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The Magus Era - Chapter 398


Chapter 398: Control

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

On the southern side, three-thousand miles away from the center of the Evil Dragon Bay in a vast plain area, a small group of, purely red mountains had been standing alone.

This was the only mountainous area in the plain area on the south side of the Evil Dragon Bay area, which had the radius of tens of miles. At this moment, and under this group of mountains, numerous tunnels interlaced across each other, and different sized halls and rooms were located next to each other, like ant caves. In each hall or room and every tunnel, large groups of battle beasts or birds had been resting on the ground, and scores of archers from the Eastern Wasteland were gathered.

During the wars that happened in the past countless years, the underground space of this mountainous area had been exploited by the humankind. They dug hundreds of meters deep into the ground and built an underground fort that had a complicated structure. Typically, this underground fort could accommodate hundreds of thousands of human beings.

By now, hundreds of thousands of top-grade elite Eastern Wasteland archers had gathered in here. Once any twist took place in the war situation in Evil Dragon Bay area, they would immediately rise into the sky by mounting on their flying battle beasts, arrive at Evil Dragon Bay as quickly as possible, and launch their most powerful attacks on the enemy.

A faint layer of mist was drifting above the ground. This mist, which was gathered by the magic formation set in this area, had covered the entire plain that was thousands of miles in radius, firmly sheltering that underground fort.

In the hall, which was located in the center of the underground fort, a few long stone tables were placed in a straight line. Each table was full of excellent food and delicious wines, Ying Yun Peng sat beside a table with a grilled beast leg gripped in his left hand and a small vat of wine in his right hand, and was unabashedly wolfing the meat and gulping the wine.

While eating and drinking, Ying Yunpeng grinned at Ku Quan, who sat next to him, then said, ’’Mr. Ku Quan, make yourself at home. Being stuck in here underground, except for eating and drinking, there is nothing exciting that we can do.’’

Ku Quan smiled, held a bowl of wine up and tossed it off. He then glanced across the over ten elite army commanders that came from the Ten Sun Country and the other big-scale clans, who were gathered in the hall, with a pair of blinking eyes, and said blandly, ’’Dear Elder, you do have a good mood.’’

Ying Yunpeng's look slightly changed. He dropped the grilled meat and the wine vat, grabbed a piece of cloth and wiped the oil on his hand, then growled harshly, ’’Good mood? What good mood can I have? All these days, once I close my eyes, I would see...see...’’

Blush climbed up to his wrinkled eyes while Ying Yunpeng gritted his teeth and said, ’’Si Wen Ming, you wouldn't let me have revenge for my son, and instead, you make me risk my life and fight a war for you. This debt, I'll remember. Sooner or later...You just pray you don't fall into my hands someday!’’

Ku Quan sighed slightly, looked at Ying Yunpeng and said in a gentle voice, ’’This time, Si Wen Ming has deployed so many forces... I assume he is up to something big.’’

Ying Yunpeng remained silent for a while, leaning against the big chair with flagging interest, and responded in a lazy tone, ’’If he succeeds, hehe, that will indeed make a heaven-huge contribution that will even shake the entire Pu Ban City. Hm, that kid, Si Wen Ming, how did he think out such a big, smart plan? And, he might actually accomplish it.’’

Ying Yunpeng then clicked his tongue, sighed slightly and said, ’’Although I don't want to, I have to admit that Earl Chong's whole family are decent human beings. Until this war is over and those non-humankind monsters are cast out, I'll have to do some more hand wrestling against him! Those few kids, they have to die!’’

Ku Quan's eyes shone with a white light, and at the same time, a faint silhouette of lotus flashed across his eyes. He then said, ’’Heaven-huge contribution? Elder, can you please explain this more precisely?’’

Hesitating for a short while, Ying Yunpeng shook his head, looked at Ku Quan and said honest and seriously, ’’Mr. Ku Quan...’’

Ku Quan laughed out immediately. Before Ying Yunpeng finished his sentence, Ku Quan interrupted him with a gentle voice, ’’Since you, dear Elder, seem to have some difficulties, it's alright for not telling me.’’

Ku Quan held another bowl of wine and tossed it up all at once again, then narrowed his eyes, grinning at Ying Yunpeng as he said, ’’However, I, Ku Quan, still have to give you, my dear Elder, some advice. You and Si Wen Ming are not the same kinds of people. If he makes too many or too big a contribution, he will earn an even higher status in Pu Ban. In this way Elder, getting revenge for your son would become even more challenging.’’

