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The Magus Era - Chapter 408


Chapter 408: Converging Attack

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

On top of a magnificent mountain, Yu Yu sat on a branch of an ancient pine and was happily holding his wine calabash, having a joyful drink of the wine contained in it.

Abruptly, his pair of eyes shone with a frosty light while he threw a glance at the direction of Ji Hao. Those two sword moves made by Ji Hao were clearly seen by Yu Yu.

An incredibly strong and fierce stream of sword power, which seemed to tear the entire sky, ground, even the whole universe into pieces, rose straight into the air. Afterwards, hazy streams of purple mist rotated inside Yu Yu's eyes;he forcibly restrained that terrifying sword power.

His ten fingers began flicking intensely, while a magical light emitted from every single pore of his, condensed into a flame-like, glowing light screen behind his body. A stream of purple mist swooshed right into the sky from the top of his head, then transformed into thousands of meter in radius dense cloud, slowly spreading out. Beams of golden light poured down from that enormous purple cloud, swinging like strings of jade beads and pearls.

’’Ah, hands itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy!’’ Yu Yu gripped that wine calabash with both of his hands while gulping the wine. His pair of brows raised while he was yelling, his long and shining hair rising from his back, fluttering in the air.

’’I actually want to give a good hack on that bloody tower! Good disciple, those two sword moves were excellent!’’

’’No, no, no. I can't keep watching this... Otherwise, I might lose the control of my itchy hands.’’ Yu Yu turned around while his whole body was twitching, then with some real difficulty, he closed his eyes. That giant dense cloud floating above his head speedily went back into his body. He sealed all of his sensations and isolated himself from all senses that came from the world.

’’Good disciple, truly a good disciple. As his Shifu, my sword art seems to have a successor finally, right?’’ Yu Yu murmured to himself while guzzling that wine, ’’Po and the other few disciples of mine have only learned some superficial things about my sword art... what a great shame...Hm, I have to pay close attention to him. Can't let those shameless twats do any harm to this good disciple of mine.’’

Remaining silent for a short while, Yu Yu dropped the wine calabash and waved his hand. Next, the tree bark of this ancient pine split up, from which, a glowing crystal tree heart flew out. As Yu Yu slightly pointed his finger at this tree heart, the tree heart cleaved, transforming into nine tiny wooden swords. Yu Yu then gave a faint smile, stroking his fingers upon these tiny wooden swords. He drew numerous spell symbols, which were releasing strong and fierce senses of powers, on these tiny wooden swords in a row.

Within the blink of an eye, Yu Yu finished his work with these small wooden swords. He then threw these tiny swords out, which instantly sliced the air open and swooshed out.

’’Po, add these nine sword talismans into the sword formation...You handle the nine-grid sword formation yourself... Just slaughter without worrying about anything else!’’ said Yu Yu in a low voice towards the air. Then he grabbed the wine calabash up, making another few huge gulps of wine.

On the blood-red tower, a slim silhouette emerged from the bright blood-red light. A flagpole was held in his left hand. That was a blood-red flag, fluttering intensely on top of the flagpole. A violent gale blew across, bringing the blood-red mist spraying out from the flag to hundreds of miles away, just like the crimson clouds at sunrise, which could light up the entire sky.

’’Sons of the Blood Moon, fight!’’ That slim man-shaped silhouette, who had eye-piercing blood red light streams tens of miles long glowing from all three eyes of his, growled in a stern voice, ’’Put on your armors, pick up your weapons, fight!’’

The Qian Family's remaining army forces, which had been trying their bests to flee towards the north, suddenly stopped running. They turned around simultaneously and saw that blood-red tower and the fluttering flag on top of the tower.

An inexplicable will to fight rose from the hearts of these remnants of a defeated family. At the same moment, their eyes were filled up with blood streaks, while a crazy sense of power ejected from their bodies. Many Jia Clan warriors instantly fell into a mad state.

