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The Magus Era - Chapter 402


Chapter 402: Close

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Numerous streams of scanning blood-red light released by Blood Moon divine towers sliced the air open. All magic formations set around the town had been shaking intensely under the effect caused by explosions of blood-red spell symbols.

Over seventy Blood Moon divine towers stood in a circle around the city, while thirty-nine portable battle forts encircled the area where Ji Hao was as well. Countless metal puppets carried large groups of non-humankind slaves, swiftly darting around. Pulled by massive metal puppet beasts, heavy chariots had been ceaselessly moving around the town.

Non-humankind slaves and slave warriors let out earth-shaking growls. They wielded their weapons and knocked their shields in excitement, trying their best to make the most ear-piercing noises. Great sense of power had condensed into visible blood-red mist, coiling high up in the sky. The power had materialized enough to form into blood-red raindrops falling from the heavens from time to time.

Over ten blood-red erect eyes were floating in the air, illuminating the sky with a cold, evil blood-red light. Without any dissimulation, these eyes had been observing every single move made by the human army inside the town.

In order to draw the main military force of the Qian Family over, Si Wen Ming arranged millions of fully armored condemned prisoner slaves in this city, which was the largest in scale and had the strongest defensive power amongst all towns in this Evil Dragon Bay area. Si Wen Ming made these condemned prisoner slaves look exactly like an elite human army force.

Except for these condemned prisoner slaves, over a thousand Kuafu Family people had also been walking around in this large town, hundreds of treemen, who had enormous body shapes, were roaring towards the sky, while thousands of boas and flood dragons coiled around enormous iron stakes, spraying clouds of mist out.

All these had been sending a strong message A large number of human military forces had gathered in here, and this town was the most important defensive stronghold of the human army in Evil Dragon Bay. Once this town was broken, the empty Evil Dragon Bay would no longer be able to stop the Qian Family's army from marching on.

Like flies which had sensed fresh blood, Qian Family's military forces came swarming over from all directions. They had already broken tens of towns, which were also important defensive strongholds of the human army in Evil Dragon Bay area. However, they didn't gain too much from those towns.

By now, the Qian Family people had fixed their eyes on this town. As long as they broke this town, the plain area behind Evil Dragon Bay would become a smooth, trouble-less playground for them. That plain area had the radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, and the human army had absolutely no power to hold off the Qian Family's strong attacks in that plain area,

Ji Hao stood on the tallest watch towers set on the city wall, looking down at those, incalculable warriors of the Qian Family armies.

Within the tens of miles radius coverage of Yu Yu's sword formation, any slight move made by any being was under Ji Hao's control. 'Not enough... not yet enough', he could not launch the move for now. At this moment, only around fifty percent of the Qian Family's elite military forces had gathered within the area three-hundred miles in radius around the town;many other armies and troops of the Qian Family were still outside this area.

’’Get him up in here!’’ Ji Hao wielded his hand and gave an order downwards.

A few tall and sturdy human warriors carried Qian Tan, who now barely looked like a living being, up to the city wall, then tied him up on a wooden cross. A muscular human warrior grabbed Qian Tan's cloth and violently ripped it off. That tender and soft silk fabric was torn apart immediately, and Qian Tan's body completely was exposed in the air, right in front of countless pairs of eyes of those Qian Family warriors gathered around the town.

The entire space suddenly fell into a deadly deathly stillness, after which, countless human warriors burst with an earth-shaking hurrah from inside the town. Kuafu Family warriors and treemen, who were all immense in shapes, raised their enormous weapons, cheering towards the sky, while those gigantic flood dragons and boas straightened their bodies one after another, each reaching hundreds of zhangs in height, and madly spurted poisonous smoke and dense mist out.

As for those Qian Family warriors, they kept their mouths tightly shut, not a single one of them daring to make any sound.

The one who was now tied on a cross on the city wall completely nude, body exposing in front of everyone, was Qian Tan, a direct descendant of the current leader of the Qian Family, who was very high up in the order of succession among all Qian Family successors!

