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The Magus Era - Chapter 403


Chapter 403: Sword attack

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The Yu Clan was indeed terrifying.

From armies to equipment, to battle experiences and skills, their overall strength could completely overpower the humankind!

After a massive battle against the four armies under Di Sha, Di Suo, Di Mo and Ju Xiu's commands, Ji Hao thought he had already seen the real powers of Yu Clan armies. However, the current situation was a head-on blow, waking him up thoroughly!

The Yu Dynasty was divided according to twelve different branch bloodlines, which were the three 'suns' and nine 'moons.'A powerful family of Blood Moon releasing all of their powers, how terrifying was that!

As Qian Tan's uncle moved backward, the Qian Family armies, which had encircled the town, instantly began moving like an aroused beast.

Powered by powerful magic formations, thousands of square-shaped battering juggernauts swooshed towards the town as fast as a hurricane. Strings of crossbows buzzed on the city wall, releasing fierce arrows, while Kuafu Family warriors threw giant rocks down and treemen bashed their long and huge branches down the city wall. However, none of the above could stop those metal, extra-enormous battering juggernauts from approaching.

When these battering juggernauts reached less than half a mile away from the city wall, scaling ladders rose swiftly from them one after another, reaching the city wall like uncountable claws of malicious ghosts.

Followed by a series of creaking noises, thousands of thick and heavy scaling ladders clanged against the city wall. Specially crafted iron claws reached out from these ladders, deeply sinking into the wall, fixing the ladders firmly.

Before human warriors on the city wall could do anything to break those ladders, Blood Moon divine towers released a massive wave of lightning bolts, sweeping across the city wall like a storm. Wherever those blood-red lightning bolts darted across, scores of human warriors died in body-explosions. Their blood puffed up into the air, transforming into countless twisted, blood-red spell symbols, swishing in all directions.

Those blood-red spell symbols were as fierce as sharp arrows, wherever they flew across, groups of human warriors were smashed into meat paste. More blood condensed into spell symbols under the effect of the Blood Moon's power, madly and randomly striking on the bodies of those human warriors. Human warriors guarding on the city wall were almost all wiped out.

Before back up warriors came onto the city wall from the town, following another wave of buzzing noise, tens of thousands of glaive-throwers roared out from behind those battering juggernauts. Countless thumb-thick, three feet long metal arrows rose into the air like an overwhelmingly large group of locusts, covering the top of the city wall up as if ready to destroy everything in this world.

Ahead of these glaive-throwers, groups of Jia Clan warriors pulled gigantic, metal longbows open, releasing giant-sized arrows towards the city wall one after another, which were large enough to be used as long spears by human warriors.

Spell symbols attached to those arrows shone with an eye-piercing light as the arrows landed on the city wall. Those arrows exploded, opening numerous holes on the layers of defensive light screens of the defensive magic formation, of this town. Uncountable different sized cracks appeared on the city wall, which was cast from metal as a whole, because of the explosions of those arrows.


All human warriors guarding the city wall were wiped out. Ji Hao stood on the watchtower, looking at these Qian Family armies bursting with terrifyingly lethal powers, in a great shock.

The defending troops in the town hadn't fought with full strength, even the power the defensive magic formation of this town had been weakened by a certain percentage on purpose. But Ji Hao was clearly aware that judging from the intensity of attacks launched currently by Qian Family armies, even if human warriors who guarded the city wall were all elites instead of condemned prisoner slaves, the result wouldn't be much better than what those condemned prisoner slaves had achieved.

The surrounding area of the town was covered by attacking range of those long-range weapons. Meanwhile, millions of non-humankind slaves and slave warriors were growling 'kill,'crazily rushing towards the city with their eyes shining brightly with a fierce blood-red light. They madly surged up to the top of the city wall through those scaling ladders, like black tidewater.

Tens of thousands of Yu Clan elite warriors lined up orderly in phalanxes, standing tens of miles away. Under the protection of a huge number of Jia Clan warriors and walls of solid, portable battle forts, they were holding magic wands in their hands and incanting spells. Blood-red light streams had been rotating in the erect eyes in the middle of their eyebrows. These Yu Clan warriors were constantly enchanting all kinds of secret magics to stimulate the powers of those slave warriors and slaves.

