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The Magus Era - Chapter 412


Chapter 412: Attack the Formation

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Ji Hao was wholeheartedly concerned about the war situation on the north side. When those black metal gates suddenly emerged and opened, his heart instantly jumped. If these metal gates were also some kind of magic tricks played by the Yu Clan, human troops on the north side would be facing a grave danger of being utterly routed.

Only when Wuzhi Qi yelled 'Netherworld Priest' and armored warriors surging out from those black gates tangled with those zombie warriors, Ji Hao loosened his tightened nerves right away. Whoever had just come were reinforcements instead of enemies. This was just wonderful!

Coordinating with winged dragons, Longbo Country warriors coming from the west had already started an intensive fight against Song Gu and his treemen warriors. The number of Longbo Country warriors was not too big, yet the size of their bodies was so massive that each Longbo Country warrior was a couple of feet taller even than Song Gu. They wielded hills and knocked those treemen warriors to the ground one after another in an incomparably violently manner. Once those treemen were knocked down to the ground, they could never stand back up again;Those winged dragons would then swoosh down from the air while roaring shrilly, tearing those treemen into pieces with their sharp claws and spurt raging flames out of their mouths, scorching those treemen into ashes.

Behind these mountain-like gigantic Longbo Country warriors were large groups of Kuafu Family warriors, who were wielding enormous wooden sticks and bravely combating against these treemen. The number of these Kuafu Family warriors was only around a thousand, far less than those treemen. However, the bodies of Kuafu Family warriors were far nimbler than the treemen, who could hardly ever hit them.

Both the north side and the west side were now doing good, and what worried Ji Hao the most was the eastern frontline, which was under the lead of Si Wen Ming himself.

The main force of the Blood Moon was now concentrating their firepower on the eastern frontline, and east was also the direction where Blood Cloud Mountain was located. If they managed to break the eastern frontline and changes happened in Blood Cloud Mountain area at the same time, the situation would go completely out of control.

When Ji Hao was nervously looking at the battlefield, he suddenly tingled with a weird sensation and abruptly raised his head.

A magnificent, multicolored rainbow stream descended from the air. Moving speed of that rainbow stream was so impressively fast that once it appeared in Ji Hao's eyesight, it had flashed across the distance of thousands of miles and appeared right in front of Ji Hao. The multicolored, splendid light dimmed down, from within which a gorgeous phoenix silhouette gave a long and resonant roar towards the sky. Afterward, the silhouette dissipated in the air and from that dim multicolored light, Feng Qi emerged, seemingly with an arrogant attitude.

A dazzling short sword was held in her left hand while a colorful, exquisite handkerchief was floating around her head like a warm cloud. She yelled at Ji Hao in an angry and rude tone, ’’Little kid! Now, just hand that purple grain dragon sandalwood over like I said, kneel down and kowtow to me to apologize! I would like to find out who else can save you this time!’’

The flame of fury surged right up to Ji Hao's head from his heart. He glared at Feng Qi, who had been completely unreasonable, and growled harshly, ’’Feng Qi, don't you have any idea about the current situation?! Right now our humankind is...’’

Feng Qi rudely interrupted Ji Hao and yelled in a cold, heartless tone, ’’Why should I care about your humankind? Just hand that purple grain dragon sandalwood over. Otherwise you little bastard will certainly end up dead in an ugly shape today.’’

Ji Hao was enraged so much that a beam of red light flashed across his eyes as he pointed at Song Gu, who was now besieged by five Longbo Country warriors, and was crazily lashing the ground with countless branches. He even seemed to crack the heaven and earth;tens of enormous mountains were already whipped into shambles by him. Ji Hao pointed at Song Gu and roared at Feng Qi, ’’That treeman, is he yours?!’’

When Si Wen Ming and Huaxu Lie talked about Song Gu, Ji Hao heard all their conversations through the sword formation. Song Gu was incorporated into the phoenix-kind's forces as a slave, and was chiefly responsible for collecting all kinds of treasures for the phoenix-kind;which meant, Song Gu should be a subordinate under Feng Qi's command!

’’He's a slave of mine, so what?’’ Feng Qi looked at Ji Hao proudly.