A large chariot troop surrounded a few Yu Clan novel people, galloping towards the city wall in a formidable array. Soon, that chariot troop reached less than three miles away from the city wall. A Yu Clan middle-aged man pointed his finger at Qian Tan, who was tied on the city wall and yelled harshly with a cold and fierce look, ’’Let him go, open your gate and surrender. You will become slaves, but will not suffer any further punishment.’’

Ji Hao smilingly shook his head. He pointed at Qian Tan as well, and responded in a cold tone, ’’All Qian Family's armies, get the hell out of Evil Dragon Bay... otherwise, I will chop him into pieces right now!’’

A human warrior held a dagger, which was simply crafted from cattle horn. He sliced on Qian Tan's thigh with the dull dangle edge that was roughly ground from black volcano rock. A slice of skin and flesh was cut off, large streams of blood gushing out. That human warrior carried that slice of skin and flesh, roaring out in excitement.

Qian Tan screamed himself hoarse in pain. He looked at that Yu Clan middle-aged man and yelled, ’’My dear uncle! Help me! Help me! Where's my father?’’

That Yu Clan middle-aged man threw a sharp glance at Qian Tan, face slightly twitched as he raised his right hand, wielded in the air and said, ’’Qian Tan, for our family glory, sacrifice yourself! They harmed you so not a single one in this town will live!’’

Taking a deep breath, this Yu Clan middle-aged man continued in that harsh tone, ’’We will build the glory of our Qian Family with our own hands! Break Evil Dragon Bay, break Chi Ban Mountain! Supreme Blood Moon, please gift us power! Allow us to conquer these lowly barbarians!’’

Countless Yu Clan noble people, Jia Clan warriors and Xiu Clan craftsmen, non-humankind slaves and slave warriors and their battle beasts under their controls all growled out, roaring out while being filled with battle lust. In front of their tsunami-like mountain-crushing roars and growls, Qian Tan's cry was as fragile as a tiny bubble.

The luster of over seventy Blood Moon divine towers suddenly turned dimmer and deeper. These towers had been changed to attacking mode from the detecting mode.

Along with a loud buzzing noise, tons of magic crystals were filled into those divine towers. Followed by terrifyingly great booming sounds, hundreds of blood-red lightning bolts darted out from the top of these divine towers, heavily striking the town behind Ji Hao.

Blood-red lightning bolts blasted out, as rampant electric currents sizzled through the groups of condemned prisoner slaves lined up in the town. The bodies of a big number of condemned prisoner slaves exploded entirely only because of a slight touch of those blood-red electric currents. Blood, smashed bones and flesh burst in clouds, like numerous enormous blood-red flowers blooming in the town.

The defensive magic formation of the town had been fully activated, releasing thick layers of light screens, wrapping the entire city up.

However, under full-strength attacks launched by over seventy Blood Moon divine towers altogether, those defensive light screens released by the defensive magic formation seemed to be paper-thin. Holes appeared on those defensive light screens one after another only after a short while of resistance.

Ji Hao looked at Qian Tan then let out a loud shout. Following his voice, a few human warriors made their moves together. Bit by bit, they cut Qian Tan into pieces.

Qian Tan cried, wailed and screamed in pain, ceaselessly begging his uncle to save him hurriedly.

Qian Tan's uncle threw another sharp glance at him, gave a loud growl then turned around, leaving right away with his warriors. Soon, within the coverage of Ji Hao's perception, Qian Family's armies crazily surged over. Almost all Qian Family's elite military forces began gathering over simultaneously.

Like raging waves lapping against the shore, the Qian Family seemed to accomplish the whole task at one stroke. They were preparing to flatten the town!

Ji Hao was silently waiting. He stood on the city wall, not saying a word.

Countless condemned prisoner slaves were led up to the city wall by elite human warriors, getting ready for the coming bloody battle.


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