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The Magus Era - Chapter 405


Chapter 405: An Army of Spirit Creatures

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The Evil Dragon Bay was in a deathly stillness.

Native residents of this area, like those watery snakes, poisonous bugs, crows and other kinds of birds, had sensed the dreadful, overwhelming sense of power, which seemed to hold power to annihilate the whole world released by the magic sword pattern. They all huddled up in their nests or dens, hid their claws and teeth and dared not to make any sound.

The rest of the Qian Family's military forces, which hadn't yet stepped into the coverage of that great magic sword formation, were excitedly rushing towards the town where Ji Hao was at their highest speed. These forces moving as if they had been eagerly throwing themselves to death abruptly stopped running all together and stood stunned. Confused and frightened, they stared at the battlefield which was now completely empty. Not even a small piece of broken armor was left on the battlefield.

The morale of ninety-nine percent of the Qian Family's Yu Clan noble people, Jia Clan warriors and their slave warriors and slaves, was taken away by this terrifying magic sword formation. They sat straight on the ground, staring at this empty battlefield in despair and fear as if they had all lost their souls.

Tens of elite, high-standard armies of the Qian Family, added with countless humankind slaves they dispatched from their territories, and numerous giant-scale battle machines, countless battle puppets, chariots, and tens of Magus-King-level powerful beings of the Qian Family who were hiding among the armies... and even, quite a few divine-Magus-level legendarily powerful beings of the Qian Family who had been watching the fight deeply inside solid battle forts...

Gone, they were all gone. Completely gone with nothing left. Not even a single grain of ash of their bodies remained.

After a rather long while, the sword power released by the sword formation dissipated. A Qian Family elder hysterically leaped direct up from his troop, even forgetting to conceal his identity. He trod on the air, floating in the sky, revealing his Magus-King-level power.

Looking at the empty battlefield, which was filled by the Qian Family's elite army forces just now, he vomited blood, then screamed out in a hoarse voice, ’’What the hell happened?! Where are all those people?! Where are they?! All dead?! Where the hell are they?!’’

Ji Hao leaped down from the watchtower. The Gold Crow cloak worn by him released a raging, dazzling fire, while ninety-nine sharp beams of sword light transformed from Gold Crow patterns on the cloak zipped up into the air, carrying Ji Hao's body up and allowing him to slowly rise into the sky.

He stood straight in the air thousands of meters high from the ground, pulled out the Flame Dragon Sword, pointing the sword tip at that Qian Family elder and growled harshly, ’’Those people of yours are all dead for sure, aren't they? Old one, do you dare to step in the formation and fight a duel with me?’’

The Qian Family elder who was screaming hoarsely yet shrilly suddenly opened the erect eye in between his eyebrows. A sticky sphere of blood-red light gushed out of his body, transforming into a blood-red moon rotating around his body. His body was like a light puff of smoke, also like a bolt of lightning, silently flashing across the air and reaching less than five-hundred meters away from Ji Hao within a single moment. Ji Hao flicked his finger, following which, a stream of sword power descended from the sky.

Along with a sizzling noise, the sword power stream hacked directly down from the head of that Qian Family elder, chopping him into two.

The eyes of all were fixed on this;everyone on the scene had clearly seen that the armor, cape, cloak of this elder and over ten jade amulets tied around his waist, even those tens of small decorations wearing by him, had released dazzling blood-red light simultaneously. Layers of thick and solid defensive light screen wrapped him firmly up. At that moment, he was protected strongly by at least three-hundred layers of defensive light screens, which could easily hold off Magus-King-level attacks, while some could even block divine-Magus-level attacks.

Nevertheless, that sword power stream sliced smoothly down, almost as easily as slicing through the air. All defensive light screens were chopped apart.

’’Great, Supreme Blood Moon!’’ The remaining three to five armies of the Qian Family wailed out together. Their morale, which had already broken down, now reached the freezing point. Countless warriors dropped their weapons and took off their armors, turning around and stampeding towards the north like drowned mice.

They all knew this elder. He was the most powerful one amongst all Qian Family's Magus-King-level elders. He was a genuinely powerful being, who could break into the level of divine Magi anytime. But just now, such a strong one was just chopped to death so easily;not to mention ordinary warriors like themselves.

'Run, run as fast as they could.