’’Did you order him to attack our humankind?’’ Ji Hao looked at Feng Qi and said word by word, ’’You woman, you're completely out of your mind. Are you trying to start the war between the humankind and phoenix-kind?’’

Frosty light shone in Feng Qi's eyes while she responded with a bland sneer as if she cared about nothing, and said, ’’Your humankind has such an enormous population, what would be a big deal even if tens of billions of you died or were wounded? Even if I did order Song Gu to attack you, I doubt your Emperor Shun dares to wage war against our phoenix-kind only because of this, don't you think so?’’

Feng Qi reached her right hand out and pointed her finger at Dragon Pool, who was standing in the town and yelled loudly, ’’Tell this purple grain dragon sandalwood to come with me and keel down to apologize to me. If you do as I say, I could kindly spare you from death this time... but if you not, you bunch of little bastards will all die in suffering today!’’

Feng Qi was yelling merely at Ji Hao, but when Man Man saw Feng Qi screaming at Ji Hao in such a rude and overbearing manner, she instantly popped out her pair of eyes and glared at Feng Qi angrily. Sensing the strong, threatening vibe given off by Man Man, Feng Qi immediately involved Man Man into her vicious menace.

’’Little girl, if you dare to look at me like this again, be careful! I will dig that pair of your eyeballs out!’’

’’Ah! You're digging my eyeballs out??!’’ Man Man shouted out right away. As the moves made by her body had always been a few seconds faster than the decisions made by her mind, before she finished her sentence, the pair of lotus-shaped hammers had already flown out, bashing towards Feng Qi along with an ear-piercing, shrill swishing noise.

In the meanwhile, Man Man put on the armor given by Zhu Rong. By now, her entire body was all wrapped up by a raging fire.

Seeing Man Man launch her move, Ji Hao snorted and intended to make a move as well. He was going to trigger the sword formation and directly hack Feng Qi to death, but then he thought of how Si Wen Ming once explained to him about the relationships between the humankind and phoenix-kind and dragon-kind. Also looking at those winged dragons, which had now been coordinating with Longbo Country warriors and fighting closely against those treemen, Ji Hao gritted his teeth, restraining his strong will of killing Feng QI.

Man Man had thrown out her massive hammers and launched the attack on Feng Qi, and the pair of hammers reached her face within a blink of an eye.

Immediately, a black airstream and a white airstream swooshed out of the multicolored, glowing handkerchief floating upon Feng Qi's head. Miao Lian stepped out from the two streams of air then slightly shook the jade bottle held in his hand. Following his move, the black and white airstreams brushed against Man Man's body, and right after that, a faintly visible, leaf-shaped spirit talisman sparkled within the two air streams. The heavy armor worn by Man Man suddenly spread out into tens of parts, falling to the ground one after another.

Man Man gave a shout in surprise, raised her head and glanced at Miao Lian.

Ji Hao growled out as well. Miao Lian suddenly flying out from the multicolored handkerchief floating upon Feng Qi's head was something that Ji Hao had never expected. Even though he had the sword formation manipulating in his hands and within the coverage of this sword formation, the whole world was under his control, he never anticipated that Miao Lian would show up in such a weird way.

Ji Hao flicked his finger and prepared to trigger the sword formation, releasing sword powers to kill Miao Lian and Feng Qi. However, stronger airstreams in colors of black and white swooshed out of the jade bottle held in Miao Lian's hand, weaving into a black and white long blade, held against Man Man's neck.

That spirit talisman, which had dispersed Man Man's armor, heavily fell down, sticking on the top of Man Man's head. Man Man's body suddenly froze, unable to move anymore.

’’My friend, don't make any unnecessary moves, otherwise... this little girl might die!’’ Miao Lian laughed out loud while reaching his hand out, attempting to grab Man Man's neck.

In the meanwhile, another three human-shaped silhouettes darted out of the handkerchief floating upon Feng Qi's head. Those were Ku Quan, Qing Mei, and a girl who seemed to be around twenty years old, having a mean-looking sharp face and a pair of raised eyebrows.

Every one of them had a leaf-shaped spirit talisman floating upon their heads. They wielded their arms once after showing up, joint-handedly launching dazzling and rumbling lightning bolts fiercely towards Ji Hao.


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