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The Magus Era - Chapter 414


Chapter 414: A Sudden Twist

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Ji Mo and his people stayed in the island for over an hour, drank up a big half of the wine brought back by Feng Xing.

After having dined and wined to satiety, Ji Mo swapped magic talismans in a friendly fashion, which could be used as distance communicating tools, with Ji Hao, and invited Ji Hao to visit their stronghold in this Chi Ban Mountain area.

Ji Hao gripped Ji Mo's hands, seeming a bit sad about Ji Mo and his people leaving. They looked at each other directly in the eyes;Ji Mo's look was still a bit cold yet, and Ji Hao even had misty eyes when he said goodbye to Ji Mo. It was so nice that in this vast and dangerous Midland world, he could still meet someone who shared the same origination with him.

'What a perfect show.'

Ji Hao gave himself full marks for his performance. Basically, he had just thoroughly described himself as a poor kid from the 'countryside', who left home early, and had been lonely for so many years, expressing all kinds of emotion that people were supposed to have when they met someone who had the same blood as themselves in a strange place.

Ji Mo held Ji Hao's hands, and honestly looked at him. Ji Hao's pair of slightly misty eyes made Ji Mo unable to help but slightly bow down his head and show a faint smile on the corners of his mouth.

Followed by a long and shrill whistle, Ji Mo and the other warriors hopped on golden lizards' backs and prepared to leave. At this moment, another group of people rode on golden teeth beavers, abruptly showing up on one of the two crossed rivers, moving over quickly.

Golden teeth beavers looked just like ordinary beavers but with an extra huge shape;a mature golden teeth beaver was normally over five-zhang long, and its tail had the length of more than three zhangs. The most special body part of these golden teeth beavers was the pair of golden and shining grinding teeth. A pair of grinding teeth shielded the front of each beaver's mouth like a door, and was sharp and especially solid.

During fights, this pair of grinding teeth could bite the enemies' skins open, or smash strike enemies like a pair of hammers, or even serve as shields to block long distance dangers such as arrows. In the water, that pair of grinding teeth could split the water stream that would raise those beavers' swimming speed by at least a hundred percent.

The Chi Ban Mountain area had multiple rivers, and the number of large-scale rivers was over a hundred thousand. Therefore, golden teeth beavers were used a lot by the standing human army in this area.

’’Jiang Su!’’ riding on the golden lizard's back, Ji Mo waved his hand towards the leader of the almost a hundred warriors group, then said to Ji Hao, ’’That is Jiang Su, the captain of another Dare-to-die corps. He's a Bi Fang Clan's clansman, but he is also a descendant of slaves, just like me.’’

Ji Hao's mouth corners twitched, letting out a few fake laughters.

'Such a coincidence. Within a while, two elite corps came to this small island in the middle of nowhere... Warriors in one corps are the Bi Fang Clan people, while warriors in the other corps are all Gold Crow Clan people. What a coincidence!!' said Ji Hao in his head.

Jiang Su was a tall and muscular man and had faint fiery light wrapped around his body. He gave a great shout and drove his beaver onto the beach by the river.

Once he went ashore, the beaver quickly shook its body and splashed countless water drops out. Jiang Su yelled out in anger, ’’I hate these damn beavers! I hate patrolling on rivers! We're warriors of the great Bi Fang Clan, we are supposed to fly high in the air and burn our enemies into ashes with the storm of flames, not moving around in goddamn waters!’’

While yelling and complaining, Jiang Su leapt down from the beaver's back, took out a tablet and threw it to Ji Mo, while saying, ’’Brother Ji Mo, it's wonderful that you're here as well. The superior ordered us to build a temporary campsite in this area to stock some weapons and supplies. That'll serve as a place for brothers from all Dare-to-die corpses to take short breaks.’’