This had nothing to do with courage or bravery. Instead, it completely came from the instinct of living beings, which allowed them to pursue luck and avoid disasters;it came from the instinct of living beings for saving their own lives and surviving.

It was like a weak, vulnerable child bumping into a giant bear in the woods;he would absolutely think of turning around and fleeing right away instead of raising his tiny fists and starting a bloody fight against that giant bear!

At this moment, the remain army forces of the Qian Family were like that weak child, while Ji Hao, who had been controlling that terrifying magic sword formation of Yu Yu, was that giant bear!

’’Oi, fleeing already?’’ Ji Hao looked at those desperately running Qian Family warriors, sighed and said. However, he didn't show any sign of chasing them. Those warriors were around three to four hundred miles away from Ji Hao, and it would be rather difficult for him to catch up with them. Besides, those were a few armies still, while Ji Hao was only a person, a mere kid. Without the magic formation, Ji Hao wouldn't dare to fight against them.

’’Uncle Wen Ming, It's your turn to come on the stage!’’ Grinningly, Ji Hao waved his hand towards the east.

Deeply inside a towering mountain, Si Wen Ming and the other leaders of the human army, who had been watching the fight through a secret magic were remaining entirely silent. None of them said anything for a rather long while.

After quite a long while, Hao Tao, who had always been a taciturn one, couldn't help but break the silence by pointing at the floating imagine in the magic sandbox and yelling, ’’Is this magic formation borrowed by Elder Candle Dragon Gui? Can we go find out who exactly it is that lent this treasure to Elder Candle Dragon? Even if we have to use half a Pu Ban City to...’’

Huaxu Lie shook his head at Hao Tao, and Hao Tao then stopped talking.

Huaxu Lie stared at the image in the magic sandbox and said in a hoarse voice, ’’I am just amazed. Wondering where did Elder Candle Dragon borrow such a frightful treasure from. Except for the Dishi Family, the Qian Family could be counted as the most influential family amongst all Blood Moon families... Their leader once competed against Dishi Yanluo for the throne of the Emperor in power...Had over seventy percent of their elite army forces been destroyed just like this?’’

Si Wen Ming laughed out loud, then said in a relaxed, pleased tone, ’’We have won this battle anyway! Those remaining army forces are all freaked out already. Without sending out too many warriors, we will be able to wipe them all out. In this way, we don't need to dispatch all the forces we assembled.’’

Remaining silent for a short while, Si Wen Ming gave out a series of orders. Following his command, a significant half of those large-scale troops of human warriors, who had been preparing for a great war around Evil Dragon Bay, quickly turned around, moving towards the Blood Cloud Mountain.

'Dong, dong dong, dong dong dong,'Sky-shaking drums rose from the surrounding areas of Evil Dragon Bay, along with which, large groups of human warriors surged out together from all directions.

From the north, thousands of enormous boas wriggled over while spurting puffs of poisonous mist out of their jaws. Wuzhi Qi was standing on a single-horned, malicious-looking boa's head, with a thick, purely black ice stick held in his hand, and an expressionless look on his face. A strong, seemingly boundless fierce aura of killing had filled up the space around him.

From the west, led by hundreds of winged dragons, tens of stunningly gigantic Longbo Country[1] people, whose upper bodies were all covered by clouds, had been running over with big steps with hills carried in their hands. These Longbo Country people could make tens of miles with a single step, and therefore they reached to the town within the short time span of dozens of breaths.

From the east, huge groups of thunder beasts were forerunners like always. Thunder Luster Clan warriors were wielding lightning bolts, guiding an incalculably high number of warriors, rushing over like a deluge. Above the heads of these warriors, big flocks of rocs were screaming thrillingly, and standing on these rocs' backs, were many heavily armored human warriors.

As for the west side...

In the west, giant mountains disintegrated one after another. Streams of black smoke swooshed up into the air while tens of thousands of enormous treemen rumbly stepped over, howling in muffled yet resonant voices.

Behind these treemen were an overwhelmingly great group of spirit animals, such as wolves, tigers, and leopards. They were running with their rear legs like human beings while roaring and rushing towards the town in a formidable array.

This army coming from the west was not a human army;instead, it was an army of spirit creatures led by Song Gu, the king of treemen!’’


[1]Longbo Country (龙伯国): The country of giants in ancient Chinese legends.


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