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The Magus Era - Chapter 404


Chapter 404: Sword Kill

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Four streams of sword powers tore the air apart while striking over, each going through the city wall in the east, south, west or north side.

Non-humankind warriors who had surged up to the city wall were frozen altogether, eyes filled with fright, confusion, and despair. In the very next moment, thin blood mist sprayed out from their bodies simultaneously. Thin, razor-blade-sharp flakes of blood mist spurted out from their bodies along with a hissing noise. Within a blink of an eye, their bodies all turned to regular-shaped pieces, falling to the ground.

Those body pieces were thumb-sized, perfectly square, having the cut edges as smooth as mirror surfaces.

Over a hundred thousand non-humankind warriors who had charged forward fell at the same moment, and in such a horrifying way.

The broad battlefield instantly fell into a deathly silence. Except for those Qian Family armies which were rushing over at their highest speed from three-hundred miles away, all non-humankind warriors who had witnessed what happened just now were all silenced. Each one of them was frozen by the shock, like a dead body.

’’ could this happen?!’’

After a time span of three breaths, in a portable battle fort, the one that was the farthest from the city wall, a Qian Family elder let out a scream. He couldn't even believe his own eyes.

Those warriors had already rushed up to the top of the city wall and occupied it. Tthe human troops inside the town were suppressed severely, they were even almost disabled from breathing. They were so close from breaking this town thoroughly and destroying the last bit of defense of the human army in this Evil Dragon Bay area.

From Evil Dragon Bay to the south was a smooth and flat plain area, that had a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, and would allow the Qian Family to dominate with great ease. On that plain area, the Qian Family's immensely strong military forces could unscrupulously launch their attacks in any direction. They would have absolute strategic advantage, with which, they would be able to turn the entire defensive line of the human army in the Chi Ban Mountain area into a total mess!

As long as they could break this town, the last important, defensive stronghold of the human army, in Evil Dragon Bay!

However, where did those four sword power streams come from?

Over seventy Blood Moon divine towers released scanning blood-red light streams together. Dazzling blood-red light streams rose into the air one after another along with ear-piercing buzzing noises. Blood-red spell symbols were shining all over the sky.

The air was in complete silence, and not even the slightest sound could be heard. No tracks of magic formations were found, not even a single trace to proof of the existence of a magic formation.

’’How... the hell... did that happen?!’’ Qian Family elders began screaming hysterically. They nervously looked at the surrounding area. All of their panic buttons were pushed already. Just now, those four sword power streams were supremely powerful, even creating an incomparably fierce aura of killing. The sense of power released by those four sword power streams was so intense that it even brought these elders, who were watching the battle from hundreds of miles away, a terrifying feeling. It was as if a destructible disaster was happening right to their own selves.

This sudden and great crisis threw them all into panic and confusion. Their hearts beat wildly, as all of them sensed that they were now shrouded by a faint yet dense, intense dark cloud of death.

’’How wonderful!’’ As for Ji Hao, he was now excitedly waving his arms in the watch tower, even about to start dancing because of the wild joy filled in his heart.

Just now, when the four sword power streams sliced the air and surged over, Ji Hao had somehow sensed a slight trace of the natural law of killing of this world gradually revealing itself in front of him. He seemingly had gained a deeper understanding of Sky-Opening, which was taught by the mysterious man.

His golden Dan power began boiling inside his Golden Dan. His soul had just reached a slight trace of the most mysterious, profound law of the natural, and was now going through some magical transformations. His soul became stronger, purer;the range of his perception had expanded, and the limitation of his perception was lowered;now he could sense even tinier objects easily.

Even that, after being flushed by the four sword power streams, the power stored inside his Magus Acupoints had become more refined and solid. The amount of power stored in each Magus Acupoint had risen largely as well.

’’Rise!’’ Ji Hao clenched both of his fists in a certain motion. Another lightning bolt rose along with his moves.

’’Kill him!’’ From a far distance away, a Qian Family elder discovered the fact that Ji Hao was the one who had been controlling everything. Immediately, this elder made the decision and gave out the order of killing Ji Hao. The tops of tens of Blood Moon divine towers shone with blood-red lightning bolts simultaneously;moreover, thousands of glaive throwers and hundreds of thousands of Jia Clan archers aimed their arrows at Ji Hao simultaneously.