Ying Yunpeng narrowed his eyes as well, hands gripping the arms of the chair so tightly that the chair even let out a creaking noise. He gnashed his teeth, stayed silent for a very long while, then said in a deep voice, ’’Just allow that kid to be pleased with himself for a couple of days. Him, Si Wen Ming, even if he could achieve a higher status in Pu Ban, could he possibly attain the throne of the human emperor? I doubt it. If I want my revenge, he, Si Wen Ming, could never stop me.’’

Breathing deeply, Ying Yunpeng continued in a cold voice, ’’Earlier, he had solid excuses as the non-humankind was invading us, so I had to obey his orders. But after the non-humankind are cast out by us... hehe... what other excuses he could possibly use?’’

Ku Quan gave a faint smile and continued persuading Ying Yunpeng with his gentle symbolic voice, ’’Elder, what if Si Wen Ming fails this time?’’

Ying Yunpeng paused slightly, then turned his head around, glancing at Ku Quan. He abruptly laughed out loud and said, ’’How is that even possible? Even though I never liked that kid, but in my eyes, he is rather reliable for what he has been doing. Since he dared to set the ambush in the Evil Dragon Bay area, he must have been quite confident about it. Not to say one hundred percent confidence, but eighty to ninety percent is ensured. Even if he couldn't manage to win a landslide victory, he wouldn't lose anyway.’’

After giving a long sigh, Ying Yunpeng continued with his teeth gnashed, ’’That guy, Si Xi, he has a good son! If I had such a son, you could just feel free to kill all the other children of mine. However... however, he is Si Wen Ming, not Ying Wen Ming... such a shame, such a shame.’’

Ku Quan looked at Ying Yunpeng, seeming to be a bit helpless. This old guy had been thinking about revenge for his son and nephew all these time. Reasonably, with a few provocative words from Ku Quan, he should have stood out and hindered Si Wen Ming in his big plan, and cause Si Wen Ming to suffer a severe defeat.

But what was all this? Ying Yunpeng, this old guy, hadn't been reacting as Ku Quan estimated at all!

'Your son and nephew all died because of that Si Wen Ming... with that temper of yours, you are supposed to seek revenge for the smallest grievance, and you're absolutely nowhere near a decent human being. Why the hell are you still upholding the justice for your humankind and helping that Si Wen Ming with all your powers?'

Ku Quan sighed slightly again, grinning as he said, ’’In this case Elder, I, Ku Quan, would like to introduce an elder of mine to you. He has the power that allowed him to even reach the heaven and netherworld... For the mysteriousness of his power, even ghosts and gods couldn't tell. He was a truly a superlunary powerful being.’’

Before Ying Yunpeng responded, Ku Quan slightly flicked his finger, and from between his fingers, a white light spot flew out, landed on the ground and transformed into a white lotus.

As the white lotus spun slightly, Miao Lian, who was holding the jade bottle in his left hand and the wooden stick in his right hand, walked out from a bright white glow. He smilingly nodded at Ku Quan, as a black and white airstreams swiftly surged out from the jade bottle held in his left hand, transforming into black and white magic talismans. He pressed them on the heads of those army commanders who were gathered in the hall.

Over a hundred army commanders under Ying Yunpeng's lead suddenly all froze. Their souls were temporarily sealed by those black and white talismans, and instantly, they were all disabled from moving, completely out of their senses.

Ying Yunpeng growled out in anger and suddenly leaped up from the chair, pointed his finger at Ku Quan and yelled harshly, ’’Ku Quan, what are you doing?! I've been friends with you for so many years...’’

’’Hm! You lowly barbaric creature!’’ A faint red light darted out from the white lotus, as Dishi Yanluo, who was wearing heavy armor, stepped out from the white lotus. His body flashed across the air and reached up to Ying Yunpeng. He then suddenly gripped Ying Yunpeng's neck and slightly clenched his fingers. Instantly, Ying Yunpeng was disabled from breathing, popped out his eyes, followed by fainting.

A good number of heavily armored Yu Clan and Jia Clan elite warriors silently walked out from the white lotus one after another.

Streams of black and white light condensed into magic talismans, swiftly darting across all tunnels, sealing those archers' souls one after another, and disabling them all from moving.


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