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The Magus Era - Chapter 406


Chapter 406: Turn the Weapon Around

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

’’How did this happen?’’ Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie, Hao Tao and the other ministers were all shocked pretty badly.

The west, that was where Ying Yunpeng and Ten Sun Country archers under his command had been hiding. Inside that underground battle fort were all elite, senior-level archers from the Eastern Wasteland. But now, groups of treemen and spirit fierce beasts were surging out from the underground battle fort. Why, and how did this happen?

’’Fight! Kill these human beings!’’ Song Go showed his real body, that was thousands of meters tall. He stood on the ground like a giant mountain, reaching thousands of old, mottled branches and vines out for hundreds of miles long, crazily wielding in the air.

Dense spheres of dark-green smoke had been ceaselessly spreading out from inside Song Gu's body. Wherever that dark-green smoke swept across, plants began to grow crazily. Newly grown grass had blades as sharp as daggers, while bushes had vines as twisted as ghosts' claws. All plants started brandishing their branches, leaves or vines and making threatening gestures, bumping against each other, continuously letting out loud and muffled clashing noises.

’’That was the king of treemen in this Chi Ban Mountain area, Song Gu!’’ Si Wen Ming growled in a harsh tone, ’’A slave of the phoenix-kind! Why did he bring all those treemen here? What the hell happened to those animals?’’

As a grand minister who was responsible for the human army's defensive line in Chi Ban Mountain area, Si Wen Ming surely knew about Song Gu, who was a local villain in Chi Ban Mountain. He also knew that this Song Gu had run counter to the nature and tradition of the treeman-kind, which was being free and relaxed. He gathered a group of powerful treemen, forcibly incorporated all treemen in Chi Ban Mountain area and tens of thousands of mountains located in surrounding of Chi Ban Mountain, then became this so-called king of treemen.

Chi Ban Mountain was a vital area for the defensive line of the human army. As the old saying went, how could an outsider be allowed to sleep beside one's bed? In this area, for unsettling beings like Song Gu, if he wouldn't pay allegiance to the humankind, he would have been secretly disposed of by some powerful assassins sent out by the humankind long ago. However, Song Gu was subdued by the phoenix-kind as a slave, who arranged him especially for collecting all kinds of treasures for phoenixes in the Chi Ban Market. Because of his relationship with the phoenix-kind, Song Gu was able to live a pleasurable life till present!

Reasonably, Song Go wasn't supposed to show up in here!

But he had come, with tens of thousands of treemen and many fierce, spirit animals, who had been roaring 'kill these human beings'!

’’Someone, go to the Chi Ban Market... Find Feng Qi and ask her about this!’’ said Si Wen Ming harshly, ’’Tell her, if she can't restrain her lackeys, don't blame our humankind for heartlessness...’’

Si Wen Ming paused briefly as an intense beam of light flashed across his eyes. He continued frostily, ’’Also tell her that if she still hasn't given up on Dragon Pool and insists on giving us troubles for that by breaking our defensive line in Chi Ban Mountain, she shall not blame me for taking the move myself. I would kill her, skin her, pull out her tendons and turn her into an inherited magic treasure!’’

The sense of power given off by Huaxu Lie, Hao Tao, Lie Mountain Kang and other ministers suddenly and simultaneously became exceptionally robust and fierce.

The humankind had been friendly with the phoenix-kind, true.

The humankind had been depending on the phenix-kind on a certain degree, true.

Historically, the phoenix-kind had given a hand to the humankind many times, even saved the humanity from destructive disasters for a few times, this was also true.

Nevertheless, if Feng Qi, an ordinary member of the phoenix-kind, dared to do whatever she wanted to the humankind merely because of what had happened in the past, she should learn that the swords of the humankind could kill as well. When beheading enemies, the humankind's swords could be no less sharp than those of any creature in this world!

A trusted general under Si Wen Ming's commander took the order and hurriedly left for the Chi Ban Market. Soon, a series of raging roars burst out. A big troop of elite human cavalry warriors mounted on their battle beasts, rumbling towards the Chi Ban Market.

’’If Feng Qi caused this on purpose, then what is wrong with Ying Yunpeng?’’ yelled Hao Tao loudly, ’’Why did he let these treemen and spirit animals into his defense sector? Only for this, I can convict him guilty for a felony of disturbing an important military plan, and even execute his entire family would be reasonable!’’

Si Wen Ming gritted his teeth. Yellow streams of mist rose from his pair of eyes. Meanwhile, the ground under his feet began shaking slightly. Around his body, the gravity was increasing speedily. Within a blink of an eye, even Huaxu Lie and a few other ministers couldn't stand but take a few steps away from him. They could no longer withstand the violent force of gravity surging out of Si Wen Ming's body!

