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The Magus Era - Chapter 4



The sun had set, day turned into night and darkness shrouded the Southern Wastelands.

It was a starry night, fist-sized stars twinkled in the night sky. The mist slowly fell from the colourful stars, nourishing all living creatures.

On the mountaintop of the Gold Black Mountain, hundreds of gigantic Fire Crows were standing in a line at the edge of the cliff, their beaks open, silently absorbing energy from the starlight.

Red starlight shrouded the Gold Black Mountain. A huge whirlpool had formed above the mountaintop's mulberry trees. A stream of starlight energy poured into these trees through the whirlpool.

Ji Hao was sitting on the roof, quietly gazing at this magical night view. Hands on his stomach, fingers locked together[1] and constantly changing motions to absorb the starlight energy. His slim body radiated a faint glow and seemed to have merged with the starlight.

[Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] was a mysterious magic spell, capable of discovering the deepest potential of the human body, ultimately leading to the unity of heaven and human[2].

Since birth, Ji Hao had focused on learning the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words]. With over a decade of practice, he had made a few achievements.

His internal power[3] formed a mist-like spot of light, slowly rotating in the space between his eyebrows.

’’Hao, get back to bed! Gazing at the sky every night, you can't fly to the sky anyway, can you?’’

Ji Xia's good-natured voice sounded in the yard, ’’but flying isn't too difficult;you will be able to fly when you become a Supreme Magus!’’ said Ji Xia laughing.

It was a well known fact that not a single Supreme Magus had appeared in the Fire Crown Clan for the past thousands of years. The Fire Crow Clan could have been equal to the Bi Fang Clan and the Rosefinch Clan[4], but without the guidance of a Supreme Magus, they came under the authority of the Bi Fang Clan.

Although Ji Xia was convinced that his son, Ji Hao, was an unparalleled genius, he still had his doubts about the possibility that Ji Hao could become a Supreme Magus. Even with his good talent, Ji Hao still was a third-level Novice Magus, who had yet had to reach the ranks of Junior Magus. After Junior Magus it would be very difficult to become a Senior Magus. And the highest rank of Supreme Magus was unimaginable harder to reach.

’’Okay...’’ Ji Hao lazily said, stopping the movement of his fingers and jumped down from the roof.

A fifty-feet-tall bear, covered with bronze-like, red, and shining fur, was lying in front of the wooden gate. Ji Hao fell right on his soft belly. The snoring bear opened one of his eyes and gently rubbed Ji Hao with his gigantic paws.

Ji Hao put an unknown fruit into the bear's mouth, who swallowed the fruit without chewing or waking up.

’’Fatty, sooner or later you'll be too fat to walk, and will lose the right to be Abba's mount[5].’’

Ji Hao kicked the bear's head. The fat bear had hidden his face with his paws. No matter how hard Ji Hao kicked, it seemed that the bear refused to wake up. Ji Hao shook his head and went into the room.

Qing Fu was wearing a blue linen dress and sitting in the corner. She was holding a jade pestle, carefully grounding a herbal paste in a stone bowl. A wisp of cyan smoke spiraled down from Qing Fu's fingers through the pestle and blended into a herbal paste.

As the residual material from the herb gradually started to melt, the herbal paste became clearer and more viscous, before it ultimately turned into a chunk of jade-like ointment.


Ji Hao sat in front of Qing Fu, quietly looking at his mother.

Qing Fu came from the Qing Yi Clan, a small Eastern clan which relied on the Fire Crow Clan for protection. Women from this clan were born as Maguspriests[6], especially good at identifying and refining all kinds of drugs and medicines.

Women from the Fire Crow Clan were equally strong as the men. They are able to carry heavy weapons and hunt wild beasts in the jungle. Women from the Qin Yi Clan were completely different in comparison;with slim, tender features and their white, soft skin.

Qing Fu, Ji Hao's mother, had been the most talented Maguspriest in the Qing Yi Clan, for the past hundreds years and also the most beautiful woman seen in a century.

