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The Magus Era - Chapter 411


Chapter 411: Nether Moon Kill

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

In the North, once the fight between human troops and the zombie army started, dazzling fire sparkles blew everywhere, ejecting in every direction. That endlessly great army of zombie warriors was like a roaring tsunami clapping against the shore, frantically launching attacks on the defensive line brashly built up by the human troop.

Uncountable green fireballs shot out by those pale bone towers were rampantly dashing across groups of human warriors. Along with loud wails and howls let out by human warriors, countless elite human warriors were burned into ashes. Huge holes were burned out of the ground one after another. That green, evil fire contained a strong poison. After the fire fell on the ground and died out, the poison contained in it seeped into the swamps and water veins of Evil Dragon Bay area, dyeing all water veins in this area into a faint green color. Wherever the faintly green water reached, all aquatic creatures died immediately.

Highly poisonous swamps and water veins had also caused a severely great effect on the defense of the human army.

Zombie warriors were able to tread in the toxic water, move and launch attacks freely as if the poisonous water didn't even exist. But when human warriors soaked their legs inside the toxic water, the poison would drill into their bodies through their pores. The power stream flowing inside the bodies of those human warriors would be ceaselessly weakened;consequently, their powers would decline gradually, their bodies would soon become frail, and their ability of self-healing would recede further and further.

Because of these poisonous water areas, the battle effectiveness of the human army had been weakened by at least thirty percent.

While the human troop was weakening, attacks launched by the zombie army seemed to grow more and more powerful. The human troop's defensive line soon became loosened, dangerous situations erupting in quite a few spots. Large groups of zombie warriors broke the blockade, like a river that had burst its banks, rampantly surging and roaring. Those zombie warriors bypassed the human troop's defensive line and encircled the human army from behind, launching converging attacks on the human army.

Ji Hao floated in the air, watching human warriors fall one after another on the battlefield. Yet, he could do nothing.

His individual power was way too weak, and in such a vast battlefield that extended for over ten-thousand miles, one more warrior like him couldn't change anything. He dared not to withdraw the sword formation as the number of strong killing auras that had been locked on him had risen again. By now, at least ten beyond Magus-King-level powerful beings on the enemies' side had been covetously staring at him. As long as he dared to do anything like withdrawing the sword formation, those powerful beings would definitely make their moves and kill him.

’’Ji Hao, have we lost the battle?’’ Man Man trod on a fiery cloud and flew up as well, asking Ji Hao a bit confusedly. Man Man's big, sparkling pair of eyes were filled with nervousness and panic. Although she didn't know much about fighting a war or managing an army, Ying Yunpeng had betrayed while non-humankind armies had been continuously surging out from a strategic point of the backside of the human army's defensive line, which was obviously not right.

’’Hm, not yet.’’ Ji Hao reached his hand out, gently patting on Man Man's head, and said in a deep and serious tone, ’’Now, we will have to count on uncle Wen Ming... see what kind of solution he can come up with. If he has no would still be alright. They want to break Pu Ban city, then that wouldn't be so easy.’’

Raging roars lingered in the air. Wuzhi Qi gripped that thick, black ice stick and had been fighting drastically against tens of winged, dark-golden-skinned zombies. The huge black ice stick held in Wuzhi Qi's hands sliced the air open;every single bash launched with it could smash a zombie. However, each time he smashed and killed a zombie, three to five more zombies would fly up from the group of zombie warriors below, joining the besiegement.

Sharp claws of zombie warriors reached towards Wuzhi Qi from all directions, crazily tearing and slicing his body. That black armor worn by Wuzhi Qi let out shrill sizzles and dazzling fire sparkles against those zombie claws. Many times, those zombie claws had even scratched him right on the face.

Wuzhi Qi was enraged to an extreme degree. He gave long and resonant growls and suddenly, tens of purely dark water columns roared out from around his body, simultaneously puncturing the chests of dozens of zombie warriors. He then raised his long and thick black ice stick, roaring towards the sky proudly. Next, the green fireballs shot out by thousands of pale bone towers merged into one and violently bumped against his body, setting him ablaze in the gigantic green fire, sending him flying out for a rather long distance.