Buzz! The mountain, where these senior ministers had been staying in, suddenly vibrated, then sank hundreds of Zhang deep. This mountain spread a thousand miles in radius, couldn't bear the destructive force of gravity released by Si Wen Ming either. Numerous cracks had emerged from its body. This mountain had even shown a sign of collapsing.

Si Wen Ming then growled word by word, in an ice-cold tone, ’’Where is Qing Lei? Qing Lei, please, take a group of people and...go take a look yourself!’’

Qing Lei, this sturdy and handsome-looking man who had an enormous pair of wings, gave a loud roar as a response, then stretched his wings, immediately transforming into a stream of light, flinging straight into the air. Tightly following behind him were tens of thousands of winged silhouettes of feathered men that rose high into the air as well.

Qing Lei was a feathered man who came from the Eastern Wasteland. He was once a confidential warrior under the Green God's command, and now was the leader of Emperor Shun's personal guards. He was an absolutely trusted subordinate of the Emperor Shun. Meanwhile, among Eastern Wasteland people, he and the troop of Emperor Shun's personal guards possessed an extraordinarily high status, above all Eastern Wasteland clans. Therefore, if anything had truly happened on Ying Yunpeng's end, Qing Lei could suppress the problem for at least a while.

Seeing Qing Lei and his people rushing swiftly towards where Song Gu and all those creatures led by him came from, Si Wen Ming slightly let out a sigh of relief. When he was going to deploy forces to deal with this abruptly twisted war situation, all of sudden, a blood-red stream of light roared directly into the air from the underground battle fort where Ying Yunpeng and his warriors had been hiding.

Followed by an earthshaking rumble, a purely blood-red tall tower, which was decorated by incalculably complicated patterns, ripped the rock formation apart and rose up to the ground. The tower seemed to have been moving rather slowly, but in fact, its movements happened swiftly. The giant mountain standing beneath that underground battle fort instantly disintegrated, turned into enormous clouds of ash, dissipating along the wind.

Within the short span of a few breaths, a tens of thousands of meters tall blood-red tower stood straight on the ground. Millions of blood-red spell symbols, which seemed to be carved out of pure crystals, had been slowly rotating around the tower, releasing intense and dazzling blood-red light that could disable people from breathing.

On top of that tall tower, a thousand-zhang in radius erect eye slowly opened. Once after that, it threw a glance at Qiang Lei, who had been galloping at full speed.

Qing Lei immediately gave a loud shout. Meanwhile, he nimbly lowered his body and barely dodged a long streak of blood-red light that had sliced the air open and swished towards him. This hundred-zhang long blood-red streak of light then violently struck into the group of Eastern Wasteland feathered warriors behind and even slightly brushed against Qing Lei's back.

Hoarse howls and roars instantly rose. Within that blood-red light, the bodies of over three-thousand elite feathered warriors melted rapidly. The feathers of their wings fell immediately off, turning into messy, broken feathers drifting all over the sky. Their bones and muscles ceaselessly oozed out large amounts of blood and pus, as if they were soaked in strong acid. Their bodies melted amazingly fast, and in the time span of a few breaths, these elite feathered warriors were turned into a giant sphere of blood, clattering down from the air.

’’Blood Moon divine tower!’’ Si Wen Ming and the other ministers exclaimed out together, ’’How did it get here?!’’

For such a massive Blood Moon divine tower, there was no way that it could be sent over here without alerting patrols of the human army. The only way to get this tower here silently was to set an extra-giant scale teleporting magic formation inside Ying Yunpeng's underground battle fort, then teleport this tens of thousands of meters tall tower with a base diameter of over a mile, to here!

’’Ying Yunpeng!’’ Si Wen Ming was so enraged. He gnashed his teeth tight, even squeezing a creaking noise out of his tooth seams. Finally, this mountain, where he and the other ministers were staying in, split up in whole along with a thunderous boom.

Huge groups of fully armored Jia Clan warriors dashed out from the crack located on the base floor of the blood-red tower, swiftly and orderly lining up into phalanxes. A significant number of giant-scale battle machines cautiously flew up from underground, joining formations of those Jia Clan warriors.

Followed by a series of muffled, wing-flapping sound, a tremendously large flock of flying battle beasts swished into the air. Ying Yunpeng stood on a golden-wing roc's back, giving three loud laughs, then growled, ’’Come, butcher every one of these lowly ants!’’

As Ying Yunpeng pointed his finger at the town where Ji Hao was in, a good number of Eastern Wasteland archers pulled their longbows open. Torrential rains of arrows pressed down towards the city where Ji Hao was in, like a dense and immense dark cloud which seemed to swallow the town entirely.


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