body had immediately disappeared.

Ji Hao was shocked slightly. He hurriedly walked up to him and pressed a finger on his carotid


The blood had still been flowing inside his body, and the life-force of his body was still present.

However, the sense of Miao Lian's soul had nearly disappeared, such that Ji Hao could barely

feel his soul. Ji Hao carefully pressed his finger on the spot between Miao Lian's eyebrows, and

finally caught a faint sense of Miao Lian's soul, which had now shrunk into an extremely tiny


’’Brother, this is the 'secret and silent drown,'specially created by their sect. It is a powerful,

mysterious and occult magic, usually used by cultivators in their sect to converge the souls,

trapping themselves in a deathly dangerous state to achieve a breakthrough to the higher

levels. But this guy is not powerful enough for this magic yet. For saving his own life, also for

keeping their secrets, he forcibly used the 'secret and silent drown' magic. He is nearly

damaged, so you don't need to concern about his life.’’

Gui Ling's voice rang right next to Ji Hao's ear, quickly giving the above information.

Hearing Gui Ling's words, Ji Hao felt even his soul shake. He glanced at the sky in shock, then

gnashed his teeth and waved his hand towards Feng Xing. Ji Hao called Feng Xing over and

whispered a few words to him. Afterward, Feng Xing paused briefly, nodded a bit helplessly

then grabbed Yu Mu and Man Man, retreating quickly.

While retreating with Feng Xing, Man Man yelled loudly at Ji Hao, ’’Ji Hao! Be careful, don't get

involved in things that you shouldn't be...This is what Abba told Man Man!’’

'Don't get involved in things that you shouldn't be?' Indeed a solid truth. However, Ji Hao could

only give a bitter laugh when he heard it. It wasn't him who had been trying to get himself

involved in all this!

A gentle gust of wind rose from the ground, rolling Ji Hao's body up and flying into the air. He

was then wrapped up by a faint, thin layer of misty cloud. The cloud enveloped him, flashing

across the air, and instantly reached the east side of the sword formation. A gate had now being

added to the empty and flat area below the long sword, which had been floating in the air, and

standing inside the entrance were a few of Gui ling's disciples. Seeing Ji Hao, those disciples of

Gui Ling hurriedly saluted to him, calling him 'Uncle Ji Hao.'

Ji Hao hurriedly saluted back. He couldn't explain the complicated feeling he was having right

now with language at all.

All these disciples of Gui Ling were much older than Ji Hao, their powers and cultivations were

also far greater than Ji his own power and cultivation. Hearing them calling 'Uncle Ji Hao,'he

was actually a bit delighted, but at the same time, he indeed felt an enormous pressure.

Clear gusts of wind had been blowing around inside the sword formation. Through the sword

formation, Ji Hao saw that under each long sword floating in the air in the east, south, west and

north side of this sword formation, a gate was added. Inside each gate, a few of Gui Ling's

disciple were guarding.

Right in the middle of the sword formation, a stage was floating in the air, upon which, an altar

was set up. A cloth that had a black and white pattern of Taiji painted on it had been spread on

the altar. Gui Ling was standing beside the altar, holding a tablet, constantly clapping against

the cloth. Following her move, this immense sword formation rose straight into the air, up

above the clouds without disturbing anyone.

Ji Hao's spirit power was tightly connected with the sword formation. He clearly sensed that,

earlier under his control, the best-attacking range that allowed the sword formation to

accurately kill the enemies was only around three-hundred mile in radius. But now, controlled

by Gui Ling, this range had already expanded to a ten-thousand mile in radius.

This was a definite severe power difference. Ji Hao also faintly felt that this size of the best

attacking range of the sword formation was not yet the limitation of Gui Ling's capability. If

she didn't need to manipulate such a great-scale sword formation and raise it high up to the

sky, under her control, it could at least eliminate all living creatures within the area which had a

radius of hundred-thousand miles.

The colossal sword formation rose straight up into the sky, traveling ten thousand miles in

every single moment. Clouds were torn apart layer by layer, and soon, the formation reached

the deep area of the fierce gale in the void, hundreds of millions miles away from the earth. Ji

Hao stood inside the gate and could see the stars in the void rather clearly. Those gigantic stars

were glowing splendidly, seeming to compete against the sun. The starlight and sunlight

merged together, weaving into a magnificent ocean of light, shrouding the void.

High up in the void, Emperor Shun was wearing a heavy armor, followed by four humanshaped

silhouettes. Each of them stood on a particular spot that coordinated with a basic

element of this world. The five of them had been facing against Dishi Yanluo.

Around a hundred mile away from Emperor Shun was a handsome Yu Clan man, who had a cold,

bland face, wearing a heavy black armor and releasing a deathly sense of power. He was facing

the Netherworld Priest, staring with a pair of viciously glowing eyes.

A black flag had been fluttering upon Netherworld Priest's head. Black smoke was rising from

around his body constantly, while black and white beams of sword light dazzled around him.

That Yu Clan man with the black armor had a prismatic shield held in his left hand and a black,

transparent long sword, which had the length equal to his own height, in his right hand. While

he wielded that long sword, the black and white beams of sword light released by Netherworld

Priest flashed across the void from time to time, clashing against the long black sword and

bursting with massive waves of cold power stream.

Around Si Shun and the five silhouettes, and within the area about a thousand mile in radius,

hundreds of human-shaped silhouettes were fighting a tangled battle. Their moves were rather

slow; every single move made by them seemed to be extremely careful and cautious. However,

every now and then, they launched attacks at each other and at every turn, the fierce void gale a

hundred-mile round would vibrate and roar, even stirring the sky to shake for quite a while.

Ji Hao held his breath, watching this seemingly not so intense fight happening in front of his

eyes with full concentration.

On the ground, countless human warriors had been fighting desperately against the nonhumankind

armies. Those warriors were literally showering in blood, and the ground was

nearly completely covered up with dead bodies. Nevertheless, Ji Hao never knew that at the

same time, in the void hundreds of millions of miles away from the ground, such a fierce battle

had been happening between the higher level members of both sides of this war.

From a great distance, Ji Hao heard Dishi Yanluo laugh crazily aloud and yelled, ’’Shun! That

bastard Fan Hai came to steal the credit which was supposed to be mine... this displeased me a

lot. However, with his force joining this war, do you still think that you can stop us?’’

’’Who else can help you? Except for Netherworld Priest, who else can ever help you?’’ Dishi

Yanluo laughed wildly and continued, ’’Shun, why don't you take your people and surrender?

You're kind of a talent... I can make you the leader of all my slaves!’’


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