However, Qing Fu's beautiful face seemed a little pale today. She was less than thirty years of age, but her hair already turned gray and her lips were pale.

Similar to the skin-over-bone looking Ji Xia, Qing Fu too was abnormally thin.

While carefully grinding the ointment, Qing Fu smiled and said: ’’Hao, I heard that you beat Ji Shu's son today?’’

Ji Hao scratched his head, looked at Qing Fu and laughed: ’’I used a sneak attack, but I didn't manage to actually hurt him. If it was a real fight, I would have no chance of winning. But if it would happen in the jungle, he would die thousands time over.’’

While speaking and laughing, Ji Hao subconsciously showed a cold and cruel expression for a brief period of time.

Qing Fu looked at Ji Hao, feeling overjoyed. She patted him and gently said: ’’Ah, if that's the case then I don't have to worry anymore.’’

’’Just don't be like your father, who is always trying to solve all the problems peacefully...Is it even possible to survive in the Southern Wasteland without being cruel and heartless?’’

Qing Fu finished the ointment, which had gained an exotic fragrance. She rubbed it slowly into twelve, thumb-sized, round, cyan pills, carefully putting them into a jade bottle.

’’Hao, you must keep those stories I told you in mind. My Qing Yi Clan used to be a powerful and thriving clan in the East. However, one of our leaders, an old lady, was deceived and fooled by the enemy. The entire Clan was almost annihilated. To save ourselves, we had to run to this Southern Wasteland and rely on the Fire Crow Clan for protection.’’

Qing Fu continued with a cold expression, ’’In half a month, at the worship ceremony, if your father can survive, it will be fine. But, if he can't ......’’

Ji Hao looked down, quietly listening to Qing Fu.

’’If your father is killed by Ji Shu during the ceremony, I will accompany him to his death. In that case you should leave the clan and focus on becoming stronger, return and avenge us, your Abba and Amma, by killing Ji Shu and his whole family.’’

Ji Xia carried a large piece of meat and walked into the room. He looked at Qing Fu, smiled and said: ’’Why say these things to Hao? I'm not going to lose the fight against Ji Shu in the worship ceremony. He wants to be the leader amongst our warriors, but, how easy does he thinks that is going to be?’’

Ji Hao stayed silent. He hugged Qing Fu and walked upstairs to his bedroom.

In the decennial ancestor worship ceremony, all leaders of the Fire Crow's branch clans will come to the Holy Land in Gold Black Mountain to worship their ancestors. This is the only opportunity to make changes in the higher authority of the clan.

Ten years ago, Ji Shu would not have any chance to win against Ji Xia.

However, the present Ji Xia had lost his Magus Acupoint, which resulted in a serious reduction of his strength. It was even possible that Ji Shu was speaking the truth when he said that Jia Xia's power had fallen back to the level of Junior Magus.

’’Facing the aggressive Ji Shu and his people, would father be alright? What about mother? And without their protection, what would happen to me?’’

’’This is not a peaceful place...... In this land, people kill,’’ said Ji Hao to himself. In recent years, he had seen enough of those miserable kids, whose clans had been eliminated by their enemies. For now, Ji Hao would not be able to survive in the outside world by himself.

Power, he had to obtain more power as soon as possible.

Even if he couldn't help his father, he had to enhance his strength as soon as possible and prepare for what might happen in the future.

He closed the door and opened the window, letting the stars lighten up the room. Ji Hao lied down on a piece of lion's fur and closed his eyes. His internal power was way bigger in comparison to his peers, which allowed him to easily get into his spiritual space[7] through a short meditation.

’’Hey, old man! I'm coming! I accept your deal, trade your [Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell] with my [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], and don't forget what you promised me,’’ said Ji Hao into the air, after getting into his spiritual space.

After Ji Hao had spoken, a white fog formed and turned into a white, round platform, which floated in front of Ji Hao.

A tall figure, who was sitting on the platform with his legs crossed, looked down at Ji Hao.

’’Little guy, you will never lose anything or regret it by making a deal with me.’’


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