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The Magus Era - Chapter 410


Chapter 410: Scramble For the Credit

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Nether Moon, the one that could inverse life and death among the three 'suns' and nine 'moons' of the Yu Clan bloodline... They were a powerful branch of the Yu Dynasty, and they were the best at making zombies and other kinds of blood and flesh puppets.

The Magi Palace also had a secret magic for turning corpses into zombies, which was sneakily learned from the Nether Moon. Compared to the zombie warriors created by the Nether Moon, zombie warriors raised by the Magi Palace were at absolute disadvantages, whether regarding cost, efficiency or battle effectiveness.

During the long-lasting war between the humankind and the Yu Dynasty, the branch that made the humankind worried the most was this Nether Moon.

Elite warriors of the Nether Moon hardly ever showed their real faces on battlefields. Instead, who actually fought the battles were all zombies and other kinds of flesh and blood puppets under their control. These terrifying battling tools never got tired or afraid, were violent, brutal and devoid of emotions. They never ever stepped back;moreover, their number was so huge, that to some extent it could make all their enemies feel despair.

Like this time, each phalanx of that tsunami-like zombie army, which had been swooshing over from the north, had a hundred thousand zombie warriors, and every phalanx was around five-mile apart from each other. From the east to the west, the army had extended for over ten-thousand miles, and in both the front and backside of the army, the phalanxes were arrayed even larger and thicker. The total number of zombie warriors in this army was definitely beyond a hundred million.

People who hadn't seen this with their own eyes could never ever imagine how powerful the tremors in hearts brought by this gray, deathly tsunami could be. Every move made by these zombies was exactly the same;every step made by them had exactly the same length. Over a hundred million zombie warriors with precisely ordered moves that gave people an incomparable feeling of terror.

Along with the muffled and rumbling footsteps, this zombie army of the Nether Moon approached speedily.

Abruptly, in front of this great army, a few streams of blood-red light lit up. A couple of Blood Moon Yu Clan nobles flashed their bodies across the air and blocked the way of the army furiously. A Yu Clan elderly man, who was in an extra luxurious cloak, angrily waved his arms while yelling hoarsely in a hysterical and indignant tone, his saliva even spraying out from his mouth.

’’You shameless bastards! What the hell are you doing here?! This battlefield belongs to us!’’

A hoarse, deep and cold voice came from the massive army of zombie warriors, ’’Greedy Dishi Family, are you planning to have the credit of conquering the humankind all to yourself? Are you going to reject the help offered by your brothers? Do you want to refuse the kindness given by your brothers?’’

The Yu Clan elderly man howled in fury, like a wild dog which had its fleshy bone snatched away from near its mouth, ’’Help? Kindness? You came for the credit! Shameless, dirty bastards! We, Blood Moon, don't need your help! We have enough power to conquer the humankind!’’

Remaining silent for a short while, that hoarse and cold voice rose once again, ’’Alright, the sons of the great, supreme Nether Moon never waste any time on oral fighting. We are here for the credit... you don't even think about taking the credit of conquering the humankind all to yourself. Do you have any disagreement regarding that?’’

Before the Blood Moon Yu Clan elderly man could respond, that cold and deep voice continued, ’’Nothing will change even if you do have some disagreements regarding this, right? We are already here, so we have to get the credit that belongs to us. Clear the way or our army will tread upon your bodies!’’

'Dong, dong, dong, dong,'when the conversation was happening, the zombie armies of the Nether Moon did not stop moving forwards, walking steadily southwards with big steps. A whole ten-thousand zombie warriors in a phalanx held their head high and had their chests puffed out, with their long, bronze spears raised high, slantways in the air. This phalanx of zombie warriors bumped directly into the few Yu Clan elderly men who had blocked the way.

Without any emotion and thought, the chests of these working-dead zombie warriors thudded against the bodies of the few Yu Clan elderly men, forcing them to fly into the air in disgust, given vent via a torrent of abuse.

