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The Magus Era - Chapter 40



Cawww ~~~‧

Mr. Crow descended from the air, his feathers were stained with blood. He stretched his wings, hovered above Ji Hao, continuously cawing, while watching the, still twitching bodies of the three Fire Crow Clan warriors. The eyes of Mr. Crow had turned from red into garnet, as if his pupils were soaked in blood.

Ji Hao used his left hand to hold the throat of the three - eyed young man, while using the dagger in his right hand to make random cuts on the young man's chest and arms.

Blood soaked slashes continuously appeared on the three - eyes his body. He was suffering from the pain, cursing and desperately struggling the whole time. The vertical eye, between his eyebrows, frequently opened and closed, to the point of making a whirring noise. But no matter how much he struggled, he was unable to escape Ji Hao's control.

’’Three - eyes! Move again and I will dig this eyeball out too!’’ growled Ji Hao and hit the third eye hard with the hilt of the dagger. Three - eyes screamed out in pain, tears gushed out from all his three eye sockets. After that he stayed still, not daring to make even a single movement.

’’You are inviting disaster for your clan, kid!’’ roared Toba, while grabbing Ji Ying's neck in his hand.

’’Di Luo is our captain and the blood brother of Blood Tooth's leader. The Blood Tooth is......’’

Before Toba could finish his speech, Ji Hao moved his dagger with great speed and before one could blink, he chopped three finger's off from the right hand of Di Luo. The three - eyed man, Di Luo, instantly howled furiously.

’’Di Luo huh? Not a bad name! Sounds prestigious!’’

The spell symbols of the Nine Secret Words rapidly flashed through Ji Hao's eyes. An invisible power surged around Ji Hao's body, his long hair dancing madly in the air, as if they were snakes. Ji Hao's appearance was transmitting a strange and cold vibe, which made the others shudder unconsciously.

’’Whatever your Blood Tooth may be, it is unrelated to me. Whoever this kid is, whose brother or son he is, what does that have to do with me?’’ Ji Hao swung his arm and left a deep slash mark on Di Luo's beautiful, sculpture like face. After that he said with a cold voice: ’’Release my uncles or my next will leave him castrated!’’

’’B@#stards!’’ screamed Di Luo again and after hearing what Ji Hao said, he also started to struggle.

Mr. Crow ruthlessly flapped his right wing, a fiercely burning feather appeared in front of Di Luo's body, burning his gorgeous cloak into ashes. Soon after all of his clothes burned into a wisp of smoke, baring his white, tender, young-girl-like body.

’’Cawww!’’ Mr. Crow cawed sharply.

Ji Hao has known Mr. Crown for years, he perfectly understood his language. He laughed out, while maintaining the cold look on his face.

’’Mr. Crow, are you saying that I should cut it in half at first? Excellent idea! Well what do you think, should I cut it sideways? Or vertically?’’

Ji Hao made an evil face, held the dagger near his crotch and said:


The vertical eye between Di Luo's eyebrows suddenly closed. Only one eye on his face was left open and the eyeball was anxiously rotating around in his eye socket. He was trembling intensely and sweat poured down on his body as if they were streams of the lake.

’’Release them!’’

’’Di Luo! Listen to us! He and we, we both must release the hostages at the same moment! Or, we will kill more of his side!’’

’’Kill ten! Either you release Di Luo now or we will kill ten more! Even if you castrate him, we can always find some medicine that can make his body part grow back! Kill ten more! Kill ten more! Release Di Luo or you are going to watch your people getting killed by us, one by one!’’ Toba yelled.

The Blood Tooth's warriors, who were standing behind Ji Hao, let growls escape from their mouth. They raised their weapons simultaneously and were ready to behead the warriors in their captivity.


A great roar came from far away, like a tiger roar which shook the entire jungle and shocked all the animals living in it. On a mountain top, miles away, thousands of towering trees suddenly exploded into bits of wood. After that half of the mountain collapsed. Another mountain standing at the side was blown into the air by an enormous power and burst into pieces.