Black water streams coiled around Wuzhi Qi's body but that green fire kept burning ragingly within those black water streams. Wuzhi Qi's face twisted. He showed his face while standing inside the green fire and cursing furiously. His body was especially tough, and this green wildfire, which could burn ordinary Senior Magi into ashes within the time span of around ten breaths, only managed to burn his fur without causing any harm to his skin and flesh.

’’You bloody idiots who know nothing but playing with corpses, get the hell out and have a decent fight with your master Wuzhi Qi!’’ Wuzhi Qi yelled in a resonant and harsh voice. His voice was filled with dirty languages, and he even cursed generations of ancestors of the Nether Moon one after another.

No one said anything. The only response to his shouts was more flying zombie warriors rising from the zombie army, swiftly approaching Wuzhi Qi. Among these flying zombies, a few even had sharp horns on their foreheads. These few were strangely powerful beings, at the level that was far beyond that of Magus Kings.

Wuzhi Qi gave out another raging curse. Once again, he fell into a messy fight against these utterly fearless zombie warriors, who would never ever take a single step back.

Within this short while, the great army force that came from the north, which was under Wuzhi Qi's lead, finally turned their head around. Thousands of gigantic boas, which were arranged on the frontal side of the troop as the spearhead, wriggled their enormous bodies and finally turned around, frontally faced this army of zombie warriors that had been launching vicious attacks in a formidable state.

These breathtakingly gigantic boas squirmed and straightened their bodies, violently rolling all over the ground. Their immense bodies were like rock rollers, crushing countless zombie warriors into pieces and bits.

Those zombie beasts continuously lunged their spears towards these enormous boas. But, these boas, which were about to complete their transformation to dragons, had especially tough and thick scales and skins. Their scales were at least three-inch thick, while the spears held in those zombie warriors' bodies were nothing too powerful at all. Therefore, those zombie warriors couldn't possibly harm those giant boas.

But soon, those pale bone towers carried by bone chariots began concentrating powers to attack these boas. These boas were set ablaze one after another, their humongous bodies enkindled by that green wildfire. That evil fire drilled into their bodies through apertures between their scales, directly burning their skin. After their skins and muscles had been burned, the fire penetrated to the inside of their bodies.

Even though these gigantic boas had especially strong life-force, they were tortured nearly to death by that green wildfire. Numerous gigantic boas desperately twisted their bodies and ceaselessly let out long and painful roars.

Those gray and tall towers had already approached from that dense, cloudy mist. Followed by a series of profound and spooky roars, erect, grey eyes floating above those gray towers opened, releasing streams of lifeless lights which poured onto the bodies of these gigantic boas.

The bodies of those boas instantly froze. Wherever those gray light streams swept across, their scales turned gray and lusterless. These gray light streams rapidly extracted life-force out of those boas' bodies. Quite a few over thousand-zhang long boas were drained off their life-force and spirit blood within the short span of a couple of breath. They immediately turned into a puff of ash, dissipating in the air along with the wind.

Tens of streams of gray light shone on Wuzhi Qi's body in a row. Wuzhi Qi let out painful howls, as the sense of power released from his body constantly weakened.

When the defensive line of human troops in the north was about to break down, a purely black, metal gate abruptly showed up in the north. Followed by weird ghost roars, the gate gradually opened. Chilly and evil gusts of wind ceaselessly blew out of the gate.

What came out of the gate next was a perfectly ordered footstep sound that sounded the same as footsteps of the zombie army of the Nether Moon. A heavily armored army of warriors surged out of the gate like the tidewater, each warrior having a long halberd[1] or heavy ax carried in his hands. The sense of power released from this great army was as deathly as the power sense released by the Nether Moon's zombie army;not even the slightest trace of life could be detected from it.

Numerous black gates emerged from the air one after another and opened. Groups of armored warriors gushed out of those gates like a raging flood and quickly started an intense fight against those zombie warriors. Soon, a full blast battle had begun.

’’Netherworld Priest!’’ Wuzhi Qi laughed out loud while yelling and cheering, ’’You old one came to join in the fun? Good, corpses of human warriors that fell on the battlefield and the bodies of these big boas, these are all yours!’’


[1]Halberd: A pike fitted with an ax head


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