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The Magus Era - Chapter 409


Chapter 409: Nether Moon

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The troop of feathered warriors led by Qing Lei blocked the way of Ying Yunpeng's archer troops.

Qing Lei was holding a long spear made from green wood, his strong and muscular body carried up into the sky by his enormous pair of wings. His face had twisted because of the anger while he roared in a hoarse voice, ’’Ying Yunpeng! You, and your people, land, and kneel!’’

Tens of thousands of feathered warriors floated behind Qing Lei with long spears held in their hands and wings flapping. Everyone's body was wrapped up by a thin yet dense layer of cyan mist. They had also been ragingly looking at Ying Yunpeng, at those Eastern Wasteland archers behind him, and those Yu Clan warriors standing beside those Eastern Wasteland archers!

Ying Yunpeng stood on the golden wing roc's back and slightly curved his lips upwards. He gave a faint, cold and scornful sneer, then waved his hand.

Instantly, a heavy rain of arrows was released by those Eastern Wasteland archers from behind him. They launched the attack towards Qing Lei and those feathered warriors under his command. The long spear held in Qing Lei's hands immediately transformed into a cyan-colored lightning bolt and roared out straight towards Ying Yunpeng's chest from ten miles away.

Feathered warriors pulled their longbows open as well. While their bodies nimbly moved in the air, millions of arrows were released by them like a cyan-colored thunderstorm towards those Eastern Wasteland archers.

These two troops of warriors both came from the Eastern Wasteland. They were all human beings that once lived in the Eastern Wasteland. Back in the ancient time, their ancestors were all under the protection of the Green God. They were all mastered in archery. Once, they or their ancestors had fought side by side back in the Eastern Wasteland and built a fertile homeland for the humankind.

At this moment, countless arrows were swishing in the air, piercing into the chests of those Eastern Wasteland archers, and puncturing the hearts of those feathered warriors. Large amounts of blood shed towards the ground from the sky like inexpensive rainwater. Numerous silhouettes of human beings fell down from the air;some were Eastern Wasteland archers, while others were feathered warriors.

Those Yu Clan elite warriors standing on metal flying saucers were laughing madly and boisterously, even tears had started to gush out of their eyes.

Elite human warriors slaughtering each other... what a sweet, amazing big show. Even the most beautiful and skillful dancing girl in Liang Zhu City couldn't perform such a brilliant, great show. While laughing, those Yu Clan elite warriors opened the erect eyes on their foreheads, releasing streams of blood-red light onto the bodies of those Eastern Wasteland archers.

Towards human warriors, these Yu Clan elites didn't have even a little bit of pity or compassion;the secret spell they had been using on those archers was of the evilest kind. Like fishing in a drying pool, they intended to squeeze the last bit of power out from the marrows of these archers. That spell could allow those archers to erupt with a terrifyingly great power instantly, as a price of which, their lives would be burning.

These Eastern Wasteland archers were like emblazed matches, within a swiftly short span of time, the sense of power released from their bodies had actually reached the level of Magus Kings!

Qing Lei gave a long and resonant roar, turned around and ran immediately. Meanwhile, he growled, ’’Run!’’

It was 'run' instead of 'retreat'!

Facing the evilest secret spell of the Blood Moon, there was no other way but run. For those emblazed Eastern Wasteland archers, they were now like fireworks. Their lives would bloom, and their powers would explode, and for an extremely short span of time, they could possess the power of Magus Kings!

Tens of thousands of Magus Kings?

Qing Lei was not stupid, if he insisted on taking this fight, it would only end up into a pure massive slaughter.

While giving a malicious grin, Ying Yunpeng threw out a punch, bumping the long spear thrown over by Qing Lei away. A finger of his was shattered by the power of the spear, but as his power streams flowed quickly inside his body, his wound recovered immediately. He then raised his longbow while yelling in a crazy and hoarse voice, ’’Kill them all, kill them all!’’

On the ground and in the sky, Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors had been frantically roaring and growling. Their morale was burning ragingly, like the most fierce and fearless beasts. They rushed towards the human troops, which had been roaring and rushing towards them as well.