The smell of these zombie warriors was not pleasant at all, a strange smell filled with the sense of ancient, musty and corrupted things. To Yu Clan nobles who all had a morbid fear of getting dirty, even a slight touch of these zombie warriors was absolutely unbearable.

They floated in the air, yelling and cursing as loudly as they could. However, those curses couldn't do any harm to these zombie warriors, not even a little bit. This formidable army of zombie warriors kept moving south at a speedy rate, at a perfectly ordered pace.

Behind these zombie warriors who moved almost as fast as wind were large groups of zombie beasts, who had also been emitting a strong, musty scent, dashing forwards in ordered lines as well. These zombie beasts all had enormous body shapes. Their shriveled skins tightly attached to their bones, the purely dark skins of theirs even having a cold luster that only metal could have.

'Puff, puff,' some huge zombie beasts spurted out dense clouds of frosty mist from time to time. From those mist clouds, the cadaveric poison specially created by the Nether Moon transformed into a visible, gray flame, being ejected out from the mouths of these zombie beasts for hundreds of Zhang far.

Once that cadaveric poison fire landed on the bodies of those zombie warriors, the sense of powers released from them grew stronger.

As for those Yu Clan elderly men who had been floating in the air, they hurriedly dodged away. That cadaveric poison fire was a great replenishing source of power to those zombie beasts, but to living beings, that was deadly poisonous.

’’Bastard! How dare you be so rude!’’ The Yu Clan elderly man who had talked to the Nether Moon people earlier couldn't help but scream out in rage. The Nether Moon people had actually neglected his warning and driven their zombie army to move straight forward just like this as if they did not take the Blood Moon seriously at all.

’’If you have any disagreement regarding our behavior, go complain to our Emperor!’’ said that cold, deep and hoarse voice, completely emotionlessly, ’’However, this march is started under the order given by our great Emperor himself. Therefore...Don't even think about getting the credit all to yourself!’’

Before that Yu Clan elderly man could say anything, this cold and hoarse voice went on, ’’Angry? Then keep being angry! What can you do to us?’’

The few Blood Moon Yu Clan nobles' faces all turned dark because of the great rage. They stood in the air with bodies slightly twitching, but couldn't say anything while that immense zombie army continuously moved south. Soon, the Nether Moon's large scale battle machines, which were following closely behind those zombie warriors and zombie beasts, gradually showed up within the coverage of the sword formation.

Those were chariots made from many pale white bones, shaped weirdly as skull faces. On those odd shaped chariots, numerous pale bone towers, that had black smoke streams puffing out from the tops, were standing there. These pale bone towers were all thickly covered in spell symbols. Bright green fires had risen from these towers for over a hundred zhang in height. From time to time, fierce gusts of wind would blow across, and large flecks of phosphorescent flame would spatter out from those fire streams, falling on the ground and burning with loud sizzling noises on the muddy ground, creating hundreds of huge holes in the ground.

The human troop which was arranged in the north and were supposed to encircle and annihilate the remnants of the Qian Family's armies had already burst into a fight against the spearhead of the Nether Moon.

Zombie warriors moving in the forefront raised their spears with synchronized moves. Exactly same gestures, same angle and at the exact same time, they lunged those spears violently forward.

Great streams of blood sprayed out. Thousands of human warriors had their bodies punctured by those spears, but with their full-strength attacks, many zombie warriors' bodies were hacked into pieces or smashed as well. Some zombie warriors were struck by tremendous power streams and shattered backwards, knocking a huge number of zombie warriors behind them down.

Followed by a thunderous swooshing noise from those bone chariots at the backside of the army, water-tank sized green fireballs suddenly were ejected from the numerous white, bone towers standing on those chariots. With a dense and evil green glow, those green fireballs sliced across the sky like a meteor shower, silently falling onto the array of human warriors.

Those green wildfire balls blasted out. A great number of human warriors were burned into human-shaped torches, dragging the green flame that was burning all over their bodies, crazily dashing around while screaming themselves hoarse.

In the Evil Dragon Bay battlefields, the war situation on the side of the human army had taken a sudden turn and became worse rapidly, now becoming solemn.


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