Ji Hao activated his Gold Crow pupils, under which, nothing about these slaves and slave warriors' powers could ever hide Stimulated by that secret Blood Moon power magic, generally, the power of these slave warriors and slaves was raised by three to five times!

Those slave warrior leaders, who had reached the level of Senior Magi before, now had all been releasing an extra strong sense of power, like raging dragons. Each one of them now looked like a wild, man-eating monster, rushing towards the city wall while snarling resonantly. They dashed up to the top of the city wall with only a few swift steps!

’’Kill!’’ Thousands of senior-level slave warrior leaders, who had been strengthened by a few times by the secret Blood Moon power magic, stood on the city wall, wielding their heavy and giant weapons, hacking down towards those defending human troops on the wall.

By now, the situation had changed into this- non-humankind warriors stood on the city wall while defending human troops were climbing up to the top of the city wall through ladders set on the inner side of the city wall! The battle situation had changed thoroughly, radically, within only the span of a few breaths! At this moment, the whole situation even looked as if the defending troops were trying to break the town.

Ji Hao watched these Yu Clan armies' behavior in a deep shock. Was this terrifyingly great strength the real power of the Qian Family, which was a truly influential Yu Clan family, after they released all their forces?

’’Get the hell off!’’ A silvery roar came from the city. Man Man mounted on Dragon Pool's head, each arm wielding a hammer hard forward. Over ten slave warriors leaders, who had rushed up to the top of the city wall, let out muffled moans and were all sent flying away while vomiting blood. Some of them had their arms smashed by Man Man's hammers, directly falling down from the tall city wall.

Large clouds of dark green, poisonous mist spread out on the top of the city wall. Wherever that toxic mist swept across, huge groups of non-humankind slaves and slave warriors silently fell down from scaling ladders.

Dense, green toxic mist had been coiling around Yu Mu's body. He was quietly standing below the watchtower where Ji Hao was in. A ten-zhang long section of city wall around his body had already become a forbidden zone. Every non-humankind warrior or slave who dared to approach had been corroded into a puddle of sticky pus speedily.

But all of a sudden, two bolts of blood-red lightning released by Blood Moon divine towers sizzled over, accurately striking Man Man and Yu Mu.

Both of them let out muffled moans while being sent flying out for tens of miles, falling into the town and not making any sound for quite a while.

After that, the top of the city war was filled up by non-humankind armies again. Countless slave warriors and slaves surged up to the city wall, wielding their weapons and madly attacking human warriors. Under the command of those slave warrior leaders, they rushed down through the ladders set on the inner side of the city wall. In their paths, tons of condemned prisoner slaves were chopped into bits, killed immediately without any resistance.

Outside the town, glaive-throwers and Jia Clan archers began releasing arrows once again. This time, those arrows flew straight towards the town, instead of the city wall. Those arrows had formed a horrible storm;wherever it swooshed across, numerous bodies were punctured, shattered, or turned into smashed meat paste, clapping on the ground.

Within the short span of a few minutes, the defensive force of this town was crushed almost completely. Large scale troops of human warriors were still staying inside the town, but those troops now were all in total disarray, and couldn't fend against attacks launched by the non-humankind armies at all.

Ji Hao stood on the watchtower, and with the help of the magic sword formation, he clearly 'saw' that around seventy percent of the Qian Family's military forces had already stepped in the area three-hundred miles in radius around the town.

More troops and armies had been gathering over towards the town. Obviously, they were all in a great rush to gain some credits. At least, they had to attain a good reputation for 'breaking the human army's defensive line in Evil Dragon Bay'!

’’It's about time!’’

Looking at thousands of Jia Clan big warriors darting over towards the watchtower he was standing in, Ji Hao gave a loud laugh, then rubbed his own hands. Following his move, a lightning bolt rose directly into the sky.

The sky and the ground vibrated simultaneously, while a hazy stream of sword power ran through the north city wall. From east to west, that sword power stream went through the two-hundred miles long city wall.

On the city wall, over a thousand Jia Clan big warriors and thousands of slave warrior leaders and tens of thousands of slave warriors and slaves abruptly paused, freezing like stone statues.


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