'Wipe out all human army forces in this area, break Evil Dragon Bay, and starting from this area, break the entire Chi Ban Mountain defensive line... After that, the essential, core area of the humankind's territory would be right in front of their eyes!'

’’All human beings will become slaves!’’

’’Kill as many old human beings as you want!’’

’’Enjoy as many female human beings as you like!’’

’’Seize as much wealth of theirs as you can!’’

’’Turn them into lowly animals!’’

’’Destroy their history!’’

’’Destroy their civilization!’’

’’Destroy their pride!’’

’’Destroy their glory!’’

’’Annihilate their memories!’’

’’Turn them into the lowest slaves lying under out feet, forever and ever, generation after generation! Just like the other races that we have conquered, turn them into lowly creatures... to whom we can do whatever we want!’’

The slim silhouette standing on the tower top barfed in a maniacal tone while wielding that blood-red flag, like a pure demon.

’’Sons of the Blood Moon, go build your exploits... to brighten the glory of our Supreme Blood Moon! Under the lead of the great Emperor Dishi Yanluo, to conquer, slaughter, seize, and be as crazy as you can!’’


Countless Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors roared themselves hoarse. Those dark-skinned slave warriors and flecked slaves even began madly leaping and waving their arms, yelling and laughing loudly in a weird excitement.

’’Great, Supreme Nether Moon, the unpredictable, mysterious Nether Moon, the one that has all secrets of life and death under your control... please listen to the calls of your sons! Gift us the power, allow us to conquer everything!’’

A cold and clear voice, which was rather unpleasant to hear, sounding even like a low singing sound let out by a ten-thousand years old corpse inside a tomb, came from the north.

The tall and slim silhouette standing on top of the tall, blood-red tower instantly paused, and at the same time, the looks of all Blood Moon warriors, who were in great excitement, changed simultaneously. All of them turned their eyes to the north together, some even began cursing loudly, seeming to be utterly discomfited.

A gray mist swept over from the north, from within which, hundreds of grey-colored tall towers were visible to be rapidly approaching. On top of these towers, hundreds of gigantic, gray erect eyes were releasing cold and emotionless glows. That gray glow was so freezing and so evil that with a single glance at it would cause one to sense a stream of the power of death gushing right into the body from the top of the head, freezing one's entire body.

'Dong, dong, dong, dong,'muffled and ordered footsteps, that somehow sounded like coming from hell, rose from the north like muffled thunders.

Ji Hao tried his best to open his eyes wider and look into the North, and despite the fact that he had fully activated the power of his Gold Crow pupils, he could only see things within the area hundreds of miles in radius. But could not see what exactly had been happening in the north.

However, from within the gray mist that Ji Hao had seen in the coverage of the sword formation, he saw that behind those gray, tall towers, numerous phalanxes, each formed by ten-thousand warriors, had been approaching with rumbling steps.

Warriors in those phalanxes were wearing gray metal armors, holding rusted long spears, walking towards the south with big, perfectly ordered steps, just like puppets. Every single step made by them could make them reach tens of Zhang far, and every step had the exact same length as if they had measured every step with a ruler before they made it.

'Clang, clang, clang, clang,'metal armors of these seemingly dead warriors clanged against each other, letting out ear-piercing metal-clashing noises. A great and heavy pressure that could disable anyone from breathing swooshed across the entire space, raising the feeling of anxiousness inside Ji Hao's heart.

Such a great gigantic group of ten-thousand warrior phalanxes... Ji Hao couldn't even figure out the exact number of these phalanxes within a short while.

From the east to the west, this army extended for over ten-thousand miles. Within the coverage of the sword formation, Ji Hao saw these ordered phalanxes, which had extended for over ten-thousand miles, pressing over like gray tidewater.

Through the sword formation, Ji Hao scanned those seemingly dead warriors with his spirit power, after which, his heart instantly sank.

Under those gray, lustreless armors, those weirdly moving warriors were all scrawny, hideous-looking zombies, that had strangely tough, metal-cast-like bodies. None of them was actually alive!


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