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The Magus Era - Chapter 407


Chapter 407: Shock

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Ji Hao trod on the air, floating in the sky with ninety-nine small Gold Crows hovering around him.

The raging Gold Crow flame released from his body had transformed into a sphere-shaped light shield, encircling Ji Hao's entire body. The golden-red light emitted by that light shield shone to hundreds of miles away. When looking from afar, he was just like a small blazing sun, floating above the town.

Archers under Ying Yunpeng's command released their arrows altogether. A massive number of arrows roared over, and the one standing out the first to fend against these arrows was no one else but Ji Hao.

Man Man stood inside the town, raised her head, looking and Ji Hao while gave a loud shout worryingly.

Ji Hao smiled, lowered his head, then determinedly nodded at Man Man.

He didn't know why Ying Yunpeng would betray the humankind, neither did he know why so many non-humankind creatures and warriors rushed out from the underground battle fort where Ying Yunpeng had stocked his warriors. None of these mattered. What actually mattered was that as long as Ying Yunpeng and all those creatures and non-humankind warriors had launched their attacks, Ji Hao would throw a counterpunch back without any doubt!

Gripping the Flame Dragon Sword, Ji Hao slightly flicked the sword edge with his finger. The sword emitted a buzzing noise, even shaking the entire sky. Drifting clouds in the heavens were instantly torn apart by the fierce power streams released by the sword. Nine spell symbols of [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] lit up around each of Ji Hao's pupils. Meanwhile, the sense of power given by him suddenly became incredibly strange and weird, as if he, as a human being, had perfectly merged with the natural environment around him.

The unity of nature and man... He had taken control of the world.

Originally, the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] was a supreme, mysterious magic, that could allow its user to control the powers of nature. However, in Ji Hao's previous and current life, his power had always been limited. Consequently, he could never truly reach the legendary supreme state, which was the unity of nature and man.

Nevertheless, right now, he was inside the magic sword formation of Yu Yu. Within the coverage of the magic sword formation, he was able to control every single being.

Those Eastern Wasteland archers had amazing archery, and within merely a second, each one of them had at least released over a hundred arrows towards the town. Hundreds of thousands of archers, each shooting over a hundred arrows out, that made tens of millions of arrows swishing in the air altogether. Literally, those arrows looked like a giant dark cloud, covering the sky for dozens of miles in radius.

The moving track of every arrow, the length, thickness, weight, the power intensity, and the air swirls brought up by each of them, and that fierce airstream started by the mutual effects among these arrows which was able to tear everything into bits...

Ji Hao had all the information regarding these arrows, just like seeing a withered and yellow leaf through a thin layer of rippling water;everything was just under his control.

Sky-opening... Ji Hao silently launched the Sky-opening move. With the help of Yu Yu's magic sword formation, Ji Hao's understanding of Sky-opening had become deeper quickly. Within the area tens of thousands of miles in radius, the moving tracks of all natural power streams were clearly visible to Ji Hao and were all being manipulated by him.

Finding the weakness of enemy's attack and defusing the attack through that, locating the chance of survival, bursting with possibilities in an impossible situation, and making the flower of hope bloom in despair... The nine spell symbols of [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] rapidly rotated around each of Ji Hao's pupils, and at the same time, the sense of power released from his body became dim, merging with nature itself. He raised the Flame Dragon Sword, slightly and simply swinging it forward.

When the move was launched, a thin, seemingly weak stream of power was sent out, zipping in the air for tens of miles, then gently hit an arrow.

The arrow was deflected, hitting another arrow. The intense power that attacked these two arrows clashed against each other, shattering them into pieces. Broken pieces of these two arrows ejected out randomly, and every single one of these pieces managed to hit an arrow. Flying tracks of these arrows were changed completely, bumping into each other, constantly letting out loud popping noises, as more arrows were shattered.

This terrifying chain reaction expanded for nearly a hundred miles within a single moment. The tens of millions of arrows released by the hundreds of thousands of archers under Ying Yunpeng's command, which had covered the air for tens of miles in radius, all shattered into small pieces merely within the span of one breath.