They gasped deeply and quickly, letting out scorching hot airstreams from their mouths. These Jia Clan warriors howled out while rushing towards the armors and weapons which were dropped by themselves earlier. They put on their armors and grabbed their weapons, growling their designations out. Under the command of their leaders, these Jia Clan warriors soon lined up orderly in phalanxes again.

Groups of Qian Family elites stopped running as well. Dense blood-red mist rose from around their bodies. They began breathing quickly and loudly while raising their magic wands, and began incanting spells, ceaselessly improving the powers of their warriors through all kinds of arcane Blood Moon spells.

The bodies of those Jia Clan warriors began expanding. Their blood was boiling, and their wills of fighting were burning. All of a sudden, they all turned into brave, skillful warriors from cowards who were fleeing from the battlefield.

They forgot about the three strong human army forces which had been approaching speedily from three different directions;they forgot about the main army forces of the Qian Family, which were just annihilated. They only looked at that blood-red flag, solemnly raised their weapons and saluted to it, then madly rushed towards the south with huge steps.

They rushed towards the town, which had swallowed seventy percent of the Qian Family's man army forces just now as if death was disdained by them.

Ji Hao held the Flame Dragon sword, standing in the air. He glanced at these remnants of the defeated Qian Family, who had got their morale aroused again. He shook his head and stopped paying any further attention to them. As long as they dared to step into the area three-hundred miles in radius around the two, under the power of the sword formation, they could never possibly survive.

The human-shaped silhouette that stood on top of the blood-red tower roared out in a high voice. Because of the power of the blood-red tower, his voice immediately transmitted across the vast area over ten miles in radius.

’’Stay away from the town, stay five-hundred miles away from the boy... then you will not be hurt! Keep away from the town and launch your attacks on the humankind... attack, attack!’’

’’Kill every single human being in your sight, kill them all! For this battle, we will win!’’

Song Gu, who had an immense body, gave a wild, crazy roar as if he was responding to the shouts of that human-shaped silhouette. Song Gu then moved his enormous body, bringing tens of thousands of treemen, rushing directly towards those Thunder Luster warriors who were approaching from the east, with big, rumbling steps.

More troops of Yu Clan and Jia Clan elite warriors surged out from underground. They organized themselves into tremendous-scale phalanxes on the ground, held their heads high, moving towards the human army forces under Si Wen Ming's command. They all seemed so confident about winning the fight.

Ying Yunpeng glanced at Ji Hao from a long distance away, gave a wicked grin then waved his hand. Following his move, those Eastern Wasteland archers drove their battle birds to closely follow those Yu Clan troops from the air, darting towards the human army as well.

Beside those Eastern Wasteland archers under Ying Yunpeng's command were large groups of Yu Clan warriors who trod on Zhang in radius, metallic, and round-shaped flying saucers. In an ordered line, these flying saucers flew side by side with those Eastern Wasteland archers. Showering under the glow of blood-red clouds released by that blood-red flag, these large battle birds which had been quickly flapping their wings and those flying saucers, which were crafted by Xiu Clan master craftsman, these two different kinds of beings mixed together, giving a weird, evil yet aesthetic feeling.

Ji Hao remained floating in the air, helplessly looking at those non-humankind troops keeping themselves away from the attacking range of the sword formation.

Yu Yu's magic sword formation was unspeakably powerful and destructive, but Ji Hao couldn't control it freely. After he had set up the sword formation, if he wanted to move it, he had to withdraw the formation first. However, a fierce aura of killing had been shrouding his entire body. Ji Hao was clearly aware that once he withdrew the sword formation, powerful beings among those non-humankind troops would immediately launch deadly attacks on him, and obliterate him for good.

Therefore, he could only stand inside the sword formation and stay under its protection, unable to be of any help in the current battle situation anymore.

’’Power!’’ Ji Hao clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth, looking at those non-humankind troops, which had been growling loudly and moving around the town like a roaring ocean.

They abruptly, unexpectedly showed up in the middle of Evil Dragon Bay... Without a doubt, to the humankind, this was just like a violent, deep stab in the heart.

The defensive line of the human army in Chi Ban Mountain area was now in danger!


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