Toba and Toao were shocked, all eight of their eyes had shrunk to the size of a tiny dot. Yellow and silver spell symbols began to flash rapidly on their bronze skins. A similar occurrence was taking place on their faces.

The collapse of the mountain caused a cloud of dust to be formed, which rapidly was spreading around. Soon, the sound wave reached the valley and flew across it like a tornado. The slaves who weren't standing firmly, were rolled up high into the air by the fierce wind, caused by the roar;they flew away like leaves blown in the wind.

The sound of arrows piercing through human bodies could be heard. Countless arrows appeared in the air, they were coming so fast, couldn't even be seen clearly. The Blood Tooth warriors then started to howl and fell on the ground, one after another. The powerful arrows went through their bodies through their throats, the area between their eyebrows, or eye sockets and stuck on the ground;blood splashed everywhere.

An ear-piercing rustling sound came from out of the valley. A sturdy silhouette rose high into the air from the mountaintop, which just collapsed by half, landed heavily on the Coldbrook Valley and left a huge arch of fiery light behind him. The ground shook intensely by the heavy landing. It was Ji Xia, he landed in front of Ji Hao with only a piece of fur wrapped around his waist. With a thundering noise, the ground near Ji Xia's feet fractured and tens of fist-sized gold and jade pieces popped out from the cracks.

Toba and Toao's pupils shrunk again, they threw a glance, filled with greed, at those jade and gold pieces and nervously looked towards Ji Xia.

’’Let's exchange hostages’’ Ji Xia said gently. ’’Let Ji Ying and Ji Lang go, and we can give this three-eyed kid back to you.’’

Consecutive ear-shattering sounds could be heard. It was Ji Bao leading the other tens of Fire Crow Clan warriors;they leaped high in the air from a mountaintop miles away and bounced into the Coldbrook valley like fleas. On a mountainside farther away, Qing Ying was leading a batch of Qing Yi Clan warriors hiding among branches. Hundreds of long arrows were aimed at the vital parts of Toba and Toao's bodies.

’’Will you let us leave safely?’’ Toba tightly grabbed Ji Ying's throat and said coldly.

Ji Xia patted his own chest and said in a gentle voice: ’’I swear on my ancestors' soul, only if you don't hurt Ji Ying and Ji Lang, I will let you take this three-eyed kid and leave safely. But, if I ever see you again, I will chop your heads off and offer them to my ancestors' souls as obligations!’’

’’I believe your promise, you barbarian!’’ Toba and Toao loosened their grips simultaneously and pushed Ji Ying and Ji Lang hard toward Ji Xia. After that, while staring at Ji Xia, they said: ’’We will come back. This kid dug one of Di Luo's eyeballs out. We, the Blood Tooth, will take revenge for it!’’

Ji Hao loosened his hand and gave Di Luo a kick, which sent him flying towards Toba and Toao. With a thud sound Di Luo crashed onto the Toba's Body.

’’We will be expecting your revenge... Hmm, This Di Luo guy here said that you have been waiting outside the Coldbrook valley for over a month? Are you waiting for us?’’ asked Ji Hao.

Toba held Di Luo in his arms and said with a bitter voice: ’’Yes, a month ago we came here to attack you. We failed because we underestimated your power. Next time, we will bring more warriors with us.’’

Di Luo fainted, his face had a blue tint. Toba and Toao inhaled deep and covered Di Luo. Surrounded by the remaining tens of Blood Tooth warriors who luckily survived the arrows, they ran into the jungle at their highest speed.

Only after the Blood Tooth went into the jungle, did Ji Hao quickly pull out a feather from Mr. Crow's tail, held it in his hand and flicked his fingers. The feather transformed into a small black peek-crow under Ji Hao's magical power. The small crow flew into the sky, following Toba and Toao into the dense jungle.

’’Woah! This magic trick is not bad!’’ praised Ji Xia. ’’It seems that even Granddaddy Ji Kui doesn't know how to do this!’’

Ji Hao was focusing on the peek-crow, smiled and didn't say a word.


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