Wooden arrows, bone arrows, stone arrows, jade arrows and metal arrows, even arrows that condensed from the power of strong Senior Magi.. tens of millions of arrows exploded in the air. At the same time, spell symbols attached on these arrows blasted out like fireworks. At that moment, the sky was filled with a magnificent, gorgeous light. Those different colored bright lights were as beautiful as a peacock spreading its tail.

’’Wow, so beautiful!’’ Man Man paused, intoxicatedly starting at the sky. Abruptly, she gave a big grin while waving her hands towards Ying Yunpeng, who was a long distance away, and yelled loudly, ’’Can you do that once again? Just release those arrows one more time!’’

The golden wing roc that Ying Yunpeng was mounted on suddenly froze in the air. Ying Yunpeng's wrinkled face remained absolutely expressionless, just like an iceberg, when his dull pair of eyes fixed on Ji Hao.

Hundreds of thousands of Eastern Wasteland archers mounted on their battle birds, looking at Ji Hao, who had just destroyed that overwhelming storm of arrows released by them with a single sword move. The eyes of these archers were also dull and expressionless. What kind of monster could smash tens of millions of swishing arrows with a single sword move, without even leaving one?

In ordinary battles, when hundreds of thousands of Eastern Wasteland archers released arrows all at once, even the incomparably powerful divine-Magi-level beings could destroy the immense destructive storm of arrows released by them only by relying on their shockingly great strength...A level of strength that could shatter a piece of land with a single, violent move,.

As for Ji Hao, he was only a young, newly promoted Senior Magus;a simple sword move launched by him should probably kill a few chickens at most. However, he had just achieved something that only divine-Magi-level beings could do.

’’Release again!’’ Ying Yunpeng raised a longbow himself and released three-hundred arrows in a row while roaring ragingly!

Hundreds of thousands of Eastern Wasteland archers pulled their longbows open together. From the quivers carried on their battle birds' backs, arrows flew up like living creatures one after another into their hands continuously. All these arrows were shot out by suddenly releasing the tightened bowstrings, like raindrops in a thunderstorm.

This time, on an average, each of these Eastern Wasteland archers had emptied three quivers, and each quiver had at least a hundred arrows carried in it.

A larger, much thicker dark cloud of arrows roared right towards Ji Hao's head. This time, those archers had all targeted Ji Hao on purpose. They were mounted on battle birds and had been flying in the air thousands of miles away from the ground. With their senior-level powers and those longbows, which were mostly inherited magic treasures, the attacking range of arrows released by them cold reach over a thousand miles!

Countless arrows roared over, as Ji Hao closed his eyes.

His Golden Dan was spinning swiftly, sending his soul power to intimately connect with the magic sword formation. More information gushed into his brain. With some difficult, Ji Hao again silently activated Sky-Opening. His skin suddenly turned purely red while slight streams of blood flew out from his eyes, nostrils, ears and mouths.

This new wave of arrows had reached Ji Hao's current limitation. Those were way too many arrows, and the flying tracks of those arrows were way too complicated. Even though Yu Yu's magic sword formation had been helping him the whole time, Ji Hao had still reached his limits. He had to find that slight chance of survival from over a hundred million flying arrows;he had to find the weakest spot among all these arrows!

He raised his hand and wielded the sword. When that roaring dark cloud of arrows was still five-miles away, Ji Hao swung the Flame Dragon Sword down.

A faint stream of light darted out. Once again, that impressively huge wave of arrows emitted thunderous, rumbled booms and millions of beams of dazzling lights. Those Eastern Wasteland elite archers under Ying Yunpeng's command sat on the backs of their battle birds with dull and expressionless faces, confusedly looking at all those arrows which were released by themselves with full-strength, blasted into tiny pieces, drifting all over the sky.

The morale of these Eastern Wasteland archers instantly dropped to the freezing point. Many of them helplessly turned to Ying Yunpeng, and Jinxing, Yipping, Tongpeng, Tiepeng, the four commanders of the troop. These warriors didn't know what to do.

Ying Yunpeng seemed to be confused as well. He could do nothing but ceaselessly shake his head while murmuring.

’’Little bastard, how could this even happen?’’

Even those Jia Clan warriors who had lined up on the ground fell into a deathly stillness, unable to let a word out for a long while.

Two sword moves launched by Ji Hao in a row had thrown the entire battlefields into an eerie, lifeless silence.


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