Even a Magus King would perish, both the body and the soul, by such a massive-scale attack.

Ji Hao sensed the terrifying aura of killing locking him up from every direction. He laughed resonantly, and his body suddenly transformed into a puff of hazy watery mist and dissipated. All glaive throwers and archers who were aiming at Ji Hao, even those elite Yu Clan warriors, exclaimed out in shock, not knowing how to react. They had lost the sight of Ji Hao completely, and couldn't locate even a slight trace of his anymore.

'Swoosh'! A khaki-colored sword light stream descended from the heaven.

This hundreds of meter wide and five miles long sword light stream, which contained the purest power of earth, heavily struck on a portable battle fort of the Qian Family. As this sword light stream bashed directly down from the air, the metal, portable battle fort, which had an amazingly great defensive power, appeared like a fragile box made from iron sheets. Following a shrill, ear-piercing cracking noise, that battle fort was shattered into thousands of pieces.

Inside the battle fort were over ten Qian Family elders, hundreds of Qian Family direct noble descendants, and more than a hundred thousand Yu Clan and Jia Clan elite warriors.

These more than a hundred thousand people were all absolute elites of the Qian Family, but they were all crushed just now. All of them had been blasted into the finest blood mist within the last moment, like a fragile piece of tofu which had clapped against a solid rock. Blood mist and smashed flesh and bones spread all over the area, even spraying tens of miles away.

After waves of that sword light stream had surged towards the vicinity, the ground fluctuated like water surface and one after another, waves of soil spread in every direction. Hundreds of thousands of non-humankind slave warriors, who were arrayed surrounding that battle fort, were all drawn into those strong waves of soil while howling and screaming. The ground vibrated, and those slave warriors were instantly crushed like beans in a milestone.

Another thunder rumbled in the sky. Once again, Ji Hao launched an attack through the sword formation.

A purely dark sword light stream descended from the sky, releasing a freezing-cold sense of power, pressing directly onto everyone's face. This move contained the purest, most essential water power.

Same as the last time, the sword light stream accurately struck on a Qian Family's portable battle fort. The battle fort itself and the Blood Moon divine tower and every living being standing inside it, along with all members of non-humankind armies within the area ten-mile in radius, were frozen simultaneously. Everything was sealed by black ice, after which, the sword light stream slightly twisted. Followed by a slight and quick cracking noise, all living beings and inanimate objects sealed by the black ice blasted into the finest grains of ice, dissipating along with the wind.

Another thunder burst. This time, a scorching red stream of sword light descended.

A metal portable battle fort and the Blood Moon divine power set inside it were evaporated together within a raging and surging fire. A frightfully great heat had been released by that red sword light, burning the battle fort, the divine tower, and every single thing inside the battle fort into wisps of smoke.

Once again, thunder rumbled resonantly. A cyan stream of sword light carried numerous fierce and sharp gusts of gale, which were condensed from pure power streams, swooshing down from the heaven.

A metal battle fort was dragged out of control, flying up into the air right towards that rampant, violent cyan-colored waves of gale. The battle fort shattered, getting crushed completely. Millions of billions of extremely thin gusts of wind drilled into the pores of people who were staying inside the battle fort. With a single blow, all these people were immediately turned into puffs of bone ashes, drifting down to the ground.

The earth power, water power, fire power and wind power;the powers of these four basic elements condensed into sword light and each launching a strike blew four Qian Family's portable metal forts into ashes right away.

Despairing wails and howls made by Qian Family people and their warriors came from all directions. They didn't know what had exactly happened just now, neither did they know how powerful and terrifying this magic sword formation was which had encircled them.

Centering the town where Ji Hao was in, a circular area that had the radius of three-hundred miles suddenly dimmed down.

Four long swords sparkling with different-colored lights gradually emerged from the air each in the east, south, west and north.

A booming thunder roared. Ji Hao floated in the air with his legs crossed, as if he was sitting in the air. A gray, cloudy blueprint of magic formation floated upon his head. Next, the four long swords sliced the air together, releasing countless, opaque streams of sword power, shrouding the sky, pressing down towards all Qian Family armies within this area.

After a second, within this area three-hundred miles in radius, not a single non-humankind being remained existing!


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