Ji Hao crossed his arms in front of his chest, grinned and said to Jiang Su friendly, ’’No need to search any further. I think this island is pretty great, it can accommodate at least tens of thousands of people. Additionally, you'll never need to worry about water resources in this area. From these rivers, you can not only find fishes and shrimps to eat, but also, the other animals would come to this area to drink waters in groups. You will be able to hunt as many animals as you want very easily.’’

Stamping his foot against the ground, Ji Hao then gave Jiang Su an honest grin and continued, ’’I think this will be your perfect temporary campsite.’’

Jiang Su paused for a second, as well as Ji Mo, who was holding the tablet thrown over by Jiang Su.

A short while later, Jiang Su responded in a cold voice, ’’Indeed, I have already chosen this island to build our campsite. Ji Mo, don't leave... Stay and help us build watch towers. And you, whatever you are doing here, you're now all under my command.’’ said Jiang Su, while pointing his finger at Ji Hao.

Clang! Jiang Su pulled out the long sword tied around his waist with a threatening gaze, and slightly swung it towards Ji Hao. A frosty light spurted out of the sword edge and a spell mark, that was formed from over three-hundred spell symbols, lit up on the sword edge. Compared to Ji Mo's long spear, Jiang Su's sword was of a much higher grade.

Glancing at Jiang Su's sword, Ji Hao let out a weird smile, then nimbly leapt up into the air, bringing up shreds of afterimages, then launched a heavy kick right on Jiang Su's face.

Bang! Jiang Su didn't see this coming, and couldn't react timely at all, only letting out a long howl. His nose bone was entirely smashed into his face by Ji Hao. Yu Yu had especially cultivated Ji Hao for a few days that, not to mention any other magics he had learned, showered under the purple-golden light released by Yu Yu on purpose, Ji Hao's physical strength was now raised by over a hundred percent, which made Ji Hao as powerful as a peak-level Senior Magus.

A horribly great power stream exploded on Jiang Su's face, which nearly destroyed Jiang Su's entire face. Blood splashed everywhere and flesh fragments fell on the ground all over.

Waves of wailing and howling rose from Jiang Su's broken throat while he was sent flying backwards, knocking down tens of his warriors that stood behind him. Along with his howls, Jiang Su's spirit blood surged around inside his body and quickly healed his nearly shattered face. After that, Jiang Su screamed to Ji Mo, ’’Ji Mo! Kill that kid for me!’’

Ji Mo's look slightly changed. He then frowned his brows and said in a harsh tone,’’ Jiang Su, Ji Hao is our brother, serving the Special Army. We're families, don't misunderstand each other, just don't! Ji Hao! Don't attack! Don't attack!’’

Hurriedly, Ji Mo grabbed Ji Hao's shoulders with both of his hands while yelling, ’’We're all families, don't attack! Don't attack!’’

Seeing this, Feng Xing instantly tightened his body, bringing up a few afterimages, and prepared to dart away. This was his old habit that, once a fight was started, he had to run, at least over ten miles away. Only in this way he could settle his mind down and concentrate in dealing with the enemies with his bow and arrows one after another.

However, once he moved, a few of Ji Mo's warriors stopped him and said, ’’We're all families, don't attack! Don't attack!’’

Before Feng Xing took another move, the few muscular warriors circled him around, grabbing his limbs with their thick, serpent-like arms.

Yu Mu tried to reach his pot, but two Ji Mo's warriors had already pressed their hands on both sides of the pot, while grinning and shaking their heads to Yu Mu, saying, ’’We're all brothers, don't attack, and never pick up your weapon.’’

Jiang Su suddenly rose into the air and darted up to Ji Hao, thrusting his hands out, attempting to lock Ji Hao's throat.

’’Families? Ji Mo, you saw he attacked me just now, what kind of family can that be?’’

An obvious and fierce intention of killing emerged on Jiang Su's face while he crooked his fingers into the hook-shape, reaching Ji Hao's throat.

By now, Ji Mo had shown the same intention of killing. He tightened his arms, crooked his fingers as well, and firmly locked Ji Hao's shoulders.


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